Monday, July 7, 2014


Written by: LM

Currently, Weekend Radio in Houston is bad.  The best show on the weekend is Nate Griffin and Patrick Creighton (Nate and Crate).  Clearly I'm talking about Sports Radio 610 since they are the only local station (not including 97.5 ESPN Sunday Guy) that programs local on the weekend.

In all of my years of listening to Weekend Radio, this is the absolute lowest point.  When I'm outside doing "honey dews" or riding around the city, I don't want to hear "elevator music".  The weekends for the most part is just boring, no pop or pizzazz.

Weekend Radio sounds like a Sunday Catholic Service.  You would think guys on the weekend would do something to separate themselves but now it seems like they are content with being boring.  I've listened to a shit ton of weekend radio and in the past it appeared  hosts were trying to put on a show.

Weekend Guys

Craig Shelton
Greg Koch
Mike Meltser
Brien Straw
Paul Gallant
Barry Warner
Nate Griffin
Patrick Creighton

No matter their current disposition or if I disagreed with them, I could clearly see they were trying to be better.  This current crop of weekend hosts sound like they are just going through the motions.  Outside of Nate and Crate and Nick Wright's National Show, the other hosts are bad. There is  no reason to listen.

Some have told me in the business that weekends are Weekends in a way to say weekend programming is blah.  Call me silly but I actually like weekend programming while I work around the house.

I'm not a radio professional I just want good radio.   Right now its only Patrick Creighton  and Nate Griffin leading into Nick Wright's National Show.  Everything else needs serious help.


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