Monday, July 14, 2014


Written By: LM

It's amazing we can have knock down drag out fights about
  • Washington Redskins Logo
  • Donald Sterling's Recorded Comment
  • Wiley Cooper's rant
  • Tiger Wood's Boot Calls
 All  of which are non local stories.  The following stories commanded Sports Talk Radio for whole shows but low and behold when there is a local story involving a local sports star, the media pick and choose their fights.

Over the weekend, Houston Rockets Super Star Center Dwight Howard tried to help a cause by tweeting #FreePalestine.   A fan asked Dwight Howard to bring awareness to what's happening in Israel.  Dwight Howard tried to help by tweeting a hashtag and erasing,

By erasing the tweet, Dwight managed to unite Jews and Arabs in hating him.  Below is the Dwight Howard's series of tweets.

I understand that the Houston Rockets were involved in a High pressure Free agency and naturally that would be the lead story however TMZ, Deadspin and Black Sports Online covered the story but not Houston Sports Media collectively.  Of all the local sports radio I listened to, Sports Radio 610 Triple Threat (Sean Pendergast and Ted Johnsons) was the only show I heard hit the story late in the 5 O clock hour (5:45 PM).

Houston has a nice size Middle Eastern and Jewish population and I know for a fact there was some reaction (searched out Dwight's name on twitter) so the local media cannot say it was not a story.

Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey appeared on Sports Talk 790 and Sports Radio 610 and not one question about Dwight Howard's comments.  I guess I have to keep in mind that Houston Rockets owner Les Alexander is Jewish.

Is this a case of Rockets Free Agency being larger than a childish Dwight Howard comment or local sports media trying to bury a story? 

Media Credentials come at a premium.  I've heard whispers of Houston Rockets being more sensitive than the Houston Texans and I've questioned that but after thinking how Houston was all over Arian Foster's lovechild case and damn near nothing with Dwight Howard's #FreePalestine comment, I wonder.


Dwight Howard was trying to help without knowing the magnitude of choosing sides in a war that's beyond most American's comprehension.  I even tweeted Dwight Howard that I thought it was silly.

However, it still amazes me what the media deem as "news" and not news.  I've said for the longest, the media makes news they don't report news.  In this case, we are dealing with a case of media not versed in what's happening in Israel and therefore they do not want to open themselves up to that discussions.

Mooney-shot was a caller to Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman's show (The Blitz) in the 5 O Clock Hour.  The caller had a well thought out take about the Rocket's Free Agency and Daryl Morey.  At the end of his ca'l, he ended up by saying he liked Howard's Twitter Comment.  Thought it was quite telling that Fred Faour of partial Middle Eastern decent didn't address the comment.  Neither did, they addressed his sports points.

The purpose of this blog is not about what side are you on Jews are Arabs but the media's convenient approach to stories.  The truth is, no one in the media wants to talk about Arabs or Jews.   #SmartMove


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