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Josh is proud of SR610 and blast the Competition and makes mention of HMW

Craig Shelton's rebuttal to Josh Innes on HMW


Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 6/11/2012

On Sunday, June 10th, as I exited the SportsRadio610 Fan Fest event on the campus of the University of Houston, fellow HMW member, Lamont Mann, gave me a heads up on a tweet he and I had received. As Sean Garza, Angelo Lawford, Lamont, and I were all saying our goodbyes to friends at the event, Lamont and I received a tweet from SportsRadio610, drive time host, Josh Innes. Josh's tweet read: "Sorry I missed you guys out at Fan Fest". 

"@LesbianCraig @sportsmediaLM sorry i missed u guys at fan fest".

For clarity purposes, allow me to detail how disingenuous and ridiculous I found Josh's tweet to Lamont and I to be. For Josh to say he was, "sorry he missed us out at Fan Fest" would indicate to the public on twitter that:

1. HMW was at Fan Fest. (True)

2. Josh Innes was at Fan Fest. (True)

3. Both HMW and Josh Innes were at Fan Fest, but we somehow missed seeing each other. (FALSE!!!)


The truth in this circumstance is located where we often find the truth. The truth is tucked away somewhere in the middle as the popular cliché states. Yes HMW was in participation at Fan Fest, as we do every year in support of a tremendous community event put on by SportsRadio610. 610 program director, Gavin Spittle, has always welcomed HMW at the event and encouraged us to give him our feedback on the event. So yes, HMW was there at Fan Fest, Josh Innes. We were standing right FREAKING IN FRONT OF YOU, JOSH!!!!

Josh Innes should know by now how to, and how not to deal with my organization. I haven't always had the biggest appreciation for Josh's arrogant, childish antics on the air. Admittedly, I'm literally disgusted with Josh's persistent tendencies in pushing his gay agenda on listeners and attempting to justify it with the "everybody hates me card". Here's an antidote to consider Innes. Stop behaving like a mid-20s big baby with unsettling self-confidence issues and realize people don't hate you Josh. The truth of the matter is that your irritating behavior on public radio, just makes it hard for some people to love you. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone hates you.

Josh Innes goes out of his way to put on a face that says "I'm Mr. Cocky and my swag is teflon". The truth of the matter is that no normal person carries on the way Josh Innes does opposite Rich Lord, unless they have some serious self-esteem issues, right?

Normal mature men don't feel the need to go on public radio and talk of watching other men's genitals in gym showers. Normal grown ass-men, Innes, don't act like an immature idiot over wardrobe when the big corporate boss comes to visit the SportsRadio610 19th floor suite and pops in on a few cubicles. 

Josh Innes did see HMW at Fan Fest on Sunday, June 10, 2012, folks. Yes he really did, we were there. Josh Innes also knows that he made ZERO attempts to walk over and say, "Hello". What Josh Innes did when he looked over and saw the HMW members talking with Gavin Spittle and others was, opt for the crossover (no pun intended) spin move, duck-and-dodge fade away, b-line to the basketball court where kids were playing (image that?). 

Josh then went on stage for his scheduled broadcast time with the new legitimate star at 610 by way of Kansas City, Nick Wright. From there Josh was in plain view of HMW, and if he wanted to say, "Hello", he could have. You know Josh kinda like: "We're out here having a great time at Fan Fest folks, I see the HMW guys hanging out. What's going on fellas"? 

Folks, I'm just saying that it would have literally been that easy. Josh Innes made no attempt at connecting with HMW at Fan Fest, this past Sunday, not at all. Josh Innes wanted no part of a simple "hello", and I wonder why was that? Hmmmm?

Is it possible that it's because HMW is not a legitimate media source in Josh's opinion? Maybe next year the Houston Press, Mike McGuff, or the Houston Chronicle's, David Baron, will cover Fan Fest, and HMW will take the day off and Josh will be more apt to mix it up with "legit" media sources?

Craig Shelton

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cxd said...

Nothing new, nothing surprising. I'm not shocked by your article.

He was in rare form today at the start of the show (Monday), forcing me to run to another station or two. I couldn't take it.

He does not realize that Successful people do not Brag, they just keep doing successful things. Nor do they put down an opponent/enemy, they just keep on trying staying ahead of them, saying nothing.

The poor Kid needs medicine. I'm wondering when the "Peter Principle" (google it) will catch up to him ?

cxd said...

Just heard you on 610 Craig:

Shame on you !!! You made Josh's head explode. Shame on you.

If he ends up swinging from a shower rod, I'm blaming you.....

You made him run to a commercial....(LOL)

Scott Innes guy said...

ha ha ha ha ha! You schooled him dawg. I think Josh does this on purpose in order to create a Howard Stern style on air feud.

WhiteGreg said...

I'm not surprised by this at all from Josh. I gave that guy every chance in the world when he came here and even talked to him on the air once, but I just don't like him. He is immature, classless, trashy, and just plain dumb. I'm actually thinking Nick might just work out after all. Only time will tell though.

JD said...

You lost so much credibility while jocking on josh nutz that it's hard to take this too serous. Now you pushing up on new cat? Not too H bruh