Saturday, July 20, 2019

Latest Local Ratings Book

Written By: LM

The latest ratings book is in, more of the same.

  • The Bench 3.8  (7-9a espn)
  • The Blitz 3.2 (4-7p espn)
  • Triple Threat 3.1 (2-6p 610)
  • Mad Radio 2.5 (6-10a 610)
  • Late Hits 2.3. (7-9p espn)
  • Charlie Palillo 2.2 (11a-1p espn)
  • In The Loop 2.1 (10a-2p 610)
  • Usual Suspects 2.0 (1-4p espn)
  • The A Team 2.0 (3-6p 790)
  • John, Raheel, Del 1.6 (9-11a espn)
  • The Six Pack 1.2 (7-9p 610)
  • Matt Thomas 1.1 (12-3p 790)
  • Sean Salisbury 0.9 (6-10a 790)
  • In the Trenches 0.6 (10a-12p 790)

Football needs to come and come in a hurry.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Rich Lord and Mike Meltzer's departures can signal more changes to come with other stations

Written By: LM

After I heard the news of Rich Lord and Mike Meltzer's firing, I was like "whoa". Those are some heavy names in the Houston market.

Typically, when big names are fired in Houston, everyone tweet sad shit or their favorite memories of the host.  I rather not do that because I know the country club atmosphere of Houston local sports radio.

Country Club -  If you are a name in Houston and usually white, you will easily get a job.  The talent in Houston is recycled. Rarely is there anything new, we will just hear them on another station.

Instead of singing a swan song, I wanted to approach this from another direction.  Recently, Paul Gallant, Mike Meltzer and Rich Lord were let got by Sports Radio 610.  No matter how I feel about them, they are Huge names locally.

All of these sub-par talents on other stations should be on alert.  They can easily be replaced by either one of these guys or even future fires.

If I'm a marginal radio personality, I would keep my head on a swivel

There is also option B, all three guys will fade in Houston

  • Mike Meltzer recently finished law school and could easily go make "fuck you" money
  • Rich Lord is like 60 something and could just fade away into retirement
  • Paul Gallant could easily go back to Florida or Boston

I can see all three guys replacing a few talents from other stations.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Clint Stoerner vs "Caller" Victor in Angleton over Clowney

Written By: LM

Some caller exchanges need no commentary. This was one of those calls.  A caller had an issue with Clint Stoener saying he wouldn't sign Clowney.

The funniest part about this call, after Victor in Angeleton completed his call,  Clint asked why do we compare Clowney to Watt.  Clint's Cohost Jeremy Branham tried his best to give all of these logical explanations of why people are doing this when the simple answer is race.  The next caller immediately after Victor also made it about race.

I think its a silly argument but to act like this shit is not about race is silly at best. Fans are driving the race element because it's an easy comparison. 

All and all, it was a good back and forth and I was surprise Clint gave Victor the floor to rant.

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Clint versus Victor

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Lance Zierlein on Sports Radio 610's "Formula Radio"

Written By: LM

This morning on the Bench, Lance Zierlein and John Granato were having a discussion and out of nowhere, Lance spoke about Sports Radio 610.

Lance pretty much hit on the fact how they are Texans "everything".  Quickly I tweeted he and John "I told you".  It was like I was telling them something new while forgetting, these guys birthed Sports Radio 610 and they already know what the business is.

In other words, I don't think John and Lance need me to tell them, 610 is programmed to the Texans but this morning, I really felt as if Lance may have not really heard 610 in a while.  From the way he was speaking, he hadn'te.

Sports Radio 610 is all Texans. Every hour in weekday planning, they will have at least 2 segments of Texans talk.  This would be cool from August-January but we are talking March-July.  It would also be cool if they could bring interesting Texans topics but its the same ole dribble.

I thought it was really cool for Lance to speak on what he heard and he qualified that he was not going at them.  We all know Lance could have went in but he didn't.  That being said, 790 is no different, you are going to hear tons of  Rockets and Astros talk typically from a fanboy perspective.  They are slaves to professional teams.

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Lance on Formula Radio 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Nick Wright does not have hair plugs

Written by: LM

I really thought this guy was out of my existence but over the last week, his hair has became a topic.  Apparently, Nick Wright is growing out his air.

The local and national media has been all over it.  Nick use to rock a bald fade and suddenly to see him with hair is a shock to the system for some white people.

This whole story of Nick Wright's hair further explains that most of the media are out of the loop.

Nick is a white young male who think he's black, When the dude was in Houston he would hold up his black wife as a trophy while telling Houston where she worked while she was pregnant.  His whole MO was proving how black he was and how white you are.

Nick use to wear bald fade, that's what we normally seen him rocking. 

Sometimes we just called it a low cut.   Nick is not losing his hair or has a receding hairline or any of that.   He was rocking a style blacks normally wore.


If i had to bet money, Nick is growing out his hair for Dred Locks or an Afro.  This dude will do whatever it takes to appear black.  He probably has on some Jordans right now and if he wasn't on TV, he would probably have THUG LIFE tatted on him.

Bottom line, the dude does not have hair plugs or a hair piece.  Fuck around and by Thanksgiving, Nick will have a flat top.