Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 2/18/2015

The Houston Texans begin the 2015  NFL off-season right where they began (and ended) the 2014 NFL season. Looking to nail down the quarterback (QB) position long-term.

The wise philosophy for the Texans is to build upon a team strength. In the first year of Bill O'Brien's tenure as head coach, O'Brien began carving out an identity of "bend, but don't break" toughness on defense. On offense, O'Brien cooked up a physical between the tackles system with a dash of unpredictability and willingness to think outside the box, disguised inside a seemingly pedestrian approach to the offense. 

So the most common theme I've defined is toughness and physicality. Therefore in my observation the Texans are better served by aborting any prolonged searches in this off-season and lock up Ryan Mallett early and fully commit. 

After locking up Mallet, other than a pressing need or two offensively, move team resources towards strengthening the defensive front 7 and the offensive line. 

An upgrade at slot receiver and TE would be in order, but they're young and inexperienced at TE in total NFL snaps, and snaps in Bill O'Brien's offensive scheme.  C.J. Fiedorowicz and Ryan Griffin should show significant growth in the second year in O'Brien's system with Mallett's ability to see the middle of the field at 6'6" by comparison to Ryan Fitzpatrick at 6'2".

The bottom line is the QB position, per the Texans draft position, and considering the available premium QB draftable talent; and the free-agent crop assembled, the risk reward factor to much to low not to settle on Mallett as early as possible. 

Get Mallett into camp early and get him on the fast track,  and use the majority of the team's resources building on a killer support unit behind  the team's biggest strength: J.J. Watt!

Craig Shelton
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