Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Written by: LM

Its becoming clear, Adam Clanton is not comfortable with his sports takes (especially football) in the presence of Lance Zierlein.  Adam will have a take and it's delivered as if he's waiting on Lance to cosign or crush him. Sometimes Lance will agree and other times Lance will go "Slow & Low" and spit the take back to Adam.  Peep game, when Lance repeats Adam's take "slow and low", you know he's about to make Adam's take sound silly.

Host disagree with each other all the time but what make this case unique, Lance forces Adam to change his takes on the spot.  Just about everyone who I follow that listen to the Proper Gentlemen of Sports notices it because it's happening too much.

Tuesday, Lance and Adam talked about Andy Dalton.  In the conversation, Adam clearly says Dalton is not that much better than Ryan Fitzpatrick. LOL, Lance hits him with the "Slow and low" repeat.  Lance went on to itemize all of Daltons stats.  It was at this point, Lance threw Adam a bone by saying, he disagree with whatever person that made the comment.  Its funny because Lance knows it was Adam who just said it.

Below is the Dalton/Fitzpatrick

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Full Segment Audio

You can't blame Lance nor can you really go after Adam for the knowledge discrepancy.   That's a management issue, they should have seen this coming instead of only looking at the comedic element of the two together.

Initially I thought  Adam would learn from Lance but almost a year in, I am not seeing an improvement in Adam's sports takes.



allitoe Meaux said...

As a regular listener to, PGS, I believe this has much more to do with Adam Clayton NOT being prepared.

Adam Clayton doesn't have takes, he utters a statement and see if it has any sticks. With the audio you provided, Adam starts by asking: "You would probably have Dalton" and "He's not much better than." The only reason he even brings it up is because he was reading a Cincinnati message board???

I believe Lance is sick of Adam never being prepared, never making actual statements and backing them up with facts (the was Wexler and Jackson would).

If Adam Clayton keeps serving them up on a tee, I totally expect Zierlein to keep hitting them out!

John in Beaumont

shynolan_reese said...

Clanton should have stayed at Ch 2 better on TV...he has lots of work to do in radio maybe he will get better but its obvious by all that he need to work on his craft