Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Monday, I got word that Sports Talk 790 Morning Host Lance Zierlein got an additional job with NFL.COM.

I reached out to Lance to find out his duties and he replied with the following


I will be in charge of providing draft profiles for most every eligible player for the 2015 NFL draft. Basically, I have to scout and get info on about 500 total players.  I will be going to the Shrine Game practices, the Senior Bowl practices and the Combine.  I will have other draft duties as well, but those haven't been fully explored yet as the draft profiles have to be first and foremost on my list for the until after the combine.

First, I like to congratulate Lance Zierlein on his new venture.   More importantly, it will be very interesting how he's "credited" locally.  During the football off-season, local media pull from multiple sources but when it comes to competition, I've noticed them go total Mike Meltser with "someone".  All jokes aside, the market has lightened up on crediting the competition, they are not as bad as they use to be but they still do it, it's just not obvious.  For example, I can always tell if a competitor is asking a question in Audio to a player, coach etc. If it's a competitor,  they will read the question and then allow the response. If its a coworker they will play the full interaction.

Again, congratulations to Lance Zierlein and I hope make it do what it do.

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Steve said...

You got word.... Oh, so you are one of his 35.3K twitter followers that also got the word. .... And yeah, competitors only airing the answer has been going on since at least the 70's when I begin listening to talk radio.