Friday, September 19, 2014


Honestly, this audio probably may not peak interest but it caught my attention.  We are in strange days of local sports radio programming.  Sports Talk format is dead, its now Sports Gossip

Mark from the Woodlands called Proper Gentlemen of Sports  to show love while and understood that they have to talk about "off the field issues" although they would rather talk "the game".  What caught my attention in this exchange was Lance's rebuttal.   Don't get it twisted, it was not a debate or a heated conversation, it was just caller showing love to The Proper Gentlemen and Lance informed the caller, host do have the ability to control their show.

Mark in The Woodlands and Lance Zierlein Audio

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Mark in The Woodlands and Lance Zierlein Audio

Anyone who follows me, knows I feel the media guide the topics although some believe its the demand.  The media CREATES the demand.  Local media will lead you to believe, if they didn't go at length about a national topic, the demand via phones, texts and twitter would be so overwhelming that they are forced to talk about it.

The real truth, it's all about ratings and these guys talk about National Topics as long as their competition and ITS VERY EASY.  Here's the PLOT TWIST,

  • the hosts we like cannot tell the radio faithfuls (P1s) "you guys are going to be there, we are trying to get the casual aka lowest common denominator".  In other words, they know P1s are there, When you think of P1s, think Blacks and the Democrat Party.  P1s are your dedicated listeners
  • Media is defining SPORTS TOPICS.  They justify talking at length about shit that don't have anything to do with sport by saying, its a High Profile Sports figure therefore its sports.  I have seen this market ignore Dwight Howard's "Free Palestine" Tweet and little response to Antonio Smith's pool death at his home.  Here is the deal, if it's hot nationally, they eat it up.  National Polarizing story = Cake Walk.  Just because a story involves an athlete, does not mean its a sports story.  If that was truly case, why the old school sports journalist rarely reported about Babe Ruth's, Michael Jordan or Micky Mantle's off the field issues.   Basically, media is defining Gossip is sports.  No matter how you slice it, if we are not talking about players in a sports capacity, we are gossiping.  

I was happy to hear Lance say, Hosts can control their shows.  I feel Lance could control his show but it is what it is and those "lazy" hosts he speaks of who rely on National Hot Stories, good luck.

Charlie Pallilo is the best show on air not selling out to the National Headline Stories. Charlie will not ignore a National Story but he will control the content and will not allow one subject to dominate for days.

I interpret Lance's rebuttal as "I really would love to talk about the game of football and I don't give a damn about about what these guy's do off the field.  That said, our competition are not football guys and we have to battle them on a goofball level"

I participate in this gossip until it gets tired because that's what's presented. I fully understand the game of what these guys have to do with certain stories but please don't tell me "off the field" stories are sports. ITS NOT!


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