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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 3/8/2015

Perhaps  it didn't take as long as some may have expected, but my take on whether or not the Houston Rockets can win an NBA Championship with their 6'11" veteran center, Dwight Howard, as a core piece has stared to shift a bit. 

Though I'm not quite ready yet to change my emphatic "no" to an unequivocally "yes", I will say this though regarding Howard. After listening to an exclusive one-on-one interview this past Saturday (3/7) on CBS Radio (SportsRadio610) with wrestler Booker T, my impressions of Howard's level of maturity versus his immaturity, did begin to shift in a more positive reflection towards Howard.

The basis of my skepticism regarding Howard has always been entrenched in my concerns with Howard's "health and immaturity" as a leader. 

For those of you who have argued so  vehemently with me in Facebook sports chat groups that my concerns with Howard's shortcomings have no factual basis because the Rockets aren't Howard's team, arguing it's James Harden's team instead, you people remain as misinformed and misguided as ever in my view. 

Booker T and Superman 

If the Rockets are James Harden's team, after listening to his CBS Radio interview with Booker T,  it's clear to me and anyone who listened, Dwight Howard did not get the memo.

Dwight Howard was clear on a couple of occasions during his interview in referencing himself as a "role model" and as the Rockets "team leader."

Howard spoke of his childhood growing up the son of a law enforcement officer and coming from modest beginnings financially.

One of Dwight's most compelling quotes came while addressing his thoughts on the views that fans and media take without knowing all the information involving incidents when Howard stated, "I didn't run from Los Angeles, I ran to Houston."

Howard spoke on the need for better communication between adults and our youth, and the need for youth to have  greater respect for authority.

The overall tone of Howard's conversation with Booker T,  was positive, socially responsible, and uplifting from an American  and in particular, an African-American perspective.

The bottom line is that anyone able to express themselves to the social and intellectual degree that Howard did on Saturday night to Booker T,  should be able to do something by compassion, so insignificant, as to lead an NBA team to a championship.

That's assuming he can stay healthy and keep his hands to himself?

Dwight and ex-teammate Isaiah Canaan

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