Monday, May 26, 2014



There is no shame in my game! I like when blacks show love to other blacks.  All too common I see blacks who talk down on other blacks.  I've observed Kim Davis for a minute just to see where she was coming from, I like her.

Why Kim Davis has not gotten an opportunity for an on air position doing what 99.7% of what talent does? Beats me, now on to regular programming.

I like the fact that she can play the "media game"  and  provide a nugget.

Earlier, I saw a tweet from Kim about Zina Garrison.  Whoa, my mama told me about this Zina lady, I'm interested.

Zina Garrison for me is a name I can remember my moms telling me about in the early 90s.  My mother told me told me Zina was from Sunnyside or South Park and that she was one of the best tennis players in America.  My mother then she told me of legendary tennis icon Arthur Ashe contracting AIDS.

Below is a piece Kim Davis did with Zina Garrison and Tennis Phenom Taylor Towsend.

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shynolan_reese said...

Kim does a great job every time i see her on TV....she hasn't gotten a job because she is black and a woman or isn't selling sex. of course no one will admit to it...there is what one black guy in houston doing live radio Nate Griffin maybe by choice but its shocking to me that some of these guys have had multiple chances and they don't talk sports and they aren't that knowledgeable at talking sports.

i think if she was on the West Coast or East Coast she would have a better chance but not here in Houston...still an and old school mentality and they feel like Chris Russo feels that black can't do the job.

lastly this is Houston so the majority of listeners are listening to Michael Berry and Rush Limbaugh then tuning into sports and i know they would have a fit if they turned on the radio and heard a black woman talking sports.