Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Written By: LM

I have been listening to the Blitz for two and a half years and the one thing that stood out to me; the guys love TV.

This is not a shot at the market but more of an observation.  Since I've been listening to the Blitz, I have known them to have dedicated days and segments to a particular TV Series.  Typically, the series is popular and generate huge fan interest.

  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Breaking Bad
  • Justified
  • True Detective
  • Banjee

Just to name a few.  

Do not confuse my point, talking about TV Shows on Sports Radio is not innovative.  Most radio shows talk about  TV on their show in some form or fashion however Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman brought structure to it.  

For example, in the past, I would hear Marc Vandermeer talk about The Sopranos but it was organic in flow of discussion.   The Blitz actually have a dedicated time slot for "TV TALK".  

For the purpose of this article, I wanted to highlight that I am beginning to hear multiple local radio shows feature TV Shows.  I like it because it's more perspectives on shows I like.  I wish more shows would take it to the next level and bring in fans' perspective.  Some may not like it but in the football "off season",  it's solid and makes sense.

This is a lightweight article but I am always curious of what set the "norms" in play.  I like to trace it back to the source and the Blitz is the first local show I can recall covering TV Shows.


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shynolan_reese said...

i actually like the TV talk....especially when its who heard or think the Texans will draft on every show every day.
first time i heard the TV talk was Vandermeer when he used to talk about "The Shield" and the TV talk and Twitter have put me on to lots of shows.
i had heard about "The Wire and "The Sopranos" so much from a few friends but after you kept making Wire references and post i couldn't take it anymore and then you and Pendergast kept talking Sopranos when that HBOGO app came out i started smashing shows.
TV talk I'm a fan of it i hope the keep it up on all shows because its good man talk and like i said when you get that repetitive draft talk or same Texans talk because these stations are talking Rockets or Astros ever good ole TV talk is much needed....thats it I'm out of here