Friday, December 14, 2018

@patdstat : Whitney Mercilus is not happy and the Texans are playing 4/3 Defense

Written By: LM

While  at work, I listened to Pat Star's podcast (State of the Texans).   Pat dropped a few nuggets the rest of Houston media hadn't provide.  While the rest of the local media were stuck on Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts figuring out the Texans Game-plan,  Pat was dropping bombs.

Apparently, the Texans are playing Mercilus out of position and don't be surprised if he's gone next year.

Audio is Below 

Pat Starr on Whitney Mercilus

Check this out on Chirbit

Monday, December 10, 2018

Local Media Hot Take: Texans always run on first down? FALSE

Written by:  LM

A few months ago, I heard Fred Faour (The Blitz) mention how he dislikes how the Texans always run on 1st Down.  If you are a Houston fan of any sport and pay attention to local media, you should know the game or how things are done.   Major  member of the media has a take, fan grabs that take, shops it to another show via calls, social media or a blog like this and VIOLA, it becomes a truth.

After Fred's take back in September, a few fans and media members repeated.  It's a very popular thing to say these days. 

I almost bought in, but to be honest, it meant nothing  because it was verbalized across the airwaves without any benchmarks or comparisons. 

It wasn't until a few weeks ago Seth Payne (MAD Radio) said  Texans always running on first down is just not true.    After Seth notated this, most of 610 personalities jumped on it.  At this point, I was not sold on Seth's point either but it did alert me to inquire about the assertion.

I reached out to Patrick Starr (Texans Google) to get the raw numbers of how much the Texans run on First Downs.  Of course Pat delivered with more than I asked.

219 rushing plays (3.77 avg)
161 passing (6.72 avg)

They are heavy passing team on 2nd and 3rd downs. 

2nd down: 111 rushes | 179 passing
3rd down: 22 rushes | 150 passing


I only focused on first downs

Nothing about these numbers leads me to believe the Texans are always rushing on First Downs.  The numbers do not support "Texans always run on first down". 

It's a false narrative easy to repeat "on air", it's simply not true.  If we were to actually compare the Texans numbers to the league's or even the successful teams, I'd venture to say, it's not all that different.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Written by: LM

According to sources, Fred Davis is leaving IN THE LOOP ..............(Developing). 

Rumor has it, Fred will be leaving the show. Not sure where he will land in the market but it must be something I am not seeing. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

DeShaun Watson's legs are no longer a threat

Written By: LM

In 2017, we seen a young man, loop and doop out of bad situation to make a play downfield or scramble.  We thought we were receiving that Deshaun Watson in 2018, but we were wrong.

Currently, teams do not respect Deshaun's scrambling ability. Initially I blamed Bill O'Brien for trying to force Deshaun to play a stoic game, but I really don't know anymore.  After many mental mistakes by Deshaun, I am beginning to think, Deshaun is the culprit.

I hear fans making excuses with the Offensive Line however the offensive line was just as crappy last year.

Deshaun's legs was the wild card that defenses had to account for, now it's little to no threat at all.

Lastly, Deshaun's pocket awareness is trash.  I am not sure if he's waiting for guys to get open or if he still thinks he's at Clemson playing Boston College in the ACC.

Although the Texans have won 7 in a row, this type of QB play is not sustainable with high octane offenses.

What made Deshaun a threat last year is not a threat this year to defenses. No one fears him breaking the pocket and making something happen. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lamont's Top 5 Shows

Written By: LM

Periodically, I like to let people know what local radio shows I am listening to.  There's no science to it, it's simply a range of what I must hear for the duration of the show, down to having a show on for noise.

1. The Blitz - Hands down, it's a show I must listen to in it's entirety daily.  The show is the antithesis of "formula radio".  They do what they want and if you don't like it, eff you.  Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman  has one of the best mixtures of sports to non-sports ratio locally.  As long as you don't call Fred a Cunt or make shit personal, you can disagree with them and the slate is clean the next day.  The only problems I have with the Blitz,  the ratings may have went to their head and they beat their chest a little harder.  One of the few negatives about their show are their political takes.  I believe AJ is slanted while Fred is less slanted but willing to consider all views.

2. Mad Radio - When I wake up, I find myself tuning in a lot to Mad Radio more than I'm willing to admit.  Mad Radio receives a solid good hour (6-7) before I start "spot" listening.  Mad Radio is 610 so they are deep formula radio, they will not deviate from old style radio.  I like Seth Payne and Paul Gallant but Mike Meltser is a different kind of cat. Mike has never said anything wrong to me but I still cannot get over him bringing up Gavin Spittle during the beef with Josh Innes.  Mad Radio is a fun and highly intellectual show but they are not as interactive as I would like; they much rather talk to each other.

3. The Bench -  Honestly, John Granato and Lance Zierlein can be two because I wake up in the am waiting for 7 AM.  John and Lance are very interactive.  What I have realized, you can appreciate their style once you realize John's persona.  John and lance are probably the best in covering College Football. They are so good in college football, I sort of hate them for it.  If John and LZ, does not provide the college you need, they have a College Sports Nerd as a producer who's equally versed on their level.  The Bench still has a tad of Secret Society Radio where they are talking to a select audience.  John and Lance go through intervals where I have no idea of what they are talking about.  I am not a fan of their Monologue/Introduction segment.  I understand being different from the market but some of the topics they lead with can be a buzz kill

4. Sean Salisbury Show -  I love Sean's "eff you, pay me" tenacity .  Sean is all energy and he merges his personal professional experiences to today's world of sports.  I like the way Sean has structured his show with a trailing question.  He leads off his show with a question of the day while he discuss the major issues.  At any given point of his show, he will receive feedback on his question.  There are a few times I have heard him put Michael Connor on Chill Mode and allowed the caller to state their point.  If you do not know, Michael Connor (Cohost) is quick to go into Fan Mode and start screaming.

5. In the Loop - I really like  In the Loop's energy.  They have lots of fun and John Lopez is more entertaining.  John Lopez is keeping up with the Young Bucks.  They are formula like Mad Radio but they seem to have much more fun and relax in their language.  In the Loop is the one show on 610 that will not shade their opinions on the Texans.   You are not going to hear them go in on the Texans one day, and apologizing the next.  They are interactive with callers and texts but ignore Twitter.  This show has potential to be special if they can put it all together, I just can't put my finger on it