Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Rocky Statue is oppression, it needs to be removed

Written by:  Lamont

We are living in dark times my friends. America has seen one of its darkest days under this Administration in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A riot broke out in Charlottesville between two extremist groups.  A person lost their life!  The violence was sparked by General Robert E. Lee's statue removal.

I was so upset, I begin thinking about other racist shit in this country that needs to be removed.


Rocky Balboa statue needs to be  removed because it's a a symbol of HATE.

Rocky is Italian.  Come on fam, we all know how Italians view African Americans.  Italians hate black people, have you not seen A Bronx Tale, Jungle Fever or Do the Right Thing?  Lets forget about Rocky's heritage, lets look at his fights.

Rocky beat up two black men in Apollo Creed and Clubber Lane.  I mean yea, lets forget the whole point of Rocky being a midget and somehow beat two huge black men?  WOKE!

Look at this crap!

White Italian American dwarf beating a black man senseless 

Racism B!

Hollywood didn't stop at Rocky beating a black man, he also beat a Russian Communist.  Yea, you heard right, these sorry SOBS in Hollywood in the midst of the Cold War, actually had the unmitigated gall to display an American beating a Russian.

Before any of you get upset, this is more realistic than two White Subversive groups (KKK and ANTIFA) killing each other and America caring about the outcome.  KKK are pieces of shit and so are ANTIFA  The shit really do not mean anything to me, Black People and Guilty whites are super jacked over removing historical artifacts, you are stupid.  Racism is not going to stop because of some symbolic gesture!

Josh Innes fighting callers, crushing 610 and Alex Del Barrio

Written by: Lamont

A caller triggered Josh Innes and the rest is history.  Josh went at the caller, Sports Radio and Alex Del Barrio.

The most interesting thing of the audios, according to Jilly (Josh's Girlfriend) there are rumors that 610 is Making Moves because they are afraid of Josh.

Alex Del Barrio "Fat Pussy"

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Caller Threatens to Kick Josh's fat ass

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Josh smacking MAD Radio and Triple Threat

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610 Making moves because they are afraid of Josh Innes

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did John McClain violate Texan's media policy?

Written by: Lamont

Today as I was listening to the Blitz. During the second hour they announced that Kareem Jackson was practicing at safety.

I thought about a specific bullet point I seen in the Texans's media policy.

Kareem is a Corner Back and media has speculated for years about him playing Safety.

As I listened to Fred and AJ, I asked myself, should I even know this information? Don't get me wrong, I love knowing it but the Texans under Bill O'Brien operates in secret.

I wanted to know who put this out.  I went to Twitter and you know the rest of the story

Chances are, a professional like John McClain cleared his tweet with the Texans, right?

I doubt it, John is displaying that he's the big man on campus and the rules do not apply to him.  I mean, what are the Texans going to do, remove the Tennessee Oilers Beat Writer?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Josh Innes shtick is criticizing 610

Written by: Lamont

Shots Fired

Sunday afternoon, Sports Radio 610 host Alex Del Barrio lost his shit on air.  It was relatively cool show with a variety of topics.  The last topic he covered was the history of the National Anthem in sports.

Alex took a call that went long.  The topic or it's duration caused a texter to lash out at Alex with profanity.

It was at this point, Alex lost his shit.  He blasted the texter but what came next was odd AF.  He addressed Sports Talk 790's Josh Innes going at their station. He never calls Josh out by name but everyone knows Josh is the only in-air personality in Houston who calls Sports Radio 610 Lazy Radio.

Below is Alex's Rant

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Alex Rant

I wondered how long would 610 allow Josh to go unanswered.  Honestly, I was shocked it was Alex.  Alex is a little fiery and I've seen him mix it up with people on Twitter but didn't think he would address Josh.

Alex's overall point was, the public discourse in this country is bad.  He do not believe people have to be rude and use profanity towards each other and it sickens him.

It's interesting to point out, how would Alex hear Josh?  He listens to the show?  You can listen to his show but not say his name on air?  One of my biggest pet peeves is referencing another host from another station without saying their name.   I sound like a broken record but we are in 2017, everyone knows everyone exist, its archaic to still go nameless.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fred Faour: Houston Sports Map

Written by: Lamont

Chances are, this may be offensive in 2017 but it's common knowledge that Middle Easterners has a shit ton of job.  Fred Faour has unlocked the cheat code of the Middle Eastern portion of his DNA with yet another venture.  Houston Sports Map.

By my tabulation, Fred is currently

Does Fred have extra hours in the day we regular humans do not have?

Click the short promo below for a detail explanation of Sports Map.

Food for Thought

I would be lying if I didn't say I've wondered about Fred "burning out".  He is involved in a lot of projects.  I've also wondered if a few of his projects are circular or overlapping each other although they are different mediums (Culture Map-Print, Houston Sports and Stuff -Web, Sports Map-Video/Audio).

Nevertheless, Fred is my guy and I will support whatever venture he's part of.