Thursday, November 13, 2014


Written By: LM

Mad Radio is the most popular show in Houston. Full Disclosure, Mad Radio is alternating the number one slot over a sustained period of time with In the Trenches.

Mad Radio is hosted by Mike Meltser and Seth Payne from 10-2p M-F.  They have been together for two years (give or take).

Mad is my favorite show on Sports Radio 610 but it do not hold my attention the duration of the show.   I've noticed, I listen to Mad for 30 to 45 minutes at a time because usually they reset their topics or a hot topic.


What  pisses me off with the show is what I appreciate. They change topics too much but now I have come to realize, after you get a full hour in, you are good unless something "Breaks" why they are on air.

When I listen to Seth and Mike, I know I'm not listening to dummies.  I like to call them "Myth Busters".  If an event occurs while they are off the air, they will observe the reaction and debunk the popular opinion later.   Sometimes a popular opinion is right but they do not have an issue explaining why a popular opinion is wrong.

Intelligence, outside of Charlie Pallilo's Show, Mad Radio is one of the most intelligent shows currently on air in Houston.  Seth and Mike are highly intelligent and present their content in that manner.  To fully appreciate Mad Radio, you have to be somewhat of a nerd.

I like the recent Video Feature addition.  Mad Radio is one of the only shows on Sports Radio 610 with the video feature.  I like it because it looks professional.  It's nothing new to radio, a few radio shows have web cam technology and the whole market uses webcams during Super Bowl Radio Row but Mad Radio's daily cam is legit.  I do not like the way it's archived, if it's archived at all.  For some reason you cannot fast forward or rewind the video and you can only see the last show.  Maybe this is a navigational problem which points to the Webmaster ignoring the "KISS" methodology.


As stated earlier, the show can get stale.  What I've come to notice, Mad Radio starts off on fire and falls dry as the show proceeds.  This could possibly lead back to the volume of topics, resetting topics or my next point

Mad Radio needs more listener interaction.  It really gets boring listening to two guys talk to each other the majority of the time with little to no interaction and I'm not talking about that cherry picking text shit they like to believe is interaction.  As Lance Zierlein joked about, straight Communism Radio.  We talk you listen, no other perspective.  Of course I'm playing but it wouldn't hurt to hear listener's points of view.  The whole thing about dumb fans can be dealt with.  I look at how Pallilo controls his show, little to ignorance gets through because they know he's no-nonsense.


As far as personal styles. 

Seth Payne counters all of his anger.  In other words, if he goes off on a rant and he's fired up on a person or topic, the very next segment expect him to apologize or explain his point of view.  Maybe it's his way of remaining objective. It comes off as if he feels bad for being mad at a specific situation or person.  Seth also talks over Mike a lot.  I mentioned this to him before but I still hear it. I like the way Seth applies logic to his takes.  He goes out of his way to think his takes out and explain them to the audience and Mike.  

I have came a long way with Mike Meltser. There was a time, everything about Mike's style annoyed me but after he partnered with Seth, I begin liking him again.  I believe the original Mad Radio with Brad Davies was so horrible that it was hard to really enjoy Mike. It's odd because I've been listening to Mike since his first day on the air with Brien Straw on the weekend.  Mike was pretty good in all of positions except the original Mad Radio. Now that I'm done stroking Mike, his reliance on Pro Football Focus is disgusting.  Everything about football is not stats, some things stats can't explain.  I like the way Mike trolls like me.  Yes Mike trolls, he looks for shit on Social Media for show content.  
All in all, I wanted to show Mad Radio some love.  They have a good thing going on and they won't be able to please everyone


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