Thursday, May 24, 2018

610 Shake Up

Written By: Lamont

Out of the box,  Sports Radio 610 reorganized

  • Paul Gallant is going to the mornings
  • Landry Locker is going to the mid day show with John Lopez
  • Fred Davis is going to the mid day show with John Lopez
  • Cody Stoots is out
  • 610 Night show will be a Gumbo of local talent
My Thoughts

MAD Radio needed Paul Gallant or hell even Mona Lisa for that matter.  That show needed someone to match Seth Payne's energy, Mike Meltser is not getting it done.  If you are a hardcore listener, it's nothing more than the Texans Post Game.  Paul provided that shot in the arm to Texans Post game shows.   Seth and Mike, while cerebral are not interactive with fans.   The last few months they've up'd their call volume but it still feels awkward.   Their calls feel like Fan Feedback (takes with no interaction) little to no dialogue.  To be honest, I think both are swell guys but they just don't jive with their audience.  They are locked into their own little safe bubble of debating with each other and using big SAT words.

In comes Paul.  I have busted Paul's balls for years, I have seen this kid actively go out and create his name.  He started the whole "Most interactive show"  that some in the market have piggy backed with shits like "shortest wait times".  I have also seen him reach out to Houston Rappers and tried his best to learn the rap culture of this city.  He is interactive and very honest in his sports takes no matter how wild they may be.

There are rumblings that Paul is there to replace Mike who's in Law School.   While this may be true, I've listened to Mike for nearly a decade, that dude loves sports, I can't see him leaving Sports Talk.

I don't think it's enough to overcome John Granato, Lance Zierlein and Josh Innes.  610 is too formulaic but it will be interesting for about a WEEK.  

As far as Fred and Landry joining Lopez; I really hope they have enough energy to make that slot somewhat entertaining.   I cut for Landry and Fred but both are into themselves talk.    I will give it a listen,  but I have preconceived notions of what it will be.  

Wrap Up

At first I thought it was cost cutting with 610 being under new management but it seems like they have only reallocated resources.  I believe their ratings slump is forcing them to look at their line up differently.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Charles Barkley is right about the Houston Rocket's front office

Written by: Lamont

Last week after the Houston Rockets defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 2, The Usual Suspects (Barry Laminack and Joel Blank) had Charles Barkley on.   After Joel introduced him and laid out his "beef" with the Rockets, Charles immediately tried to explain his issue with the Rockets.

Check this out on Chirbit

Charles Barkley on the Rockets 

First thing first, The Usual Suspects interview with Charles was very good. The whole interview can be heard on 97.5 website.

Look, I'm no fool, I have heard Charles complain about the Rockets owing him money therefore I know it's personal but it does not discount his take on the Rocket's Front Office being sensitive.

Local Media

I have heard the local media do this but it took Charles' interview to make me realize, some in this market are afraid or rather not "Go All In" on the Houston Rockets.  After the Rockets loss Game 3 to the Warriors, I listened to the commentary and it appeared that some had to qualify the 41 point L with "I am not saying the Rockets are bad" or  "I am not saying this player is bad" as they proceeded to  make their point.   I am no fan of the Rockets but I know the Rockets are good from management to players. 

I do not think you have to lick pipe (before or after) you give an honest critique.  It comes off as if some in the local media are afraid to flame the Rockets.  You would think I am exclusively talking  about Sports Talk 790 (Rockets Flagship Station) but I heard it on 610 and 97.5 too.

Is it really necessary to qualify how good the Rockets are before/after you crush them?  Shit, let the raw emotion flow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Attendance Radio is Lazy Radio

Written By:  Lamont

After all of the juice has been squeezed out of the Texans and JJ Watt, fallback to attendance!

I am shocked that it took me nearly eight years (with HMW) to see it.  You can always tell when it's a slow news day when the whole market is dialed in on "attendance".  In the past, the fallback was

  • Is Schaub Elite
  • What should we do with the Astrodome
  • Vince Young
  • or simple List Radio (they still do this)

Currently, the new fallback topic is Houston Professional Teams Attendance.  It's easy to see and its cheap.   The Houston Rockets have won 65 games.  The Rockets attendance has not been anything special and they still won 65 games therefore I ask, what's the correlation of attendance to winning?  I cannot speak for other teams but the shit the local media push on radio is trash, it's filler.

A part of me wanted to research crowds to wins and losses before I realized, these cats are just lazy and didn't prep and don't have shit to talk about therefore ATTENDANCE.

If attendance in pro sports correlated to success,  Kansas City Chiefs, New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals would win every year.

It's a lame argument and the jig is up.  For now on, when you hear attendance, it's a slow news day. . After the Houston Rockets are done,  expect the same lazy shit with the Astros.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Adam Clanton out, Josh Innes Suspended #BEEF

Written By: Lamont

On the surface, it comes off as a big snooze unless you know the backstory.  A year ago, Josh Innes and Adam Clanton got into a situation. 

Adam alerted the Powers that Be, that Josh Innes was wearing a OKC Thunder Shirt.   From that situation, Adam sort of had a gag order imposed on him from referencing Josh.

Fast Forward a year later, over the weekend someone found a take by Josh on JJ Watt being a bad pick from 7 years ago, Adam retweeted it.  Josh caught wind of it, and addressed it on air by mocking Adam in a Jerome Rome Style cadence.

Check this out on Chirbit

Josh Innes addresses Adam Clanton

The end result, Adam was released and Josh got suspended.

Honestly, I don't think anything should have came of this.   A simple retweet shouldn't get a person fired and Josh's segment was blah.  It almost feels as if the writing was on the wall.

I told a few people, the Josh and Adam situation was med, what was more interesting is listening to the Blitz (Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman) address it.  I think they were honest and fair but I heard Fred say people at ESPN 975 were celebrating that Adam got fired.

Check this out on Chirbit

Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman on Josh Innes and Adam Clanton

Saturday, April 21, 2018

March Ratings Book and Quarterly Ratings

Written By:  Lamont

I have the ratings broken out by quarter (January-March).  There is also  a total for each slot, I like to get a feel or the aggregate.  In addition to, I have a breakout out by show.


For the last three months, Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman has been kicking ass.  There is no other way to put.  I am interesting to see if they can consistently maintain a 3 share over a prolonged period. 

Josh Innes is winning the 6-10a slot.  Josh's ascension in the ratings appears to correspond to the Super Bowl Fight.

John and Lance's Morning Show is strange because it's parsed with other shows.  In other words, their ratings from Jan-March is not 1.5 but likely higher.

By Show - March