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Written by: Billy Rigney
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010


Last year, Yao Ming finally proved to Houston he can indeed get his team out of the first round of the playoffs. Even without the other ex-superstar, Tracy McGrady, Yao was able to take his team on his back and will his way to within a hair of defeating the soon-to-be world-champion Lakers. In game one of round two, Yao proved to Houston he has the tenacity and superstar nerve to rise to the challenge and clinch a win no one thought he could get. So why do Houston's basketball "experts" think we should trade him?

Injuries, injuries, and more injuries, yes I'm aware of all of them. We also know his recent surgery is not a simple one. But this surgery could work. We also know that Yao Ming is not Tracy McGrady and he will actually rehab thoroughly. If self-discipline is a factor in this recovery, without question Yao will make it.

But we all know that isn't the reason for me writing this. This is for all the people who said we should have traded him when he was in perfect health. Just ask around and see how many people think Yao Ming is not a franchise player. For those Rockets fans, Yao Ming will never be able to sway their opinions. Not as long as he's 7'6" and the last guy getting down court. Now look at where the Rockets finished in the Western Conference. Well shy of winning 50 plus games like a typical Yao year would produce. You still want to trade him?

Let's picture the Rockets franchise and Yao Ming like, "It's a Wonderful Life", the classic Christmas film. I see Leslie Alexander is giving Kelvin Cato another $42,000,000 contract. Moochie Norris gets a new contract to boost ticket sales. Leslie Alexander then sells the Houston Rockets to focus all his money on the Houston Comets....I might have exaggerated a bit on that, but you get my point. With Yao Ming, the Rockets will be a title contender as long as he can walk, not run, just walk. Last time I checked, the only team to win without a great big man was the Chicago Bulls, and they had Michael Jordan. So if you think John Wall or Evan Turner is that guy, be my guest and trade him. Just be careful what you wish for, and do not come crying to me when Yao gets himself a championship, just like Moses Malone.


We're finally here in the Astros' 2010 season. No Cecil Cooper, Miguel Tejada, Jose Valverde, and no Pudge Rodriguez...sounds like a good off-season right?

Well, if your name is Ed Wade, then your answer is probably, "Yes". I still can't believe how blind Drayton and the Astros fans were. They fired Cecil Cooper thinking somehow he could have won a lot more games with these washed up old guys and minor league players? I won't put it all on Brad Mills, although he is part of the problem right now.

Drayton and Ed Wade are the ones to blame. This team needs to start trading the big name guys like Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman. The only way this team makes it anywhere near the playoffs in the next 2 or 3 years is to get more prospects. I do like a few players we have though, so I don't think its time to stop watching. I'd pay money to watch Michael Bourn play center field. Not much money though...maybe like one of those ten-dollar tickets. But with the way the Astros are playing, I bet I can get one bad-ass ten-dollar ticket on e-bay probably right behind home plate next to my favorite owner, Drayton McLane.

Before I finish this article I would just like to say to the women who go to the Astros games to know Hunter Pence is overrated. Stop bringing your stupid, "Will you marry me Hunter?" signs to the game. Hunter Pence is a professional baseball player who will be making millions of dollars and he will never love you.

Billy Rigney


Earlis said...

I don't kno Billy...shucks if Hunter can cook
Iight marry him... Lol

Indeed gets a bum that he did not play
and the rockets being dead in the water without
him you'd think
these whining fans would shut up and see lite of
day...I still hear them calling shows knocking Yao and assuming
he will not recover...I have been trying to recall if Moses got a
significant amount of stupid takes from local fans...I guess will interesting to see if Morey can some how add
another above average piece at back up center and or power forward if we got Bosch it would the big move against all odds
and the point guard would have to go in the exchange hmm
or would they our current power forward ..time will tell

HMW said...
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HMW said...

thnx earlis as always 4 ur continued support & great comments!!


Billy said...

You're right Earlis, Yao does need some more help. I like what I saw from Jordan Hill, but i wouldn't be surprised in the off season if he turned Jordan Hill and unfortunately Aaron Brooks into Chris Bosh. I love Aaron but Bosh is no doubt one of the best players in the league. I'm also very much looking forward to this upcoming NBA draft. Can't wait to see what he does with a top 15 or whatever pick.

cxd said...

Don't be surprised if a about 200 babe's wanting to marry Pence are out protesting in front of your crib or place of business....

Just messing with you.