Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Written By: LM

I will not bore you with filler. Straight to the point, The Houston Texans released TJ YATES.  TJ Yates tweeted out to Houston and Duane Brown replied.

Nothing wrong with Duane's response in my opinion.  Seems like something I would say.

But nevertheless there are some people who must make a name for themselves.  A Houston Chronicle Writer took it upon himself to question Duane's definition of "battle"

I do not know Jose De Jesus Ortiz but I find it comical he would charge Duane Brown up with the military take.  I am a military vet and have been in situations and I didn't have an issue with Duane's tweet to TJ Yates.  This is coming from a person that rejoiced as loud as Mayor Annise Parker after her ordinance passed when I heard TJ was cut,  I have common sense enough to understand professional relationships.

I think Duane Brown got caught up in trying to defend his word usage as he continued to tweet Chronicle Guy.

At this point its silly. Let me break this down, I am 95% sure no Military Vet had an issue with Duane Brown using the word Battle but it continued

Duane Brown went as far to define the word Battle to Chronicle Guy.


Really, this is what its coming down to.   Houston Chronicle Writers going at athletes over semantics.   This has to be a joke.  I may be even wrong in using the word semantics  the word "battle" is not exclusive to military.

I know we are all pissed about the 2013 season and some in the media are pissed about Kubiak's departure] but going at Duane Brown over a friendly tweet to TJ Yates?

What's funny in this whole exchange is how Chronicle Guy's tweet went from "soldiers in battle" to Email and PR people.

Jose jumped in a conversation he had no business in. Duane, you can use the word "Battle" all you like.  I have to wonder if Jose asked Gary Kubiak about the word Battle ie Battle Fight etc.

Special thanks to ZanTabakOnAMobile for alerting me.


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shynolan_reese said...

DeJesus is a lame loser!!! what a in the hell did you get disrespect from that...thats internet courage...hiding behind wasn't meant to be disrespectful...its no wonder he has been demoted to covering just soccer

im not one for calling people out but he needs his ass whipped for that gosh ooooohhhh....this has me boiling right here.

corny ass dude just wants to make something an issue...go cover the Dynamo