Sunday, September 21, 2014


Written By: LM

This post is a little late but I thought it would be a pretty cool to capture the Texans predictions from the local sports media.

It's all guess work and fun.  However, I did want to analyze some basic statistical elements of the data.

Basic Statistics
  • Average/Mean - Add your group of data.  Divide the sum by the list of numbers
  • Mode -  Value that occurs the most often
  • Media - The value that occurs in the middle when data is organized lowest to highest (useless)
  • Range - Add the lowest and highest value, divide by 2
  • Variance - How far your set of numbers are spread apart
  • Standard Deviation - Measures the variation from the average.  A low Standard Deviation means the data is very close to the average. a high Standard Deviation means the data is far apart which likely means there is an outlier variable which is skewing the data. In addition to, the Empirical Rule (68, 95, 99.7) is used in conjunction with Standard Deviation.  Empirical Rule states nearly all values will lie within 3 Standard Deviations of the average in a normal distribution (bell curve).  In other words, 68% of our predictions will lie within 1 SD, 95% will lie within in 2 SDs and 99.7% will lie within 3 SDs.

It appears, on average the local market believes the Texans will win 7 games with a standard deviation of nearly 11 games on the high and 5 games on the low.

It's only a little fun with numbers but very interesting to see predictions so close.


Friday, September 19, 2014


MR. 211*

Written by: Jermaine Every
Date posted: 9/18/2014

Jose “Gigante” Altuve may only be 5’5” and weigh about 175 lbs, but he casts a much larger shadow.

Tuesday night, Houston’s Little Big Man (aka "Mr. 211 and counting") broke Craig Biggio’s franchise record for hits in a season with #211 with a single up the middle in the seventh inning against the Cleveland Indians. His record-tying hit was a double down left-field line in the fifth. Both were classic Altuve hits. After the tying hit, Jose shook hands with Biggio who was sitting next to another Astro legend, Nolan Ryan.

After his record-breaking double in the seventh, fans gave him a standing ovation (about a minute’s worth of applause and cheers), fireworks went off, and Altuve tipped his cap and waved in appreciation. A simple gesture by the always humble Altuve. There’s only one thing that seemed to bother me about all this…the national media coverage.

Late Tuesday night, I’m flipping through the channels, scrolling my timeline on Twitter, peeked at FaceBook, and noticed something: hardly any mention of Altuve breaking Biggio’s record. This pissed me off a bit. Not because it’s a “national media doesn’t pay Houston enough attention” thing, or even a “Astros suck right now, so they get no love” thing. It was all due to “a great player broke a potential Hall of Famer’s team record and got no love” thing.

Let’s face it, Biggio should be in baseball’s HOF and soon. He played three different positions over a 20-year career, for the same team in the “Steroid Era”, and was cleaner than a fresh pair of J’s the first day out the box! This is the guy Altuve broke a record of, and he got little to no love from the national media?!?

Disrespect from national media aside, Altuve is the kind of baseball player this team needs to dig itself from the doldrums of less than mediocrity, if they plan on going further than being happy about not losing 100 games in a season. He’s the Astros’ JJ Watt: easily the most popular player, who also happens to be the team’s best player as well.

His stat line this year: .343 batting avg, 7 homers, 54 RBI, .379 OBP (On Base Percentage), .456 Slugging Percentage, .835 OPS (OBS + Slugging) , 52 steals, 43 doubles, 3 triples, 81 runs, 211 hits, only 51 strikeouts, and a 5.4 WAR (Wins Above Replacement). So what if the team is 67-85?

Why shouldn’t he be considered a candidate for AL MVP? The team has gone from 51-111, to 67 wins this year with 11 left to play. Compare his stats to last year’s MVP Andrew McCutchen via Pretty similar, with a few exceptions here and there, most notable being team success.

But, if the MVP is truly the Most Valuable Player award (not the best player on the most successful team or best team award), Altuve has an argument. He should finish in the top 3-4 in final voting.

Bravo Gigante! You’ve done well. Hopefully, the team will be built around you in order to win sooner rather than later.

Jermaine Every


Honestly, this audio probably may not peak interest but it caught my attention.  We are in strange days of local sports radio programming.  Sports Talk format is dead, its now Sports Gossip

Mark from the Woodlands called Proper Gentlemen of Sports  to show love while and understood that they have to talk about "off the field issues" although they would rather talk "the game".  What caught my attention in this exchange was Lance's rebuttal.   Don't get it twisted, it was not a debate or a heated conversation, it was just caller showing love to The Proper Gentlemen and Lance informed the caller, host do have the ability to control their show.

