Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Written By: LM

If you are living under a stone, Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant called Houston Rockets Dwight Howard a "pussy".  It occurred in a game where Kevin Durant was hurt  on the bench in street clothes.

We know the drill, two high profile players,  Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant shot slugs at Dwight Howard therefore in the media it has become "everyone is hating Dwight Howard".

Then there was Gary Payton aka The Glove.  I'm fan of the "Glove" but this negro danced (he did the Sambo).  The Sambo is when a black man dance for white people.  It's an "HMW THING" we like to say.

Former Seattle Sonics/LA Laker tried to explain why "the league" dislikes Dwight Howard.   Funny, because it just dawned on me, Gary Payton is a Former Thunder (Sonic) in addition to a Laker. Two places where Gary has a connection.  Below is Gary Payton On Dwight Howard

Gary is a damn clown, he is all on TV talking about meeting Dwight Howard in the street and what he would do.  Jackass, if you got Professional Athlete wealth, why is your mindset on street shit? You thuggin GLOVE?  This is flat out lunacy, accomplished athletes in addition to a very antique one calling out players too street beef?  As a black man, I really hope Dwight Howard never see Gary the Glove in the streets.  This fool is dancing in front of white people promoting a "fake" hard.  Idiot, they are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.  They are not asking Larry Bird, what would you do, if you came in contact with (Kevin Love) in the streets.

Gary Payton is extremely stupid for entertaining this dumb ass question about meeting Dwight Howard in the streets.

The truth, LA FANS are pissy because Dwight Howard left the Lakers

Oklahoma City is salty because of Patrick Beverly v Russell Westbrook situation a few year's back.

Jeff Van Gundy's famous rant in 2013 which is really funny because HOUSTON MEDIA loves Jeff Van Gundy


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