Monday, April 7, 2014


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At this point, I have come to the conclusion, that John McClain is agenda driven.  John wants Johnny Manziel and he's going out of his way to let that be known.

It really means nothing in the grand scheme because John is not writing the checks however John has major influence locally and some would say nationally.

Three weeks ago John went after "experts" for giving an opinion about a player before Pro Days and Private Workouts

At this point, it's clear John values Pro Days and Private Workouts.  Of course, we were approaching Johnny Manziel's Pro Day.  Shortly after, I wrote a blog about about John valuing Pro Day and Private Workouts over watching film.  Click Here.

Sunday 4.6.2014 after J. Clowney's workout and an appearance on Patrick Creighton and Nate Griffin (Sports Radio 610) and John said, "What about watching film".  Audio is below

Basically, before Manziel Pro Day, he's pushing Pro Days and Private Workouts but after Clowney has an awesome Pro Day, he wants to emphasize film watching?

Houston fans are not stupid, most of us can see that John has a "man crush" on Manziel and that's cool but it's not cool to go out of his way to downplay Clowney.

Albeit, I find it funny that John who don't express interest in college football (in season) unless Baylor is relevant can speak on any collegiate player.  When it comes to Draft Prospects, John is reduced to second hand knowledge of what people have told him about players.  


I listen to all of the local shows and everyone praises John.  Media and we the fans love John but no one wants to publicly call him on his "good ole boy" ways.    We all like John, John is one of the nicest people you will meet in person but lately his takes are suspect. 

It's clear John's information pipeline with the Texans is not flowing like it did for the last 8 years.  I don't feel like I'm receiving objective Texans information anymore. 

All in all, I want to hear and read fair objective coverage on all of the potential Draft Picks.  I do not want to hear or read anyone who appears to be operating on an agenda.


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