Mark in The Woodlands and Lance Zierlein Audio

Check this out on Chirbit

Mark in The Woodlands and Lance Zierlein Audio

Anyone who follows me, knows I feel the media guide the topics although some believe its the demand.  The media CREATES the demand.  Local media will lead you to believe, if they didn't go at length about a national topic, the demand via phones, texts and twitter would be so overwhelming that they are forced to talk about it.

The real truth, it's all about ratings and these guys talk about National Topics as long as their competition and ITS VERY EASY.  Here's the PLOT TWIST,

  • the hosts we like cannot tell the radio faithfuls (P1s) "you guys are going to be there, we are trying to get the casual aka lowest common denominator".  In other words, they know P1s are there, When you think of P1s, think Blacks and the Democrat Party.  P1s are your dedicated listeners
  • Media is defining SPORTS TOPICS.  They justify talking at length about shit that don't have anything to do with sport by saying, its a High Profile Sports figure therefore its sports.  I have seen this market ignore Dwight Howard's "Free Palestine" Tweet and little response to Antonio Smith's pool death at his home.  Here is the deal, if it's hot nationally, they eat it up.  National Polarizing story = Cake Walk.  Just because a story involves an athlete, does not mean its a sports story.  If that was truly case, why the old school sports journalist rarely reported about Babe Ruth's, Michael Jordan or Micky Mantle's off the field issues.   Basically, media is defining Gossip is sports.  No matter how you slice it, if we are not talking about players in a sports capacity, we are gossiping.  

I was happy to hear Lance say, Hosts can control their shows.  I feel Lance could control his show but it is what it is and those "lazy" hosts he speaks of who rely on National Hot Stories, good luck.

Charlie Pallilo is the best show on air not selling out to the National Headline Stories. Charlie will not ignore a National Story but he will control the content and will not allow one subject to dominate for days.

I interpret Lance's rebuttal as "I really would love to talk about the game of football and I don't give a damn about about what these guy's do off the field.  That said, our competition are not football guys and we have to battle them on a goofball level"

I participate in this gossip until it gets tired because that's what's presented. I fully understand the game of what these guys have to do with certain stories but please don't tell me "off the field" stories are sports. ITS NOT!


Monday, September 15, 2014


Written by: David Sha
Date posted: 9/15/2014

I’m probably the biggest #80 fan around.  It’s almost to the level of a man-crush.  I am a true fan-boy when it comes to my hometown team’s all-time leading receiver.  

There’s only one other athlete that played for a Houston professional team that I get more crazy over and that’s Hakeem"The Dream"!!!!

This series of blogs will be short and to the point.  

At this point, Andre Johnson is sitting at #15 on the all-time receiving yards list after passing Irving Fryar this past Sunday in a game vs. the Oakland Raiders.  

His 12,828 yards is now 261 yards away from the mark Hall of Famer, Steve Largent, set during his illustrious career.  Largent’s mark was actually #1 until Mr. Jerry Rice aka the GOAT ran past him and kept it moving.  

Since then, several players have moved past the former Seahawk great.  

Let’s hope Andre Johnson stays healthy and puts up his usual big numbers for the rest of this season and beyond, so that there will be no doubt that he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame five years after he hangs up the cleats.


Friday, September 12, 2014


Written By: LM

I've stopped blogging about Adam Clanton but Thursday morning, he did something that caught my and other's attention.

As a morning personality in the Fourth Largest city in America, I expect a host to know college football or at least bullshit their way through it.

A couple weeks ago, Lance Zierlein asked Adam Clanton about his knowledge or interest in college football, Adam's reply falls in line with the audio captured Thursday morning.

Thursday morning, Lance Zierlein asked the crew their thoughts of the week's college match ups.  The show suddenly became a discussion between Lance Zierlein and the Producer Michael Conner.   Adam Clanton went completely silent.  The "Kill Shot" was Lance lowly saying "I guess that wraps up our college segment".

College football talk is a level below the NFL, the audience wants to hear it.   If a prime time show can't dive into college football outside of Texas A & M and University of Texas, it looks bad.  Hell, we are not talking high level college ball or Xs and Os, we are talking Match Ups, that's a website click.

John Lopez and even Rich Lord could talk "Match Ups".

Outside of Houston Rockets, Headline Stories and Goof Ball shit, there are little to no expectations

The Short Adam Clanton College Segment Audio

Check this out on Chirbit


Long Audio (Full Segment) 

Check this out on Chirbit

Full segment of Adam Clanton College Segment

Of course Adam thinks HMW is picking on him without realizing, everyone hears what we hear.