Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Written By: LM
  • Gary Kubiak is a Quarter Back Guru
  • Bill O'Brien is a Quarter Back Guru
  • Not Built To Play From Behind
  • Draft Predictions
  • Top (insert player) Five Player
  • etc
So many times, we get upset with a player, coach or General Manager when they do not live up to a title given to them by the media.  In other words, the media tells us things about a sports figures and when they do not materialize, we are pissed at the sports figure.

It really hit me, am I mad at the players coach etc or am I mad that they didn't live up to the label put on them by the media?

This behavior is not only displayed by labels but also in Drafts and Free Agency.  We are conditioned by media to believe what should happen in off season and draft that when it don't occur, we blast the organization.

When Bill O'Brien or Gary Kubiak accepted the positions as Head Coaches, they didn't say " I'm glad to be the Houston Texans Head Coach and oh yeah, I'm a QB GURU".  Those guys never called themselves that, it's what the media labeled them.  Later, fans are all excited thinking "QB GURU" and they can't make a David Carr or Ryan Fitzpatrick be Peyton Manning, we blast them.

As a fan, its very important to parse bullshit from fact.  Sometimes, I really feel, Pros are being hammered because the media whipped expectations.  

The trick, fans have to realize the media absolutely has to give every event and person some quick and easy label that will translate to dummies (lowest common denominator listeners).  It's not an easy task, I even know what's being done to me by the media and I still fall for it.

Stop taking these clowns in media words as gospel, they are not a part of the team.  Very few of them have any real "inside information".



Steve said...

Fans aren't blasting O'Brien for Fitzgerald's play. They recognize what Fitzgerald is. They are only criticizing the decision not to play Mallett, or to not draft Bridgewater, or not going for a bigger free agent, or a combo of all 3.
The media are paid to give an opinion. Most people forget what media member said what about whatever player, etc. People just want to be entertained. Local sports talks shows, ESPN, and the like are a guys version of The View or Oprah.
I guess you are saying if team member fails we should blame the media for hyping them up. Please. If after 3,4,5 years the Texans aren't where they should be, Bob McNair isn't going to call O'Brien into his office and say "The media said you were a qb guru but they don't know shit. My bad for listening to them. Here's a contract extension, buddy".

TAGDADDY said...

I've never believed any of the crap that the press put out. The only person that I've been waiting to shine is Clowney. Kareem Jackson is the biggest failure that the press built up. Then DJ Swarenger who thinks he hits so hard he can stop you. Oh yeah the player runs by him. I understand what you're saying Lamont.