Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Some local media wants Brian Gaine to be more …..”open”

Written By: Lamont

I have long said, Houston Local media main problem with Rick Smith was accessibility.  It had little to do with his actual job.

This morning during Mad Radio and In The Loop’s crosstalk, Mike Meltser emphasized how he want Brian Gaine to be more open to the media and public.  It was not just his words but the way he said it.  He was talking as if the shit really bugged him.  The following segment John Lopez followed it up by basically saying the same thing.  Lopez went on to add, he hope he’s more open to the public and Rick’s knock was that he was not open.

In this good ole boy town aka Hazard County, you gotta play to play.  It’s my belief, the local media will give you a break if you are assessible or cordial.  We have seen this in Daryl Morey and Jeff Luhnow.   There are even situations where you can be an asshole like Bill O’Brien to them and they will give you a pass as long as you talk to them.

It’s only natural to want players, coaches and front office to be transparent and assessible, I would love that but if they are not, I am not going to pout like a girl.
On a smaller scale, we seen it when John McClain snitched on Arian Foster to the NFL for not talking to him.

If you get on the media’s bad side, they will shape your image to the gullible public which I call the herd.  And the same goes if they like you, they will build you up as a god.

As I’ve stated before, no matter what, it will be in Brian Gaine’s best interest 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lance Zierlein, John Granato and Raheel Ramzanalli disagree on James Harden

Written by: Lamont

Disagreement may be misleading because ultimately John Granato, Lance Zierlein and Raheel Ramzanali actually agreed.

John was trying to explain to Lance, he does not like James Harden style.  In addition to, John does not like James "off the court" persona.  It's hard for John to root for James and he fees James is an unlikable guy.

Lance disagreed on merging Jame's personal life with the player.  All of the things John disliked about James, Lance did also but he was debating his ability to parse personal vs play.

Raheel served as a referee but it did appear, he sided with Lance.

Personally, I do not like shit about James Harden.  I understand he's a great efficient player but his disappearing act in the playoffs repeatedly is unforgivable. 

I hate how this city was more jacked about an MVP December of the 2016 season than actual hardware.  I am with John, I do not believe the Rockets will ever win a Championship with James Harden and it's not because of the Warriors or Cavaliers but a player who folds in big moments.

In other news, today marked the first on-air disagreement between John and Lance since the reunification.

Listen Below

Check this out on Chirbit

Lance, John, and Raheel on James Harden

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Houston weekend radio sucks ass

Written by: Lamont

There was a time in Houston, Weekend Radio was just as strong as week days.  Literally from 11-7 pm, I could listen to local sports as I completed chores.

Weekend radio was more laid back and chill.  Topics could go all over the board.  The hosts were not the stations franchise talents but they were ok for the weekends.  Weekend radio also served well in this new era of teams dropping news late Friday or Saturday.  Weekend guys could elaborate on it versus waiting to hear people talk about Friday news on a Monday.

Currently, Weekend Radio is ass stank.  My choices are Home, Gambling, Car Shows or freaking Wrestling.   Sadly, I actually have listened to Booker T's wrestling show and thought "kill me".

What broke the camel's back is when Gow Media, pulled Game Day.  Game Day was the last of the recurring weekend shows I enjoyed.  Now, I'm forced to listen podcasts of shows I missed throughout the week.

I know weekend radio is equated to a sunken cost but it provided utility for me no matter how much I bitched at times.  I miss when there was something to listen to on weekends.  Well, back to listening to how Hacksaw Jim Dugan fought Brutas the Barber Beefcake.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Josh Innes, stop lying on Seth Payne

Written by: Lamont

I've been sitting on this because I was waiting on Seth Payne to publicly provide clarification.  After Josh Innes assumed the morning, he's taking shots at MAD Radio (Seth Payne and Mike Meltser).  Initially Josh framed it as competition and he is still friends with the guys. The straw that broke the camel's back is when Josh called MAD radio.

Apparently, lawyers got involved and Josh had to remove the podcast with the call.  Later, Josh said he was no longer friends with them if they were going act like that.

I am not sure if 610 has a gag order or they just do not want to acknowledge Josh verbally but Seth Payne is saying a few things.  Several times Seth has mentioned hosts saying how they are your friends and at the same ripping you and telling lies on you.

Last week after John Granato went at Josh on Twitter, Seth chimed in and alluded to Josh lying on them.

I am not sure what Josh lied about specifically.  If I had to guess, it may be the phone call and accusing Seth and Mike getting the big wigs involved.

I am looking forward to Seth elaborating in detail.  Whatever Josh said about Seth and Mike, Seth clearly has a problem with it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Josh Innes fires back at John Granato "Cowardly"

Written by: Lamont

Monday morning, Josh Innes addressed John Granato's article.   After Josh tweeted the following,

John Granato, wrote an article.  Josh requested for John to at least have the balls to say his name if he's going to write an whole article based on his tweet.  Josh also called John Grant non relevant.  He poked fun at John's sponsor spots.  There was more.

Check this out on Chirbit

Check this out on Chirbit

Josh said that John, wrote a whole article about him, that's incorrect.  John's article was more than Josh's Tweet.  He did use a portion of his article on Josh's tweet but hell he also addressed my tweet.  John's article was about being able to critique Rick Smith during this time period without being nasty.

Josh had a point about John referencing him without saying his name.  I didn't even catch it when I read John's article but I hate shit like that.   It's not 1997, everyone knows who everyone is in this social media era. Why act as if a person does not exist and then reference them.  When it's done on radio and in print, it comes off as week.  HMW use to key in on shows who did stuff like that.  I enjoyed the article but I wish John would have mentioned who he was talking about.

I knew Josh would reply to John but I wondered how Lance Zierlein would be handled.  Josh and Lance from everything I've seen are cool.  Lance is currently the competition.  Josh directed all of his takes directly and John Granato and called him out by name.  Later in the segment, Josh said, he don't have a problem with Lance.

John and Lance is on at the same time as Josh and Josh seems to know a lot about the Bench.  It's not really a bad look since he admitted he listens but it's still strange AF when I hear personalities admit listening to their competition.  Newsflash, THEY ALL LISTEN TO THEIR COMPETITION no matter how much they try to say they don't