Thursday, May 17, 2012


A day after the Miami Heat were defeated by the Indiana Pacers, the Big Show was in "battle mode".   Of course the topic of concern was Lebron James.

Upon Lance Zierlein's "Jack n the Box" entrance in the second hour, Adam Wexler had just finished debating  Matt Jackson about the game.  This could be important in that Adam was already fired up.  Lance popped on the scene and basically ripped Lebron for not being the player who can carry a team to the likes of Hakeem, Jordan, Magic etc.  At this point, the show is normal because it's Lance and Matt arguing.  Later, Adam got in the debate with Lance.


Some kind of way, Lance and Wexler begin debating "management's" ability to stagger contracts or gather all at once.  While hot and heavy in the debate about basketball, Lance asked Wexler "Explain Philadelphia then", Wexler attempted to ask how are the 76rs relevant when Lance replied "no, I am talking about the Eagles".  This is when Wexler told Lance to talk basketball and stop trying to compare the two sports. LOL. There was plenty more to the argument and you can listen to it below.



Far be it for me to say who's right or wrong because I really don't give a damn about Lebron, The Heat nor the spurs but I can see where Wexler ran hot.  Wexler was already heated and I am only guessing for him to hear yet another quarrel between Lance and Matt, he just lost it.  Wexler didn't have to talk to Lance like a kid.


Lance's contention is, forget this myth of Lebron's surrounding cast, the Big Three should be enough to win.  A combination of Lebron, Wade and Bosh should win regardless.  Hallelujah Lance, I agree 100%.  I hate when people give me excuses of why they are not winning.  If you are the most talented, everything else is for the birds.  I am glad Lance had the balls to say this and now he can say it about the BIG SHOW as well.

Oh yes, hands down by far the Big Show is the most talented of the three local shows in their time slot so why are they in second?  I am not even including Mike and Mike who Marc and John (the least talented) is beating.  I mean if we really are going to put Lance's argument to the test with "NO EXCUSES" talent wins.  We can even look at this another way, is Lance, Lebron James?  Should he be the host to get THE BIG SHOW over the hump?  No No No, we are tired of the excuses, we know about the Texans and 610 but we are 4 months removed from a game being played.


I agree with Lance but before he throw slugs at Lebron, he may want to apply that same philosophy to his situation.  For the most part, it was a very entertaining hour which is all that mattered but as soon as Lance went in on LeBron, I thought about the local competition.

Usually I complain about the Big Show over-talking each other and the extended talk time without callers but yesterday it was cool.

What was odd is the guys trying to explain to the audience about men arguing and debating sports.  Hell we know how heated a sports debate can get and no explanation is needed.  I mean it's not like y'all swung on each other or did anything to us.  However, the explanation confirmed it was really heated in the studio.




jaminwesley said...

The numbers are in for last month, but it will be interesting from here on out. 610 has become a sports talk joke. All flash with no substance, much like a hot chick at a bar. You know you got your beer goggles onand she is smokin hot, then it happens... she opens her mouth and the retardation sits in and your thinking to yourself.. "Mmm, not so hot afterall"

WhiteGreg said...

jaminwesley: You are so right about 610. I'm glad someone put it into words for me. Where can we find the ratings for the local radio shows?

HMW said...

Greg and Jamin, We may post them, just depends but if you can also get them from David Barron on Say fellas, thanks for the comments