Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Written By: LM

Long are the days of Lance Zierlein and John Granato with over twelve plus years together as cohosts.

Lately, the average lifespan for a show in it's original formation

Currently, ESPN 97.5 The Blitz (Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman) is the longest running Multi-Hosted Sports Talk Radio Show of the four major stations.  AJ and Fred have been partners for over four years, May 2010 to be exact.  The Blitz use to be in Mid Days 12-2 but they were moved to Afternoon Drive.  The Blitz tends to be a little more raunchy than the market.  It's a man's show and outside of sports, they pretty much cover the things men like: Alcohol, Females and Televison.

There's a lot to say for show continuity, it's one of the reasons we all grew to like John and Lance so much because we knew those guys had chemistry.

Chemistry is Fred and AJ's strength, sure they mix it up and have their squabbles but they are pretty much reading each other's mind.  One of the things I picked up right away, are their similar interests.  Of course they love sports but they also share a love of gambling and specific genres of Television and music.

On the surface, it may not seem all that weird that they share interest but their is a significant age gap between the two.  Outside of Fred's occasional grouchiness, I tend to think he's in mid 30s before remembering he's quite seasoned.  In other words, Fred Faour is the polar opposite of Rich Lord.  Rich Lord's age is highly visible and Fred's is not in terms of personality on the radio.

I think it's pretty cool that Fred and AJ are coming back for SEASON 5.


Technically Ralph Cooper at KCOH 1230 AM has the longest running Sports Talk Show in Houston followed by Charlie Pallilo Sports Talk 790.

For the purposes of this article, I focused on shows with multiple hosts because it's more difficult on the chemistry side.

How many more years do the Blitz have in them?



shynolan_reese said...

i might give a chance one day

shynolan_reese said...

i might give a chance one day