Thursday, April 17, 2014


Written by: LM

How easy is it for Lance Zierlein and the rest of local market to blast National Media Personalities or an easy target like Rich Lord (locally).

I will not go through the history of how long I've been listening to Lance but I know Lance has called out flawed football takes.  The cool thing to do is blast National "Play By Play" Joe Buck, yippee everyone can do that because they interact with Joe Buck, but when it comes to local media , there are reservations.

Starting to notice a few things about "Local Media"

When they win ratings, They Applaud
When  their ratings suck, They crush the process
The Next Day, they talk about the record numbers watching the NCAA Tourney or Superbowl
etc.  Make sense? No it's Phony similar to Lance's reply to Craig Shelton.

Frequently, I reference Lance as one of the best personalities in Houston..  I also thought he was a person that called bull, BULL.  I was wrong on the second part, he's selective.  Lance is about Lance.


Craig Shelton asked Lance Zierlein about an asinine formula SR 610's Morning Lopez derived on Quarterback Success or failure.  Lance replied with the following, For what it's worth, Craig didn't verbalize any issue with it but we both saw it for what it was.

At first, I was going to drop the "football heads" who laughed Lopez's take but its not even necessary.This article can go many directions but at the end of the day, I'm back at a central point.  Real recognize real? Real also recognize fraudulent behavior from a person wearing many hats.

No one is asking for Lance to bury John Lopez but read that political "safe" reply.  I have been observing Lance's behavior since Nick Wright entered the market.  Initially they didn't get along but every since Nick came out and publicly said the "beef" was squashed, Lance has been acting chummy.  In other words, Lance did not want to rip John Lopez or say anything that would be portrayed negatively because he knows Nick and John are boys.

Here's the deal, don't respond with powder puff generic mess out of fear of straining a relationship with Nick Wright. When Lance and I disagree, and he go into "Media Mode", I always tell him "don't media me". Don't come at me with all of that feel good mess.  Lance would have done better by not replying at all instead of saying "INTRIGUING" and "PROPS".  Lance is a damn football geek, nothing about John Lopez's weirdo stat is intriguing or Prop.  I am sure, Nick wouldn't have gotten mad if Lance would have said, "that's wrong".

That said, I'm not surprised how some in this market act.  I do not have a problem with Lance but I want him to know Real Recognizes Lance too.  Stop acting like a damn Politician. We have a politician and black activist in the market.


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