Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Are Sports Radio 610’s Personalities homers? Not really.

Over the years, it's become sheek locally to call Sports Radio 610 homers.  Sports Radio 610 is the Flagship Station for the Texans therefore, they must be a shield for the Texans?


It’s sort of true but a little history will clear a few misconceptions.  There was a point in Houston, the top sports and only station was sports radio 610.   790 existed but it was not a threat, pretty much like now.  Lance Zierlein and John Granato were the morning show hosts and were a huge deal.  At the time, there was hardly any mention of 610 homerism.  Fast forward, Lance and John leaped to 1560 The Game and formed an intimate relationship with their audience.   Collectively, 1560 branded 610  homers.  The moniker permeated throughout the city through various shows and it was not false.  Funny thing is, a lot of the former 610 personalities were the biggest homers for the Texans.


Today, it’s common to here everyone not affiliated with 610  call them “homers”.  I listen to Sports Talk Radio faithfully and the homer not is not entirely accurate.  I have attempted this article before but it flopped because people are set in their ways or maybe my article was flawed. 

Raheel Ramzanali inspired me to give it another try.  Talk about one of the most unlikely people I would expect to inspire me to write a fluff piece about 610.  Raheel comes from the umbrella of 1560 and still affiliated with GOW Media and he was submersed in "1560 vs 610".  One day someone casually called 610’s talent homers during the football season and Raheel said, "that’s not true, I listen to those guys and they go after the Texans.  You cannot explain that to 6 million people who has been conditioned for 7 years to believe it.  Listening to Raheel made me think of Slim Charles in The Wire,  "if it’s a lie, we fight on that lie."  The perception is there and people will roll with it 


Raheel is correct, notable (4 to 5 years’ experience in Houston) 610 talent have no problem blasting the Texans, Rick Smith or O’Brien.   There are a few who refuse to go after O’Brien as harshly as I feel they could and I get that but I have at least 4 or 5 clips of Seth Payne going at O'Brien.  Hell, with all of the euphoria surrounding the Texans, I still believe Seth is not feeling O'Brien.  I have also heard Sean Pendergast eviscerate O’Brien on air.

Some who call 610 homers may be getting volume confused with content.  As the Flagship station, and the Texans being top dog in Houston, 610 do go to the well more than other stations.  They talk about the Texans 24/7.

What I have noticed, new 610 talent enters the market kissing the Texans ass.   Sports Radio 610 has a few new talents to the market relatively speaking.   For Example, there are a few guys on the weekend who are over the top with the Texans praise.   The funny thing, I have seen it happen to most of 610’s new talent initially upon entering the market.

If you really listen to 610, high profile personalities go after the Texans just as much as their competition.   The truth is, most media in this town crush Rick Smith and get on their knees for Bill O'Brien.   If anything, some of your bigger names at 790 are more homer for Rockets than 610 for the Texans.

Monday, May 1, 2017


By: Jermaine Every

            The NFL has completed the 2017 draft. Now comes the endless barrage of “draft grades.” Seriously, what is the basis of a draft grade? If these guys have never played a down in the league, how can we possibly give a grade? Is the grade based on team needs be fulfilled via the draft? Those team needs are media, and to a certain extent, fan-driven because we don’t know what the team itself actually feels is a need. It’s all subjective. With that being said, I’ll give you my version of the Texans draft:

1st Round #12 Overall: QB Deshaun Watson- The trade up to acquire Watson was very un-Texan. By that I mean it was uncharacteristic of what we’ve seen from this regime (GM Rick Smith specifically). Sure they’ve moved up before, but not 13 spots in 1st round to take a QB which the team hasn’t done in 1st round since David Carr. Couple this with the 2nd rounder given up to get rid of the stench of Brock Osweiller, this team has paid quite the price for their supposed franchise QB. I’m actually impressed; not only for the team’s aggressive move up, but taking a chance on a QB who may not be ready to play right away and going with Tom Savage as this season’s starter…for now.

