Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Written By: LM

Proper Gentlemen of Sports (790's Morning Show) is my favorite Sports Morning listening, for the following reasons

  • I like Local
  • I hate National
  • I think Nick Wright and John Lopez are a "studio made rap group"
  • I think Lance will drop "Real Football, but it's only him telling us how popular he is amongst the NFL insiders"
  • Lesser Of Two Evils

I have come to realize, I dislike the way Adam Clanton agrees with Lance Zierlein on everything.  It's hard to explain but Adam has taken some hits in the morning time slot (via Twitter) and overtime he's morphed into a guy that agrees with Lance.   Of course "everything" is hyperbole but every morning, I know I'm going to hear "like you said Lance" or "I agree with you".  Fans want to hear individual takes not a host who's latching on to a popular host in fear of audience backlash.   Shit is very transparent in that, if you disagree with him, he can fallback on Lance, as if Lance is the Gospel.  Newsflash, some of the audience, thinks Lance is wrong as well.

If I were to inject Lance with truth serum, I'm 100% certain, Lance would say,  he don't like that shit.  It's one of the only pairings in the Houston Market where this occurs.  Here's an idea, have your own takes.  Proper Gentlemen Of Sports could be 100 times better if Adam actually had a authentic sports take (right or wrong).  It's funny because Adam is the opposite of what Matt Jackson were on the Big Show. Always felt Matt Jackson was trying to be a contrarion with Lance, hindsight, I appreciate that Matt tried to have his own takes.

Below is audio of Lance trying to shake Adam from agreeing with him.  A trained ear can hear what's happening with no assistance.


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Jon Weathers said...

Great observation! I am not a Clanton fan - truly nothing personal, I just don't think he can carry a sports conversation about anything other than the NBA. LZ is, and always has been, an entertainer whose strong suit was rooted in spontaneous sports takes, angry diatribes, and insider football talk. Houston radio gold was the John & Lance show, and neither of them has had the same success since splitting. LZ and Johnny Football (the real one, not the poser in Cleveland) can also give it a run on occassion.

Ultimately, I thin the biggest difference between Lance and Clanton is that LZ likes to talk. Clanton likes to be heard, and most of the crap that falls out of his mouth is stagnant or irrelevant..