Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Matt Hammond give him a chance

Written by: Lamont

Matt Hammond is a young sports personality from the East Coast (New Jersey) now with Sports Radio 610.  I first noticed Matt before he arrived in Houston when he interviewed Ray Rice's attorney. Michael Diamondstein (Attorney) made some controversial statements during an interview with Matt.

Admittedly, I did not care for Matt at all.  His Jim Rome's cadence drove me insane.   He has the typical early 2000s radio guy voice.

In addition to, he goes out of his way or maybe it's natural now to analogize sports to organizational business concepts.   Some of his analogies are hits but a lot of them are reaches.  Sometimes you need to just hop on 45 North to get to Bush Airport, you do not need back roads. GET TO THE POINT!

Over the last few months, Matt has grown on me.  I was really impressed when he was one of the only people in North America to suggest, the Texans could trade Brock Osweiler.  It don't sound like a big deal now but at the time, no one with an IQ of 70 thought an Osweiler trade was possible. All of Houston accepted the fact Osweiler would be here for another year.   Personally, I like when personalities can go against popular opinion or "think out of the box"

I have been following the media for some time.   What I've come to realize, sports media crush each other behind closed doors.  Rarely do I hear media give props to another professional because it's a competitive profession.  Plenty times, I would "go in"  on Matt and I would receive direct messages to the tune "Lamont, you may not like him and that's cool but the guy busts his ass".  That shit made me give him a chance but I like a strong ass work ethic and not someone who's mailing it in.  I figured, he's a young man trying to find his way in a different city.

All in all, I no longer dislike Matt Hammond.  We are not best buds or anything and we commonly still disagree but the negativity is gone.   I enjoy he and Landry Locker's Show on the weekends because they are opinionated.

Now that I can tolerate him, he may not like it because he will receive more HMW attention. Ha Ha

Matt may not be for you but he deserves a shot at your ears.  If I changed, you can change, we all can change.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mattress Mack is a Rockstar - Free Mattresses for Veterans

Written by: Lamont

Jim Mcingvale

If I were to look up the phrase "put your money where your mouth is", I would see an Image of Mattress Mack (Jim Mcingvale).   Mattress Mack joined the Josh Innes Show which appeared random.

He announced, starting tomorrow, Gallery Furniture (North Loop Location) would give away 1,000 mattresses to Veterans for free.  The only stipulation, you must have a truck to pick it up.  Jim also asked if volunteers with trucks could help veterans.  Below is the Audio

Check this out on Chirbit

Free Mattresses 

Every since the Harvey Floods, Jim has been an absolute Godsend for the City of Houston with his efforts.

I see and hear a lot of people criticizing people for what they are not doing.  If you are not an elected official, I do not care if you choose to sit out however if you choose to help, it's freaking awesome.

From a Vet to Jim, BRAVO ZULU 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Seth Payne and Mike Meltser says Bill O'Brien is a good Head Coach

Written By: Lamont

This morning, Seth Payne and Mike Meltser said Bill O'Brien is a good coach but they shared some of their reservations.

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Bill O'Brien a good coach 

From offensive coordinator with Seth to player development with Mike.

Last year, I actually thought like this before realizing, he's flawed in major areas.  I do not believe O'Brien is a good coach, he's average at best.  If he was good, he would have sense enough to hire a real offensive coordinator.  If he was good, he would be more decisive.

It reminds me of the subjective debate in Houston "Is Schaub elite".

A few days ago, I ran a poll to get the vibe on Bill O'Brien, I was shocked at the results.  Looks like the city is changing.