Thursday, October 23, 2014


Written By: LM

Wednesday, The University of Texas announced, they will pay each student athlete $10K a year.

Later, a twitter friend, @dustinbennett76 told me Sports Radio 610's Morning Host Nick Wright is on a rant. I checked it out.

As I read Nick's twitter rant, I quickly realized,  he was trying to point out the hypocrisy of "socialism" and "wealth distribution" argument from the political right.  What he was trying to say, "Yo, Republicans and conservatives, what are your thoughts now about wealth distribution".   Sometimes, I really think this guy woke up yesterday and realized there is something called America.  

What's next, is he going to cross compare Affirmative Action to Legacy System Kids in major universities?  You know, kids that get in to schools based upon their family connections to a school. 

He is actually stereotyping by thinking the football and basketball teams are (Inner city kids) and all other sports are (suburban).  Don't be fooled, his use of inner city kids is code for black and suburban is white.  He also has assumes, suburban kid's parents have money on the platter for them.  We have some old fashion leftist Class Warfare aka Political Talking Point. I laugh because I have kids in college and I live in the suburbs (I'm from inner city) and I'm black but according to Nick's world I guess I'm affluent.  I guess if my kid played Tennis for UT, he or she don't need the money because I have money.  This assumes every suburban parent is a piggy bank for their kids and that's stupid.

Reading Nick's tweets, you would think he's talking Property Tax receipts collected in Third Ward funding Capital Improvement Projects in the Heights or River Oaks.  From Nick's tweets, you would think an employer received record revenues and profits on the backs of manual labor and distributed it to upper management. No, we are talking about college education.  Not only College Education but University of Texas where if you don't make it in sports, you are likely to have a nice network after you leave the program.

Nick has a problem picking his arguments to promote his political agenda.  Ranting about income distribution at the University of Texas is lame.  Yes there are lots of Inner City Blacks on the Football and Basketball teams but there are also wealthy blacks, whites and whatever else on those squads.  If you follow the logic of Nick's tweets, most would conclude that UT's basketball and football teams are Bed-Stuy Brooklyn NYC and all other sports are Hartford Connecticut.  How do you distribute money within the team itself with different classes. Pay all of the inner city players more than suburban kids on the team?

Here's the kicker, we are talking about athletes that didn't have any thoughts of money yesterday (via legal channels) and now has some positive news but Nick went for the low hanging fruit "class warfare".  Is this guy actually upset that suburban athletes will also get paid like the inner city athletes?  Is the object to help the less fortunate or shit on the fortunate, in his mind?   

The way I see it, its cool athletes are being paid period.  Who cares if a school wants to uniform payouts.  The "Nick Wright" types,  are one of the main reasons college athletes can't be paid because the shit becomes political.  These types are going to bitch no matter what.  As proven in his rant, they don't care about helping the needy, they want to squash who they believe are not needy but that will never be said because they conceal their true intentions. What's really sad, his suburban stereotype, is actually the middle class and there are idiots who think just like him.  

Dude is using broad stereotypes and generalizations, inner city kids poor, suburban kids got money. 


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TexasITGuy said...

What about women's sports? I'm pretty sure they come from all sorts of backgrounds but they aren't revenue generating...