Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Written By: LM

Wednesday in the last hour of the Blitz on ESPN 97.5, Fred Faour hit on an article he wrote for Clutch City.

You can read the article here.  The first thing that stood out, it was a topic Mannifresh and I talked about Tuesday.  I read the article and noticed, Fred  did not go all the way nor did his audio on the show.

On Fred's show, it appears he was focus more on Fan Behavior but the overall topic was "Uneducated Fanbases".  Telling drunk people how to be behave is not exactly what I am calling uneducated.  People drink act stupid, I am ok with that, I'm more concern with idiotic takes.

Basically, Fred said Houston is an uneducated fanbase and Houston is not the worst.  I agree with Fred but I disagree with his method of getting there because he left out a huge component.


Upon hearing Fred talk about his article, I asked him to send me the link.  When I opened the link, I immediately did a Control F (find) on the word "media".  I received no hits in the article.  When I blast Houston's fanbase, it's an indictment on the Local Media.  Most fans repeat or immulate what they hear or see from their media.  It's the Mirror Effect, or GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).  I feel, a fanbase (not all) but most are a mirror image of the media.  How in the hell can you write an article saying a fanbase is uneducated with no instance of the local media.

Newsflash, Houston fans are repeating what they've heard or read, chances are they listened to another show and called, text or tweeted your show, MIRROR EFFECT.

For What Its Worth (FWIW), when I say Houston Fanbase is uneducated it goes further than Fred.  I think an uneducated fanbase is a direct reflection of the media who's feeding them garbage. We live in a Fast Food Society where people/fans need information quickly hence blue collar workers jumping in their vehicles and turn on the radio to get caught up and they are hearing complete ignorance "Market Wide" and that take becomes their take.

Albeit, when I call Houston fanbase uneducated, I am not comparing them to other markets, my barometer is Texas. I listen to tons of radio all over the country and there are idiot fanbases everywhere but I expect more from Texas when it comes to football since Texas is suppose to be the football mecca.

Houston Sports Media has become, find an obscure stat, model your take on that stat and defend it. That's not Sports Talk, that's a personality who don't want to be wrong.


As I listened to Fred Faour call out Houston's Fanbase, I would really like to know what Fred thinks about the local media who's feeding the fanbase.

There are multiple reasons why Houston's fanbase is uneducated but to omit the media's part, eye opening.



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