Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Why Gow is surging

Written by: Lamont

This morning I fired up Twitter only to be tagged in an article by Jermaine Every.  Jermaine explained why Gow Media’s lineup is dominating.

I thought it was a fair comprehensive articl.  I can’t front, thought it was a little weak writing an article about your own organization’s success but not a game-breaker.  I am not wyling because I know Jermaine and he comes from a good place, but in his article, there was one key omission.

I’ve been tracking ESPN’s ratings for a while and wanted to see if my theory would hold up.

Sports Map Launched in October 2017.  It’s my belief, Sports Map is the reason the station is enjoying ratings success, the correlation aligns.  Of course, some will say, the station didn’t see a turn in the ratings until January or February but it makes perfect sense.  October is prime holiday season.  Basically, anything from October – January is fodder, it’s holiday season.

ESPN 97.5 has seen an uptick in ratings station-wide from the beginning of the year.  It’s clear that Sports Map is bringing in new listeners (Personal People Meters).

Sports Map is promoted with total “buy-in” from the staff writers.  Seriously, you can’t go 30 minutes on 97.5 without hearing about Sports Map.    From my vantage point, it seems like the on-air talent mocks the fact they have to write but whatevs.

Sports Map and the Shows are circular promoting feeding off of each other.  All props to Fred Faour for orchestrating an unlikely monster but hell he was only the Sports Editor for the Houston Chronicle so he sort of knows what his target audience wants.

Honestly, I have not hugged the site because it’s not 100% with a few technical kinks that needs to be ironed out.  I don’t want to critique an unfinished product but I can definitely see a direct correlation between Sports Map and the the rise of ESPN 975.

Lastly, we will learn how strong Sports Map really is during the upcoming football season.  

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Josh Innes pokes at ESPN 97.5 's On Air Scheduling

Written By:  Lamont

Friday, Josh Innes went on rant about their disgusting work environment.   Apparently, his coworker are leaving spit dip ups behind with spit juice.

During his segment long rant, he alluded to leaving 790 for ESPN 97.5 (jokingly).  He used this part of the rant to poke fun of ESPN's unorthodox On-Air Time Slots.

It was funny because ESPN's slotting is different than most are accustomed to but hell they are winning in ratings nearly across the board so they must be doing something right.

The audio below

Josh Innes on ESPN 97.5

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Caller wants to kick AJ Hoffman's Ass!

Written By: Lamont

Usual Suspect's fan White Magic, called the Blitz to get some steam off his chest with AJ Hoffman.  During the phone call, White Magic challenged AJ to a fight at Nick's place tomorrow.

The audio is below.

AJ vs White Magic

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

May Ratings Book by show

The Blitz (Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman) continues their winning streak.  They are not only winning these days but they are establishing a nice cushion.  From the looks of it, their only competition may come from shows on their team.

I was playing with them Fred and AJ yesterday in linking their ratings increase with the lack of Las Vegas trips.  Fred and AJ's second home is Vegas, they have not been since August and boom ratings.

Below is a chart compiled by show times.

A quick observation, most of the market is cellar dwelling below a 2.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Josh Innes flames Sports Radio 610's Program Director

Written by:  Lamont

This morning, Josh Innes revealed a comment from Sports Radio 610's Program Director.  Apparently, Ryan McCredden replied to a listener who didn't like 610's new line up.

I agree with Josh's assessment of Ryan McCredden.

Below is the audio

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Josh Innes blast Ryan McCredden

What I found interesting about this segment, clearly 610 and 790 are acknowledging the ratings across the board is crap but ESPN 97.5 are dancing rainbows for winning.

In other words, if you are winning ratings in this market, are you even winning? Winning with 3s and 2s is like the corn kernel on the turd. 

The market is depressed and celebrating winning books in this town is laughable.