Monday, March 3, 2014


By: LM

Short and sweet, when John Harris got fired by David Gow Media, I created a hashtag #FreeJohnHarris. 

The intent was to keep John Harris visible with some random screw ups in the world I felt would not happen if John Harris was on air.

John Harris should be on air, I have moved on from the mistake by David Gow Media and now I'm focusing on the other two stations who are suffering in content.  I "go to bat" for John Harris the same way I have for Craig Shelton (HMW Founder) when he got fired.   There are too many knowledgeable personalities on the sideline while we are delivered trash daily.

John has been out of work for two months and no one (station) has picked him up.  Houston Texans have the number one overall pick, draft talk is at a premium and John Harris is not at air?  I am pretty sure if John was on air, we would not hear the same old "who would you draft first crap".  I believe John Harris would cover the 2014 Draft not the overall pick as most local personalities are determined to do.  This is a Blog within itself, on one hand, they say,  we play the hits but on the other hand, they like to control their show, its a conflict.

Currently, what I fear that  no one talks about on Twitter, Houston could lose John Harris.  John Harris is not only Houston football, he's football and I don't think he would have a problem assimilating into another market, if they come for him.

That said, I love hearing the market struggle with topics because they have no local person to steal from on air.  Yes, there is no surprise, this current crop of local media cannot maneuver from the same topics.  WHY?   Because there is no one on air to steal from unless we are including Lance Zierlein.  In other words, John or Lance makes a point, Local Media hops on it, discredit or piggy back on their take, GO TIME.  Radio is so bad right now, local shows are actually making fun of the fact they cannot expand beyond Overall First Pick.

There is more to the Market struggling with topics, BLOG.


On Twitter, conversation of John Harris pops up.  I'm asked, where would you like to see John.  Usually, most either say John and Lance or John and Sean Pendergast.  

John and Lance is too much football and friendly shit (relationship) and I think Sean and John (again) would be as boring as Sean and Rich.  

If there is  a scenario(s) I'd like to John Harris, it would be with Nick Wright.  I don't fake the funk,  I am not a Nick Wright but I respect his intellect, he is no slouch intellectually and I think John's intellect and sports knowledge would kill.  Nick Wright and John Harris would be MAD RADIO on steroids.  Of course Nick would get off his Superficial Social Media takes as John curtails the show back to sports.  Not only will you have an intellectual show but then you have two friends (John Harris and Lance Zierlein) in a friendly professional competition.  I can tell you one thing, although a long shot from happening because John Lopez is the BEST HOST IN HOUSTON, it would make the marketing of The Sideline View very interesting.

A more realistic scenario I would like to hear John Harris, One Deep, Solo.  John is my guy, I like John but the truth is, John is nice.  A dominant personality will use John Harris kindness for weakness.  I cannot see John calling a co-host a dumb-ass when he knows they are a DUMBASS.  I would prefer to hear John Harris solo.

Then there is a part of me that wonders why Lance and John do not capitalize on a John Harris Podcast on the Sideline View.  SWOT Analysis, Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats.   The sideline view has a domain and it's simple to get a podcast going.  Attack the weakest link (there are a plethora of shows) in the market and fans will follow.

All in all, I do not want to see Houston lose John Harris and I will not be surprise if it happens.




shynolan_reese said...

totally agree....i work night and John Harris kept me up...dude is knowledgeable smart and knows his stuff one of the best radio host i have ever heard on the air of any station and i listen to a whole lot of sports talk but im dialing that back now. i would like to see John by himself also he covers everything and he engages his callers. these other shows in Houston keep you on hold for an hour while they goof off and talk about BS.
lately sports talk has gotten really bad im more of a national sports guy because i like the entire realm of sports....i know its the off season but there is so much to talk about Astros...Texans at each position and the NCAA tournament hell you cant even get a more than a segment of Rockets talk but we get none of that. i cant believe 1560 let the only gem that had go...idiots...good blog @mann_at_arms

Steve said...

So you want people to stop focusing on one educated guess (the 1st pick), and instead be like John and make 32 educated guesses or 7 rounds of educated guesses. Ok, gotcha.