Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Written by: LM

Short and sweet. I listen to a lot of radio and it has come to my attention, fans mistake Football History for Football Knowledge.

It appears, fans are calling personalities who know football history a sports guru.  

We all know sports history is not knowing sports.   Sports history is nothing but a Google Search away.   Any fan can Google information and if you listen online you can hear the hosts typing queries on Google or Various search engines.  Just because a host can Google or Youtube Wilt Chamberlain's stats from the 60s, don't make them a "sports guru".

In other words, knowing a particular game or historical event, is not the same as knowing sports.  Hell, if my grammar  was strong and I was a couple of shades lighter, I can be a sports talk host.   Yes, the secret is, speak and enunciate well, add some Google and Wikipedia and you are a Sports Talk Host.

Lets not confused guys who really know sports (Xs and Os)  with guys who have an awesome memory.

In the City of Houston, the guys who actually know football (the sport I love) and can explain to an audience what they are seeing during a game
  • Greg Koch
  • ND Kalu 
  • Seth Payne
  • Marcus Coleman
  • John Harris
  • Ted Johnson
  • Craig Shelton
  • Lance Zierlein
  • Mike Zierlein
  • Travis Johnson
Currently the guys above are the ones I can listen to or read and feel I learned something I did not know.  Sure, some have their weaknesses but in terms of Football or their positions, they give me what I want.

Everyone else on air, outside of these guys, are using "them" for show preparation.  "Swell" hosts listen to knowledgeable guys and form their opinions off of their takes.  I see it every day.  For Example, in 2012, Lance Zierlein was the first one to point out Arian Foster's increased carries, dayss later, its a local story THROUGHOUT the media which could also point to the Copy Cat culture.

It just really annoys me that fans associate Sports History with Sports Knowledge.  

When fans confused football with Google Specialist, all I have for them is

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