Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Craig Shelton

As we creep slowly towards the 2015 NFL Draft, I'm still not sold on the Houston Texans being a complete product at the quarterback position. Is there a scenario where either Garret Grayson,  Bryce Petty, or Brett Hundley becoming a third or fourth-round option for the Texans reality?

Conventional wisdom would lead most observers to the determination that the Texans are set at the quarterback position for the 2015 NFL season.

With the Texans re-signing of Ryan Mallett and the addition of Brian Hoyer, the Texans appear to be set at quarterback, especially when you take into consideration their drafting of Pittsburgh's Tom Savage in the fourth-round of last year's 2014 draft class.

In the Texans first draft under the leadership of head coach Bill O'Brien, the Texans appeared to remain discipline within their draft board, in taking the highest-rated player available on their board. If the Texans follow the same script in the 2015 draft and remain true to their board, and Grayson, Petty, or Hundley is still on the board in the third or fourth-round, an argument could be made for the Texans taking a stab at the Colorado State product Grayson, or Baylor's Petty, if not UCLA's Brett Hundley.

With the two quarterbacks at the top of the board in Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, Grayson could be the third or fourth quarterback off the board, sneaking ahead of the more publicized Petty and Hundley.

On Monday, Grayson threw for scouts for the first time since February 10th, when he suffered a hamstring injury.

If Grayson, Petty, or Hundley were to slide to the mid-3rd to 4th round, either could prove to be too tempting of an option for the Texans to pass on.

Let's face it, the Texans have a considerable amount of uncertainty at the quarterback position. Expect Bill O'Brien and GM Rick Smith to remain steadfast and diligent in keeping all of their options open in their quest to solve the Texans quarterback Rubik's Cube!

Craig Shelton
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