Monday, November 5, 2018

Did John Granato say "Nigga" On-Air

Written by: LM

A listener of ESPN 97.5 has been riding John Granato.  Apparently he heard John use the word "nigga" on air.  He has tagged a lot of people in this audio and finally this morning he called in.  I heard the call but had no idea what they were talking about.

Lance Zierlein and Del defended John saying "he would never say that".  John begged Del to play the audio again to prove he didn't say it but Lance and Del advised not to that.  Finally, Del said I don't want to do that.  My guess, "why feed the trolls".

OK, I heard the audio and it does sound like Nigga but giving the context of what he was talking about, I don't see how it would fit.  I don't believe the word Nigga was said purposely if at all.  Who in the hell John can be talking to who is black that would be ok with him saying that.  I am sure this is cool for the younger generation.

What's even more weird about this situation.  It appears the dud was listening LIVE and decided to turn it up and Video at the same time?  Something is this milk ain't clean

Below is the Video

John Elway wanted to Hire Bill Obrien if the Texans fired him

Written by: LM

I was listening to Denver Sports Radio.  They all want Vance Joseph fired.  Something came up, I never heard in Houston though.  Apparently, John Elway was ready to fire Vance Joseph if the Texans had fired Bill O'Brien.  It's not Breaking News or anything but it was interesting because I never heard it before.

Below is the Audio

Broncos Wanted O'Brien 

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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Josh Innes Hypothetically calls out Jayson Braddock

Written By: LM

After Jayson Braddock put Josh Innes on blast Thursday, Josh answered on Friday.  I am not sure if Josh has a "gag order" preventing him from saying Jayson's name or he does not want to say his name on air.

In the audio below, Josh  referred to the Super Bowl situation in "hypotheticals" clearly referring to Jayson.

Several times, Josh referenced Jayson threatening women.  Also, he referenced how it was all caught on tape.  I am more surprised in 2018, video of radio personalities about scrap is not public.

The funniest part about all of this, Josh talks all of this cash noise about people, but when someone charges him up, we get phrases like "he accosted me".

Below is the audio

Josh Innes Audio

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Jayson Bradock: Josh Innes is a bitch!

Written by: LM

Jayson Braddock is back on the air at KTXF - "Houston Preeminence" .  Enough of the formalities, after Jayson's hiatus from radio, he's return with a vengeance with his sites set on Josh Innes.

  • Jayson elaborated on how KBME tried to screw him
  • Josh Innes restroom adventures with Jim Mudd
  • The creation of his company
  • Challenge Josh Innes to a fight for charity
Jayson's show is raw as hell.  It's not terrestrial radio so he's relaxed with the language and I like it.

If you are confused, during the Super Bowl, Josh and Seth Payne got into an altercation.  All of Sports Talk 790 got kicked off of radio row.  Jayson, Sean Jones and Adam Clanton had broadcast from a hotel room.  During their broadcast, Jayson went in on Josh on the air.  During the break, Jayson was about to fight Josh in the hotel.

Jayson did not return to the show and was suspended. He finally returned to the air and was later fired.

Below Is the Audio

Jayson Braddock Calls Out Josh Innes I

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Jayson Braddock Calls Out Josh Innes II

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Jayson Braddock Calls Out Josh Innes III

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Who is truly No. 1 in the Ratings: Blitz, Josh Innes Show, Sean Salisbury, Trump, Obama or UCF?

Written by: Lamont

Trying to understand local sports ratings in Houston is about as convoluted as Donald Trump claiming a bigger inauguration crowd than Barack Obama.

I am sure University of Central Florida (UCF) is also laughing at multiple stations and shows boasting the number one spot.

There has been some confusion in Houston about ratings.  What's perfectly clear, Sports Radio 610 is dead ass last.  Sports Talk 790 and ESPN 975 both are claiming number one.  It's a situation where both are technically correct and the public will never get a definitive answer nor an explanation.

One of the main problems, ESPN's time structure is fragmented, it's not the traditional schedule we are accustomed to locally.   Both stations are claiming time slots when their time slots do not align.  Personally, I would side with 790 because that's more of the norm than 975.

Lets be real, if the Bench are claiming number one based upon 2 hours, then some show could claim number one based upon one hour. Fair is fair, if you are winning your slot then you can say you are one in your slot.

I do not believe 790 is  focused on 97.5, their focus appears to be 610 because it's useless and convoluted trying to compare yourself to a station with different time slots.  Outside of outright domination such as the Blitz, the cross comparison is useless.

Although I said The Blitz is dominating, even that is questionable because they are combining the simulcast of 94.1.  I will give the Blitz credit for trying to explain the nuance in the time slots. Sports Talk 790 do not.

The only way the public is going to know, is if the public receives hourly internal breakdowns.  Yes, they do have the internals.  Until then, we will continue to have dual ones.

As stated earlier, the Sports Radio 610 being dead ass last is more of the story to me.  We are in football season, the Texans have DeShaun Watson.  The anticipation of Watson alone should be enough to garner listeners but its not.  Sports Radio 610 is the Flagship station of the most popular team in Houston and they are last?  That's unheard of.