Saturday, April 5, 2014


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I am pretty sure, everyone can tell, I am burned out on Draft Talk.  I warned back in November, not to spin all of your bullets because we have months to talk about the draft.  Of course, I lost that debate as local radio talked draft in November locally.

I am guilty, if someone were to ask me "who should we take at 1", I will be sucked right back in. Yes! Godfather 3.  I am experiencing Draft Talk Fatigue, I cannot do the same  discussion of Four Players

  • Clowney
  • Manziel
  • Bridgewater
  • Bortles
There has to be more to the draft than these four guys locally.

It would be really cool if radio got creative with the draft and I don't mean Mock Drafts, I need more.  Patrick Creighton and Nate Griffin did just that.  Initially I was not sure who's idea it was but later I found out, it was Patrick.

Patrick Creighton created a bit, "General Manager for a Day".  The but goes as follow, in order of call, you are the GM for that pick and you have to select a player. They managed to get through nearly half of the first round (approximately 14 to 16 callers).  General Manager for a Day is different and we need something different instead of the same tired rhetoric

There are some old heads in the market that will say "we've done that before" but screw you, I've never heard it done on air.

I like GM FOR A DAY for multiple reasons:

  • It's Different
  • If you go Deeper into rounds, it will incorporate the true college football fans
  • It has substantial life over several weeks if you play out the full draft
I bang on Sports Radio 610 for silly Recurring Segments but this is on I think will work and I am surprised, no one has thought of it.

I think it's cool because they incorporated their callers in the.  

I think there are so many things you can do with a bit like this and trust me, I am sure, it will be stolen at some point by a "Week Day" host.

It makes me feel good that someone in media realizes, "draft talk" in Houston has run its course.  Is it a finished product? NO, but I am sure once the hosts, producers and program director, put their paws on it, we will receive a better product.

 Much respect to Patrick Creighton on bringing something different to the table.  

Below is a smidge of How NFL GM FOR A DAY sounded on-air.

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