Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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This morning, a Proper Gentlemen of Sports caller expressed his displeasure with Houston Texans Beat Writer John McClain.

The caller was not pleased with John McClain's Twitter Persona which I consider sshtick  The caller was pissed about John's negativity towards the Texans.  Lance Zierlein and Adam Clanton "without saying" tried to explain that John is a good guy and a friend.  I thought Lance and Adam also did a good job in explaining, they cannot crush a guy for the content on his twitter handle.  It nearly became a two segment McClain topic, the first audio segment is below

Also, the article by The New York Times the caller referenced was actually a New Jersey Publication.  The article is below of John's Game Day Tweets

Texans beat writer hilariously rips team on Twitter during game vs. Giants


My nuclear option with John McClain came when he dogged Clowney and praised Manziel throughout the draft process (Post Super Bowl- May).  It got to a point where I asked myself, "is John pissy because Gary Kubiak got fired" and is he just in a funk.

I also got fed up with John McClain's constant
  • Tennesse Titans talk on radio
  • Robert Griffin III Tweet
  • Baylor Talk/Tweets

Therefore I muted (Tweetdeck) him once he gets started and weeks later I remember to unmute him.

The one thing I disagree with the caller and most who dislike John, I do not think John's "gameday" crushing the Texans is bad, I think it's all for sure.  A few years ago, local radio noticed that John tweeted a lot of "pathetics" about the Texans, they created a monster.   From that point, he ramped it up.

To the right of this blog, is a list of nearly 64 Beat Writers.  I follow them, they are talking about their local teams. Rarely do I see them "goofing" around.  If you cross compare other teams Beat Writers to John, it's very different.  However, McClain has a huge social media presence as well as respected amongst his peers

I care about Texans information and in this Twitter era, I'm reading more Texans information from people not named John.  Before Twitter, I felt I needed John, now I don't.  There are so many other people grinding that John is just not my go to person.  Not to mention, some dude In Baltimore Maryland delivers more Texans news than John.  Locally, there are many people to lean on for Texans information outside of John.

I cannot put my finger on the difference of John McClain but there is a difference in the way he's covering O'Brien's regime vs Kubiaks.  My initial thought, maybe the Luv Yu Blue information Pipeline is gone.  I am not sure what it is but something is different.

Oddly, what's happening to John McClain is similar to what's happening to a few hosts we leaned on for deep sports talk.  Unlike the past, there are more quality options.


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shynolan_reese said...

don't listen and don't follow him....im not a huge McClain fan but he doesn't drive my insane like Aaron Rodgers said R-E-L-A-X