Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 11/29/2014

The "truth" is predicated on one's personal experiences.

Charles Barkley comments aren't applicable to all Black people because our life experiences as Black people are as vast and different as the various shades of our black skin. Ultimately, where I come out in definite terms on Barkley's comments are as follows.

If there is a "dirty little secret" within the Black community as Barkley stated, the secret is the moment an African-American man marries a white woman, he inherently aborts any reasonable expectation of having any relevant amount of social cache within the majority sector of the black community.

Just know, Charles Barkley and no other Black man who goes home to a White woman speaks for the Black community.  

Charles Barkley has been "tap dancing" for White folks for years to get a reaction. Barkley has no cache with Blacks outside of NBA talk on TNT and the awesome highlights he gave basketball fans over his amazing career.

All communities of all racial and ethnic makeups have troubling concerns; we're all aware of that. We also possess the awareness to identify a Negro all too eager to say what the majority takes pleasure in hearing. We also have the awareness to question Barkley's "true" intent? Just who would benefit most from Barkley's message and why not compose a forum best suited for the desired recipients to properly receive his message?

Sorry, but for this Black man, all I got from Barkley's comments was a front row seat for another Charles Barkley, Sambo-like tap dance.


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