Saturday, March 29, 2014


Written By: LM

What a week for Sports Radio 610 Afternoon Drive Time Host Rich Lord.  I am sure if we were to ask Rich, have you ever experienced a week like this sense you've been on the air, he would likely reply "Geez, No".

Lets summarize Rich Lord's week.

Ted, Sean, Rich
Rich has been working for Sports Radio 610 for almost 20 years.  This week was the first time I can remember Rich ever being part of a Three Man Show ie "Triple Threat".  It's not a bad show but its not "must listen to" radio. I am only highlighting the fact, this was a huge change for Rich in the way he's accustomed to doing radio.

Then Rich follows it up by calling his "shot" with his Alma Mata University of Dayton.  Last week, Rich predicted Dayton would win but I don't think he expected them to be going to the Elite 8.  In fact, I heard that Rich is actually in Memphis to watching his school work.

That's all baby food compared to the next item. Friday, Triple Threat and later Paul Gallant and Brien Straw were broadcasting from Nick's Place.  During, Paul and Brien's show they came across a "chica" who love her some Rich Lord.  Yes, you heard me, Rich Lord has a "Boo thang".  Over the years I've listen to Rich talk about hot women and I would think to myself, "Yea right, its not like any of them are going to lay on the beach with your ass" but maybe I was wrong.  There are women out there who wants to ride the Rich Lord's Express.  Below you can find Rich Lord's "ADMIRER".

All in all, Rich had one positive week.

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