2nd Round #57 Overall: ILB Zach Cunningham- Another solid selection. Brian Cushing is past his prime. Benardrick McKinney has some upside, but has proven to be questionable in pass coverage. Max Bullough filled in okay at times, but is more of a 2 down guy. Enter Cunningham. He has the sideline to sideline speed the Texans have sorely lacked. Couple that with his arm length (34.5 inches), he can provide the cover LB this team has missed.

3rd Round #89 Overall: RB D’Onta Foreman- For a team that wants to run the ball, protect a young QB (no matter who that may be), and control the tempo to set the table for a good defense, this was another good pick. Lamar Miller is a nice, shifty RB. But to pair him with a bulldozer like Foreman was a great idea. This should provide them with a balanced rushing attack, as well as have a guy for short yardage situations. Plus, Foreman has some game-breaking ability himself.

4th Round #130 Overal: OT Julie’n Davenport- The Texans need OL help and it’s fairly obvious to those who even somewhat follow the team. Davenport may develop into a solid player along the OL, but I can’t envision a scenario in which he plays and contributes effectively this year. Although I’d love to be proven wrong.

4th Round #142 Overall: DT Carlos Watkins- Considering the fact that JJ Watt may be able to come back from back surgery, and that Vince Wilfork may be retired,
Watkins seems to fit as a replacement for Wilfork. He also serves as a DL depth, something of which has proven to be very valuable to most, if not all, successful NFL franchises.

5th Round #169 Overall: DB Treston Decoud- DB depth is another necessity.  Ron Wolf of Green Bay believes in drafting a QB and DB in every draft. The Texans are set on Kareem Jackson, Jonathan Joseph, and Kevin Johnson being their top 3 guys. There was some talk of Jackson possibly playing at Safety, but that’s purely media and fan speculation. If Decoud can find a way to crack the lineup, Jackson at Safety is one way, finding a way to supplant one of the incumbents will prove to be a tough mountain to climb.

7th Round #243 Overall C Kyle Fuller- OL was an issue last year, and could continue to be this year. It appears as if the Texans are counting on Nick Martin or Greg Mancz to fight it out for starting Center, Xavier Su’a Filo to greatly improve his play, Duane Brown to return to pre-injury form, and either Fuller or previously drafted Davenport to flesh out the rest of their OL. Fuller comes from a spread attack, however, they ran a lot of zone run plays. Let’s see how this 7th rounder works since Derek Newton panned out okay considering he was drafted in the 7th as well.

            No one really thought the Texans were going to have as good a draft as they did. Looks like they picked up a few guys who actually give fans, and onlookers, a reason to have hope for the future; but again, only time will tell how good this draft class will turn out. So far on the surface, things are looking bright.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Houston Draft "Experts" Fail The Test

Houston Draft "Experts" Fail The Test

I do not care for mock drafts.  Mock drafts are TV and Radio media hustles.  It’s a media tool used to make their audience believe they are “in the know”.  They are not insiders.

Yearly, I watch Mock Drafts from the “experts” and they are hitting below 25%.  How can I call that expert in any field of work on Earth? Here’s the trick, they bombard fans with multiple versions of their mock drafts so they can say “in this version of my Mock I had......”. 

Below, I collected 4 national and 2 local personalities latest First Round Mock Drafts.  I presented it by percentage and total number of picks they got got correct.

As you can see, it’s silly to refer to any of these guys as experts.  Not to mention, I looked at the easiest round of the draft to predict and at most 23%, EXPERT?

Locally, I don’t even want to see how Lance Zierlein and Jayson Braddock had the Texans drafting. Both, know their craft but I think they need to think about how they approach future drafts.

What really gets me about the "experts", when their mock drafts do not align with the actual draft, they blast the teams.

Mock Drafts had their place before social media, when people were not connected.  Mock drafts are useless and its shelf-life is coming to an end.  More and more people are blasting mock drafts.  Mock drafts are List Radio.

