Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Written By: LM

Jayson Braddock is becoming an interesting topic for me.   Not so much Jayson himself but how the local media is approaching his content.

I first heard of Jayson via Dylan Gwinn on Sports Talk 790's Middays.  At the time, he was labeled "The Might Scout".  I thought he was "informationy" but nothing to really catch my attention.  Over the last couple of years, I have come to pay close attention to anything he tweets on football.

It's very obvious that Jayson has sources.  The majority of things I've witnessed him "BREAK" is materialized.  Therefore, I'm puzzled how some in the local media presents Jayson's information.  Lately, there are a few like Brien Straw, Lance Zierlein, ND Kalu, Mike Meltser and Greg Koch who will flat out give Jayson credit.  Then there are some who appear to not.

For example, after Jayson reported, that Clowney wouldn't play in the Steelers game (Brien Straw and Paul Gallant had Jayson on) the following Saturday, a 610 host said he didn't fully trust the report.

Then there is John McClain Texans Beat Writer. John tweeted the following.

On the surface, the tweet appears as if John is giving Jayson props or doing Jayson a solid but it's not.  I've seen this media reference or credit other media members.  In a situation like this, usually I see "as confirmed by......" but this is nothing more than John being late to the information.  What in the hell, is John McClain doing confirming a Jayson report?  Jayson is confirmed by his resume' not what John tells me.


I always play with Jayson on Twitter.  I tell him he's not a part of the "clique". It's my belief,  mainstream local media is cliquish,  In other words, they all know each other, a lot of them have worked on multiple stations.  Outside of Sports Radio 610, the majority of everything you hear on air are recycled personalities you've heard before.  There is no infusion of new local talent.  Typically, Jayson don't entertain my tweets seriously but he will let me know "I just do me and what I like doing"
Craig Shelton (Founder of HMW) "Jayson Braddock may not want to be in a clique but he expects professional courtesy"

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