Friday, February 23, 2018

Houston's Sports Talk Back Court Combination

Written By: Lamont

If you are new to sports talk radio or if you are a novice to organizational structure, I thought it would be pretty cool to present talk shows in a basketball format.

In the game of basketball, the Back Court consist of the Point and Shooting Guard.  They are commonly referred as the 1 (Point Guard) and 2 (Shooting Guard).

 You can use this same structure with most radio shows.


John Granato and Lance Zierlein:  John is clearly the point and Lance is the shooting guard.


Seth Payne and Mike Meltser:  Mike is the point and Seth is the shooting guard


Cody Stoots and John Lopez: Cody is the point and John is the shooting guard


Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman: Fred is the point and AJ is the shooting guard


ND Kalu and Greg Koch: ND is the point and Greg is the shooting guard


Barry Lamineck and Joel Blank: Joel is the point and Barry is the shooting guard.

Above are your clear cut shows were the 1 and 2 are easily identified.  However, it gets a tad more interesting with.


Sean Pendergast, Ted Johnson, Rich Lord:

First thing first, Ted is clearly the 2.   Rich appears to be the 2 in this structure but I've seen him in the past play 1 with Josh Innes.  Clearly, Sean is the 1.  As Rich seasoned over the years, it appears he's morphed into more of a 2 role but can easily maneuver back in the 1 role.


Raheel Ramzanalli and Del Olaleye:  This is probably one of the hardest ones to figure because both deliver as a 1 and a 2.  Let me explain in another way, as summer approach and media begin to take vacation, most shows will lose some pop losing their 1 (set up guy), this may be the only show where losing either guy wouldn't feel any different.


Adam Clanton, Jayson Braddock and Sean Jones:  this is a unique pairing because it's the only show with a defined 1 in Adam Clanton and two 2s in Jayson Braddock and Sean Jones.


Patrick Creighton and Nate Griffin:  They are very similar to Raheel and Del. Both guys are completely able to play 1 or the 2

Of course this is a fluff piece;  just me trying to give the fans a way if viewing shows.  In all honesty, when a new show come on line, I spend the first few weeks or months trying to establish the 1 and 2.

Something else you will notice about most of these pairing, they are Old and Young.  Old and Young may be subjective but most shows seem to have an age gap.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Houston Sports Talk Ratings for January

Written by: Lamont

Earlier today, Josh Innes tweeted the following

I didn't think much of it, big "whoop" so you beat MAD Radio.  It was sort of interesting given the events on Radio Row last month.  Then it got really interesting with Lance Zierlein quoted Josh with the following.

I do not believe it was a shot because Josh and Lance are boys are at least they are not on bad terms.  Just a few guys in a competitive time slot and competing head to head.

January Book 


Clarifying Josh's Tweet, he may very well have won his time slop out right because this is only capturing 7-9 and 9-11.

Mad Radio,  I really expected them to blast Josh Innes out of the roof.

No show in the Market captured a 3 share

If the Radio Row argument didn't blow up, how much lower would these ratings be

Lastly, Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman winning the month. What's interesting about this, 97.5 went through an extended stretch with no signal and they recaptured those fans.  In addition to, their signal is not all of that strong in some areas of Houston specifically the West Side of town.

It is what it is, Ratings only mean something to personalities when they are winning.  The minute they are losing or not in 1st, you will likely hear how it's a flawed system but it is fun to see them beat their for a month or so.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Why are there more former NFL Players in Local Sports Radio than MLB AND NBA?

Written By: Lamont

Living in Houston and being a Sports Talk Radio slut, I've always wondered why they are there more NFL players in local sports talk radio than any other sport.

Locally, the first professional players I recall in reoccurring roles were ND Kalu then Greg Koch and the rest is history.

I have always wondered why are there more NFL Players in local radio than MLB and NBA players.  I took to Twitter and received a some interesting answers.

Some feel that NFL Players are more popular than MLB and NFL players.  I am not sure I totally buy that because the NFL players I hear in local sports radio all over the country are not exactly household names.  The NFL players I hear on radio are lower to mid level players.

Another response I received, Football is King in Texas.  Although I'm in Houston, the topic was not about Houston specifically.  Albeit, I am not sure "football is King in Texas" refers to the Cowboys and Texans.   Texans nor the Cowboys has had sustainable playoff success and I believe most non Texans who reference football being "king" are talking about "Friday Night Lights" High School Ball.

I appreciated the feedback but I have my own thoughts.  I believe we see more NFL Players in Local Radio because they do not get paid as much as MLB and NBA Players.  A mid level NBA or MLB can get a contract that could set them up for life without work post playing career.  I am not saying NFL players are poor or ignorant with their finances but it feels like they have to work post career.  Again, I am not talking about marquee players.

On a local level, I believe Sports Radio 610 and Sports Talk 790 feel they have to have professional athletes for bragging rights.  There was a time, I felt it was the best approach but I have come realize, just because they are professionals, does not mean they know other sports or hell even other positions in their game.  I have heard some shit that was totally wrong within their profession.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hip Hop has officially Joined Rock and R&B, thanks Mumble Rap

Hip Hop is my favorite music genre.  Although Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five’s The Message was the Hot Song in the early 80s, my Hip Hop begins with Run DMC’s King Of Rock.
Hip Hop as I knew it, is no more.  Mumble Rap has taken over the genre.  There are still some elements of regular Hip Hop but Mumble Rap is what’s hot now. 

Mumble Rap sounds like a studio album mastered at a concert, the sound is distorted to me.  If you are a fan of HIP HOP, you know there are differently elements of Hip Hop.   Style and Fashion is not one of the main tenants but over the years, it’s been incorporated.   These cats wearing tight ass clothes, is not the business, this is Hip Hop not a promo for Yeast Infections.

Rock and R&B

After Rock enjoyed the likes of Little Richard, Elvis, Beetles, Led Zeppelin and many more, we were hit with Glam Rock.  Rock and Roll purist hate Glam Rock.  Glam is pretty much the Late 70s and 80s Big Hair Bands.  Some Rock fans even dislike Grunge.  I’ve heard Rock fans say Grunge killed the guitarists.

In R&B, we enjoyed the sounds of Motown, Delfonics, Manhattans, OJays just to name a few. R&B borned a mutation of music called DISCO.   Disco was so bad to R&B and Rock, there were actual events calling for the destruction of Disco albums.


In an odd twist, I’ve seen cases made, HIP HOP is a derivative of Disco.  Nevertheless, Hip Hop has finally arrived to a place where a sound that’s dominating it’s genre is hated by Old Heads. 
I hear so many people express their disdain with this new mumble rap and I agree, I hate this shit.   We are experiencing almost a 6-year run of this version of Hip Hop but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


In both cases of Rock and R&B being invaded by mutations of their genre, they eventually reclaimed it.  After rock was hit with Glam, they bounced back with bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns and Roses, to name a few.   R&B bounced back with a slew of Boy Bands and male and female solo artists.  In the end, I believe Hip Hop will come back to form as more and more people express their hatred for this new sound.

Of course, there will be some who will to throw out the tired lazy take, “you are old and your parents didn’t like what you were listening too back then”.  I hear this take so often but they fail to say, my parents didn’t listen to rap, they were listening to a whole different genre so yes, I would expect my parents to say Hip Hop sucks.  Hip Hop has a specific formula and this current sound, is breaking the rules