Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have tried my best not to write about this but it's apparent Sports Radio 610 has no intention on changing.  Next to the Drive Time slot, the Morning Show use to be my favorite show. 

I am not sure when this transformation occurred but somewhere down the line, SR610 Morning Show became more Metrosexual Mornings.  If you do not know, the morning guys have a segment called Man Card Court.  Man Card Court is a cheesy bit for guys to judge other guys "macho" meter however it opens the door for hosts and audience to share stories.

The last couple of weeks, I've been pulling double duty listening to multiple morning shows and what I am hearing on 610 is not radio I subscribe.  I heard them talking about what women would they look like in addition to John Lopez showing his feet while arguing  how beautiful his feet are.   What man is entertained by that?  What man is entertained with John Lopez giggling like a hyena?  It would be one thing if John was dropping gutt busting jokes but what Craig Shelton noticed that I didn't pick up on is, he is the only one laughing or giggling and his own material.

I am going conspiracy mode but I really wonder if Gavin Spittle (Program Director) is targeting a new demographic.  I am sorry but there is way too much estrogen at certain points of the SR610 Morning Show.  In the audio I will provide, there's absolute zero masculinity.

Below is some audio, tell me what you think



You may think I captured this over a period of time but this is John Lopez giggling in one 15 segment.  My unofficial count is 21 giggles.  This was captured last week in the "if I looked like a woman exchange".  Just Listen



I am not above participating in "goof ball" humor from time to time (and I have) but Man Card Court is out there.  Maybe I'm wrong and Metrosexual radio is catching on and Gavin Spittle is a genius because just yesterday, 790 The Big Show introduced a new feature "Guilty Pleasures" to be aired daily.   Guilty Pleasure is a feature where the guys feature an 80s "Feel good" or feminine type of song.  Full Disclosure, I participated in Guilty Pleasure via twitter but this is not feet or looking like a woman but it do have a Man Card Court vibe to it.

It's one thing when you are constantly told by SR610 people do not want to hear Sports 24/7 on a Sports station but it's too much to hear men acting like women.  So, we don't want to hear sports on a sports station but we do want to hear Giggling and feet talk?


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cxd said...

After listening to that crap, now everyone knows why I'm a chronic dial changer. They actually think they are funny and this is what sports fans want to hear.

They may as well run celebrity birthdays 24x7....

Cecil said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I thought I was the only person who thought JLO laughed too much. I only listen when McClain is on they act like women.

Anonymous said...

Cry all you want, but our ratings show that people are listening and staying with us. Maybe you aren't the demographic you think you are.

Anonymous said...

I don't listen to sports radio that often but when I do I'll listen to 790 or the 1560 morning show. Most of my sports radio friends listen to 610 but that's because they only know about 610. It's a shame they get such high ratings, it only pushes them closer to keep this type of trash on the air. I can handle non sports topics from time to time but when they have such unlikable hosts on it's hard to listen to.

Tim said...

i don't listen that gay shit anymore. grown ass men acting like school girls

WhiteGreg said...

610 is a dumbed down piece of crap! Lousy hosts, idiotic "bits". Thank God I don't listen anymore, I would rather listen to intelligent sports talk.

WhiteGreg said...

Well, Gavin has hired another Syracuse grad by the name of Nick Wright, this time out of Kansas City. No local talent to be had in the 4th largest city in America. I hope 610 goes down the drain.

Nolan said...

My favorite time on 610 in the last 6 months is when Frank Caliendo punked out Josh on his own show. Funny as hell. 610 going the way of the Dodo 1560. Now thats a train wreck fellas!!!

HMW said...

CXD, LMAO @ Celebrity Birthdays 24/7


HMW said...

The anonymous person on the ratings. You are correct, 610 (u) do have the numbers and therefore the best but Macdonald's rakes in some of the largest profits, would you say they provide the best Hamburgers? Thanks for the read


HMW said...

Whitegreg, dude you always bring it. Love to read your comment because they are typically thought out. Keep bringing it brother,,,


WhiteGreg said...

Thanks LM! I was out of town this weekend so I couldn't respond sooner. Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

I only listen to Barry Warner and the weekends. 610 is to young and inexperienced for me.