Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Written By: LM

Picture that, a Sports Radio Show that actually talk Texans Football during Football Season.  Marc Vandermeer, John Harris and Deepi Sidhu are doing a tremendous job talking local football in Houston.

This is what it has come to, praising personalities for actually talking football instead of tabloid gossip.  When I listen to Texans Radio, I actually hear football.

For the life of me, I try to understand when  hosts say Houston has an inferiority complex and then feed you a ton of shit around the league.  If Houston has an inferiority complex would it make sense to talk about Houston?

If the local media is not gargling Johnny Manziel, they are feasting on Tabloid local stories.  It's laughable how some hosts (Matt Thomas, Nick Wright and John Lopez) try to justify tabloid gossip by saying, "it's a sports personality" therefore it's sports.  A lot of these stories the local media are currently covering don't have anything to do with sports, it's lazy.

Proper Gentlemen of Sports pretty much transformed their show into an internet show.  They search the internet for stories and emphasize sound.  The show is a boat load of sound (frequently, not cued up by the producer), it's Rich Lordish Radio.

Proper Gentlemen of Sports is also unique in the fact, Lance Zierlein (Morning Host) is the market's main culprit of Panic Stories.   Too many times I've heard Lance up a story, some legit and some skeptical and the whole market pounce it.  Currently, Lance has the "Juice" to make the market  react.

It's clear, there is more Storyline/Tabloid radio in Houston than actual sports.   We are told, the audience don't want to hear a breakdown or technical sports.  I guess that's why we love Texans Radio.  What I've come to realize, hosts that say that, use it as an excuse for their lack of knowledge.

Hosts without actual sports knowledge, eat on Tabloid stories because their range is low.  Hell, I am not breaking any news, they will tell you, "I don't know Xs & Os" like that.


It's a breath of fresh air to hear Marc and John talk actual football and sports and less Tabloid stuff. Yes, I know they are Texans employees but who cares, they are the only group talking more Texans Football and less gossip.


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