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Five


Houston Sports talk is hurting.   Shows are struggling for content, over-exaggerating and regurgitating stories from the national media.  The Rockets are in the playoffs and the Astros are looking good in April.

The problem, most of Houston do not believe the Rockets can beat San Antonio Spurs or the Golden State Warriors and the Astros are not on the radar right and some in the local media simply do not follow the Astros.

We are in the Dog Days of Spring, but we do the have the NFL Draft so that’s good?

Currently, there are five local Sports Shows I am listening to. 


Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman are the only show in town I listen reel to reel. I tweet them often so they have learned my personality and they snap back at my comments, I like that.   The Blitz is cool because they make no apologies about leaving the sports world and talking about politics, media, other stations, you name it.  They are grumpy and agitated. I love the way they troll the local fan base.  Fred and AJ interact with their fans for the good or bad.


Paul Gallant’s show is a hidden jewel.  Nighttime sports talk radio is hard; you must be a P1 (listens no matter what) or a truck driver to religiously tune in to night time.  I like Paul’s show because he and Josh Beard will go against local opinion and they go out of their way to brand themselves as the most interactive show.  Unlike some, Paul do not run from confrontation, he welcomes it.  Both, Paul and Josh are nerds and talk about television like the Blitz.  It’s must listen radio when Game Of Thrones airs because they go deep in analysis.


Josh Innes is a flame thrower.  I listen to Josh because I know he approaches sports as a fan. He gets in the feels and make you mad but at the end of the day, you find yourself saying “my friend and I, had this debate”.  Josh’s show has a lot of energy with Jim Mudd and Jilly pouring gasoline on the fire. If you haven’t figured it out, Josh’s whole deal, he does not want to be the same ole same ole.  Josh wants to distinguish himself from other local shows therefore he will push the limits as far as he can.


John, Raheel and Del are probably the last of local shows who still incorporates fun in their show.  They do not go out of their way to act better than the audience.  They crack jokes.  They interact with their audience.  One of the best elements of their show, they crack jokes on themselves.  The traditional time for Morning Talk Radio is 6 am but the trio is making me rethink that.  It’s just a fun silly show and the three seems to get along well in addition to having sick chemistry.


If you want some intellectual sports, look no further than Seth and Mike.  Seth and Mike approaches Sports Talk from a cerebral point of view.  I am not saying their show is a Mensa level college course but the guys go beyond the routine recycled takes.  Seth and Mike challenge each other to explore some of the routine takes we hear.   The benefit of listening to MAD radio, you are guaranteed to learn a new SAT word per show.  The dudes, has a way of incorporating big words in their show.

I try to listen to most shows in Houston  but these are the Five, I try to catch segments on a weekly.  I listen to a lot of Barry Laminack and Joel Blank and I wanted to add them but THE SIX simply do not sound cool.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Josh Innes fights back after Adam Clanton tries to get him fired

Josh Innes is no stranger to controversial confrontations with members of the media and the hierarchy Houston's local sports franchises. After being blindsided over the weekend by his fellow Sports Talk 790 colleague Adam Clanton and reportedly being discipline by 790 management Innes it took to the airwaves to defend himself. 

Innes fell out of favor with the Houston Rockets brass years before joining Sports Talk 790. According to comments Innes made in an interview on his show with Daryl Morey on Monday, Clanton received a text message from Innes on Sunday of Innes wearing a Russell Westbrook t-shirt on his off day in Austin TX, in which Clanton forwarded to a Rockets administrator. Innes was reprimanded by 790's management on Monday, Tuesday, Innes took to the airwaves to state his case publicly.

Josh Innes Goes Off 

Check this out on Chirbit

Josh Innes explodes on Adam Clanton, Dary Morey and 790

Josh Innes explains the full situation at Sports Talk 790 

Josh Innes explains the full situation at Sports Talk 790