Thursday, March 12, 2015

GATOR ON THE LINKS - 02.12.2015 - Craig Shelton

Craig Shelton

Wednesday two people on the links at the Myakka Pines Golf Course in Englewood, Florida, shot a photo of this unbelievably huge alligator walking the course. 

The massive gator was spotted roaming the course when the golfers rather than get lost, went to the 'gator selfie card' and then posted the photos to the golf club's Facebook page.

The club's general manager Mickie Zada told ESPN,
"We have a lot of alligators around here because there are no houses for miles and it's just open swamp land."  

Officials estimated the size of the gator at 12 to 13 feet. 

Zada added, "our members know that when they see a good one, to take pictures and they did."

"If it's really cold you might not see one, but if there's any sunshine at all, it would be impossible for you play 18 and not see a gator."

I'm thinking I'll stick to golfing on my PS4!

Craig Shelton

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