Sunday, June 29, 2014


Written By LM

Friday, June 27th, I watched a lot of "over the top" DJ Screw Love.  I sat back and observed radio and social media.  As a guy who grew up in the Screw Culture, it was clear, there are some who don't know what June 27th means but are "faking the funk".

On two separate occasions, one person told me

June 27th is DJ Screw's Birthday

another person said

June 27th is DJ Screw's First CD

FWIW (For What Its Worth) June 27th was a DJ Screw mix tape on DeMo's (SUC Member) Birthday.  DJ Screw was established and flourishing before June 27th.


Hands down, 97.9 The Boxx receives an A+ for their June 27th coverage. 97.9 The Boxx did not limit June 27th to only DJ Screw Music, they showed just about anyone from Houston with a name some love.  Basically they converted June 27th to Houston Hip Hop Day.  It was really nice to hear 97.9 The Boxx spread the love all around Houston.

93.7 The Beat didn't quite seem prepared for June 27th.  Friday at 8pm they did a DJ Screw mix but it was nothing to write home about when 97.9 The Boxx dedicated a whole day to Houston Hip Hop.  93.7 is about 6 months young in Houston and probably didn't realize exactly how big the day is in the local Hip Hop community but I do believe they will be more prepared in the future.


Do I expect Sports Talk Radio to cover June 27th like sports? NO! However, we have heard these guys acknowledge certain death days of Pop Stars (Michael Jackson, Biggie, Pac etc.).  Outside of Greg Koch and ND Kalu (retro listen), I did not hear anyone mention June 27th.  This is strange because lately we have all of these "extra" hip personalities claiming to know Houston and not one mention of June 27th?  I am not sure what cool is anymore, is cool bragging about broads you can't smash or bragging about gambling as if that gives you a "hood pass"?

Starting to rethink who actually knows Houston.  I guarantee if HMW Sports Talk Live fell on DJ Screws most popular Mix Tape June 27th anniversary, Craig Shelton or someone on the show would have made mention of it.


I have been listening to DJ Screw since 1993.  I can remember the first time I heard Screw , I am not sure of the name of the CD but it had the original ESG Swang and Bang on it.  One day, me and my friend Derrick Brown was riding down Scott street headed to work at Rice University and he said "check out this tape".  He popped the tape in my cassette player and I thought he broke my system.  He explained. that it's a Screw and it's slowed down.  Of course I didn't understand but a month and everyone jamming this new music, I became a certified Screw-head.



Steve said...

Michael Jackson, Biggie, 2Pac, DJ Screw. Which one does not fit. Thank you. Good night. Oh, and people brag about gambling in an effort to give them a "hood pass"? Nice try. #2Fails

HMW said...

STEVE aka "NICE TRY GUY" fam dont come at me without understanding we are talking about clowns who try to act urban and Houston down and don't know basic ass Houston hip hop