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Bumper - Intro song to a new segment.  At the beginning of a segment, most radio come back with music.

If you are Sports Radio 610 listener, you probably have noticed, rarely do you hear HIP HOP or any urban bumpers?

Former Night Time Personality Fred Davis tweeted me about his interaction with Sports Radio 610 Program Director Ryan MeCreeden  regarding music bumpers.  I found it interesting and asked him to elaborate.

Before you read my short Q&A with Fred Davis, another former Sports Radio 610 employee (Craig Shelton) shared this story about the former Program Director Gavin Spittle who happened to be Ryan's old boss at another radio station.

GAVIN: [Paraphrasing] 'If it's alright for 97.9 The Box, to market towards Blacks, what's wrong with us marketing towards the White demo.?'

CRAIG: 'The problem with Gavin's statement is, hip hop consumers are largely White, Black, and Hispanic. 

97.9 The Box has been well represented their hiring practices of minorities and women. 

Below is my Q&A with Fred Davis (Former 610 Personality)

LM:  Why did you stop playing Hip Hop bumpers while you were employed at Sports Radio 610

Fred Davis: I never stopped playing hip hop bumpers. The replacement PD, McCrudden, err, McCredden, scrapped all of the hip-hop bumpers that were in the system when Gavin was running the station and replaced them with rock and alternative, which were his favorite types of music. Much to the chagrin of the replacement PD, I continued to play and incorporate hip-hop into my show. Needless to say, that didn't sit well with the replacement PD and eventually he and my former co-host changed the show's intro song, "Guess who's Back" - a song with Jay-Z, Scarface and Beanie Sigel - to "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots. The Replacement PD and the former co-host loved that song as the intro. I wasn't thrilled about it, but I went with it. But let's not get it confused, it's not as though 610 was The Boxx when it came to playing hip-hop, but there was definitely some hip-hop being played. The Replacement PD took over and removed any remnants of anything remotely urban.

LM:  Did you try to put up a fight?

LM:  What were your thoughts after being told to no longer play Hip Hop Bumpers

Fred Davis: I'll answer these two together - yes I put up a fight, and I'm pretty sure that's part of what cost me my job. I also recall one particular event not long before my dismissal where while discussing why we should continue using a hip-hop song as our intro, the PD looks at me and says - "80 percent of our audience is white." I replied "I'm white" - and the PD gave me a dismissive glance as if to suggest I wasn't the 80 percent of the white audience. I left the discussion there and a week or so later our intro was changed and then I was lied to and fired a few days after that. So by the Replacement PD's logic - white people don't like hip-hop, which I guess explains why there's no more hip-hop on 610 - even with the Great White Hope on in the mornings. 


Growing up in Hip Hop, the common belief was, whites purchased more Hip Hop than blacks,   If true, I do not understand McCreeeden's logic.

It's amazing in an industry (radio) where collecting data (ratings) is archaic, McCreeden (according to Fred) knows the percentage of races who listen to radio.

Sports Radio 610 is running a promotion asking fans to join them and voice their concerns about the station.   They are trying to get suggestions on making the station better.  My question to Ryan McCreeden, can black listeners participate in this event?  610 Promo below

Check this out on Chirbit

610 Promo


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