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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 4/8/2014


The conclusion I've come to is that there's too much guessing in the media, which trickles down to the average fan in the form of incomplete information. If it's not agreeable, the information pipeline isn't best defined as incomplete often times;  how about down right irresponsibly bad information? 

This is a new guy (Bill O'Brien) and we just don't know who he is yet. There is no need for all the over-speculation and throwing stuff up against a wall just to get a reaction from the public. It's actually okay NOT to have all the answers sometimes. Though we seem to always appear to be compelled to have a profound opinion to deliver in the media,  it's actually not a requirement. It's probably more important to share the facts, as we believe them to be true, and offer perspective on the left and right of each argument.  

Believe it or not, there's no sin to speak of what's associated with not completely understanding a situation. It's called a learning curve. There's a learning curve for fans and media with understanding Bill O'Brien and his football philosophy. We'll all get there with some patience. If we observe what's actually done in free-agency and the draft by the Houston Texans, it will start to make sense at some point. 

This time next year, we'll all have a better understanding of the Texans' philosophical approach under Bill O'Brien. The same is true, but to a greater degree of understanding by Year Three for O'Brien's staff. 

The moves that a team associated with money spent tells the "true" story. It tells us all we covet; all we need to know. 

Some of the rhetoric we're getting nationally and locally in the media has gotten ridiculously out of control. That said, this should not and foremost likely does not come as a surprise. Questionable reporting in sports have become normal operations in the Houston sports media. That's too bad for Houston sports fans because we all know, if the media builds it, the "sheeple" will follow. 

I recommend you folks spend less time speculating and listening to prognosticators and spend more time studying the Texans roster moves and the blueprint will reveal it's true identity.

The following are the free agents the Texans signed (5):

RB - Andre Brown (6-0, 227) Unrestricted free agent (NY Giants)

SS - Chris Clemons (6-1, 215) Unrestricted free agent (Miami)

QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick (6-2, 223) Free agent (Tennessee)

FS - Kendrick Lewis (6-0, 198) Free agent (Kansas City)

NT - Jerrell Powe (6-2, 331) Free agent (Kansas City)

The following are the free agents the Texans have re-signed (2):

TE - Garrett Graham (6-3, 243) Unrestricted free agent

CB - Elbert Mack (5-10, 175) Unrestricted free agent

Craig Shelton

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