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DONALD STERLING - AMERICAN RACIST OR VICTIM? ~ Written by: Craig Shelton ~ 4.27.2014

Written by: Craig Shelton

Once again America is being snookered by her own insecurities and ignorance. Once again Americans have chosen the path with the least amount of sharp social curves to navigate.

Instead, once again the “sheeple” have chosen to use their media GPS navigation system and taken the road most commonly traveled via toll road to their final destination. The sheeple will follow the media’s momentum on the smooth paved roads of the toll road rather than navigate the back streets of society’s rigged pothole filled roadways to social reconciliation.

There are no too good to be true deals in life and there’s no escaping life’s petty fees and taxes. So as it is on any toll road, the toll road that leads to “the truth,” though it may provide a smooth roadway to travel at an expedited rate of speed to a band-aid fix, still has hefty fees and taxes to incur.  
What I intend to do is travel the rough and scary back-streets where scenery is not esthetically pleasing, but does provide the revealing backdrop bare-all perspective on all we need to know about embattled LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.

Donald Sterling’s well documented racially charged statements made to his alleged girlfriend on the audio first released by TMZ, is now front page news and is the topic de jour in every sports and news format imaginable.

Whether it be sports talk radio, political talk radio, network news, cable TV, blogs, or print media, Donald Sterling awarded the news industry an honorary week (or two) of working-vacation time. Sure we show up and take a cubical and bang out a few lines to stir the pot, but this is what we refer to at Houston Media Watch as, “fast food news” or “ready-made content.”

This is “Jessieball” folks, or a Reverend Al “Bat call moment.”

No one wants to get to a meaningful point in the road to where we agree on the proper highway to travel and then map out a plan of action to navigate it. Don’t bother confusing me with a guy who likely would have marched with Dr. King or one who would have suited up with a bowtie like Malcolm X.

I’m more in line with the profile of an African-American man who would not have given a damn what either guy would have thought about my views. I’ll be completely honest in saying to you, I’m all about success in managing the love interest that eats and sleeps at the address I pay taxes at. 

That’s the only political party or organization I feel responsible to when we talk about what I believe my duties in life are as a man. My state-of-blackness is of consequence in my day-to-day process in providing for my family.

When I share my views in the privacy of my home, or in any NON-professional environment, I’m not under the jurisdiction of my employer. As sane thinking, level headed Americans, we have a responsibility to be respectfully mindful that what may or may not be sane to us, may very well not be sane and level-headed to another individual.

This is where Donald Sterling got things confused in his relationship with the alleged girlfriend. This is why Sterling finds himself being excoriated in the media.


Being a bigot in the privacy of your own home in a non-business scenario, is not and will likely never be illegal. Sterling’s comments were clearly hurtful to people who viewed him as a friend. Sterling’s comments were clearly hurtful for people he’s in business relationships with. That’s clear by Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s comments and the actions of the LA Clippers players before Sunday's playoff game with Golden State. Prior to tip-off, Clippers’ players wore their warm-up jerseys inside out, as not to reveal the Clippers logo or name.

Donald Sterling hurt people, that’s not arguable. What Sterling didn’t do was hurt me or my family or you or your family. What Donald Sterling did not do was commit a felony or misdemeanor crime.

No matter how ignorant, or how sad, or how hurtful, or how irreprehensible the magnitude of Sterling’s racial rant turns out to be, it wasn’t meant to be heard outside the walls of his home. It was a private one-on-one conversation meant to be heard only by the two individuals involved in the dialogue.

Donald Sterling and every other bigot in  America has as much of a right to be an ignorant bigot in the privacy of his own home as you and I do to write blogs calling him a bigot. No crime committed.

We should have the right to live in our homes in America and share our views (no matter how twisted) privately with family and friends without the fear of being secretly recorded, and then live in jeopardy of having our professional reputation and livelihoods threatened.

Wake up people, you’re being “sheeple” again. Once again, America is being snookered.

“I’ve been there, done that…..” ~ Dr. Dre

Craig Shelton

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