Sunday, August 31, 2014


Written By: LM

One of those strange phenoms where the Local Media is getting played like a fiddle by a professional athlete.  Seth Payne went on a mini tirade about  fan's expectations on how the local media covers Arian Foster. Of course he was "MAD".

Now it's becoming comical, the story-line, Arian Foster is snubbing the local media because he received a big contract.  The local media is pissy because Arian refuses to talk to them or gives them bland responses.  They hit us with media obligations as if that means shit to "casual" fan.  Who cares about that shit, as a man, if a guy don't want to talk to you, move around, you don't go tell on him.  The only people who seem to care is the local media.

And, if the Arian "pay day" argument doesn't work, try "It was not all of the local media that went to Arian's home, it was that black dude".  The local media is spinning their brains trying to figure out why Arian is acting funny with them.   He think they are regurgitated and dull.  

Now the local media, are dissecting a recent interview Arian conducted with USA TODAY.   The battle cry, we are asking the same questions that the National Media ask Arian, what's the difference?  Jackasses, the difference, National Media ask Arian questions once in availability, Local Media are asking him the same bland questions weekly.  Before Arian Foster received his huge contract, 2010 (6-10 season), I once heard a local media person ask Arian, "How does it feel after a loss", Arian snapped and said it was a dumb question.

John McClain said he reported Arian Foster to the NFL twice, that's snitching in my book and I don't need nerds from the East Coast to define what a snitch is.

I take exception with MAD RADIO because John McClain, 2 weeks ago said on their show, he don't pay attention while he's out at practice and they didn't say shit. There was no follow up or anything, they just chuckled however when JOHN wants a question from a player that has been out there in the sun working, John deserves it because HE'S THE MEDIA.  John has an obligation to it.  Beat Writer can bitch about a Pro who is not talking to the local med but laugh it up with Mad Radio about not caring or pay attention to practice. That's stupid to me.

As far as John's media responsibility to report a player not fulfilling his media obligations, LMAO.  It's a joke to me.  Are you telling me John is walking around Texans practice with a clipboard tallying up every player in camp that talks to the media?   Or Maybe he's asking all media members if (insert player) talked to them?  If John;s responsibility is to report on players not fulfilling their media obligations, I would say he's doing a shitty job because their are tons of players I do not hear but his nose is deep in Arian's ass he can't focus on anyone else.

Below is Arian Foster trolling the Local Media, he's definitely in their head. Asking the national media out for lunch while knowing the Local Media is watching?  BRILLIANT!


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HankHill'sMurderousGolfClub said...

Hate Pancakes McClain so much. The Houston media is absolutely bottom of the barrel bad