Sunday, January 20, 2019

Why did Jong leave ESPN 97.5

Written by: LM

As we all know, The Producer for the Blitz (Jong) is no longer an employee for ESPN 97.5.
According to a source, "there's going to be changes at the stations and Jong did not agree with them"  therefore he resigned...

I am sure this will be discussed in detail however I am now more interested in the "change".  

Monday, December 31, 2018

Local Radio Stories of The Year

Written By: LM

It has been an interesting year for local radio programming.  I wanted to look back at some major events in 2018. 

In addition to radio, I am including a few wildcards.

Josh Innes vs Seth Payne - Super Bowl Radio Row Fight

It was long over due and most knew it would eventually happen.  Josh had been taking shots of MAD Radio for a while and when Seth had his chance to confront Josh publicly, he pounced.  The fight made national news and cause a tidal wave on the local landscape. 

From that event

- Mad Radio never won a book again
- Josh and Jayson Braddock nearly fought
- Mike Meltser invoked a person's name (Gavin Spittle) who was not involved in the beef

Super Bowl Fight

Mike Meltser On-Air collapse

Houston Astros newly acquired closer Roberto Osuna sent the City of Houston into a tailspin.  Upon learning the Astros acquired Osuna, the City of Houston were at odds but it came to head On MAD Radio when Seth Payne and Mike Meltser were discussing. They disagreed and Mike went on a tirade of Unbearables in the High Pitch Voice Mode.

It made National News and what's odd, many did not discuss what they were at odds about.  Of course Sports Radio used and continues to use the on-air skirmish but if you listen closely, Mike expresses that this was not a one time occurrence with Seth and it's hard working with him.

Mike Meltser's Unbearable Breakdown

Patrick Starr's Absence

Earlier in the year, Pat (State of the Texans) went Missing In Action.  For a couple of weeks, Twitter was worried about Pat because we never seen Pat go missing as we approached the off-season.  Later we learned, Pat was involved a tragic accident.  I don't want to go into specifics but the outpouring of love Pat received via charity and donations, made me feel good.

Not only did Patrick's fans show him love but a lot in the Media and the Texans Organization.

He was missed big time and we are happy to have him back.

The Blitz Ratings Run

Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman went on a ratings run out of no where.  It's little I can add because I talked about it for a solid year.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Ryan McCredden out as Sports Radio 610 Program Director

Written by: LM

According to multiple sources, Sports Radio 610's Ryan McCredden will no longer be Program Director.  Developing............

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

There is No Texans Buzz is just another Media BS Narrative

Written By: LM

One of these days, fans will understand, the media is full of shit.  Someone from the local local media will hear a take made by someone else in the media, they will repeat it, other members of the media hears it and they repeat it. Eventually, it filters down to the fans. The fans are key, once it get to the fans, all logic and rationale is gone and that narrative becomes the gospel.

About two weeks ago before the Texans fell to the Colts, Texans Beat Writer John McClain was pushing Bill O'Brien to be considered for Coach of the Year.  A few local shows tried to push it, but it didn't stick.

No Excitement for the Texans

Well, the latest narrative is, there is no excitement for the Texans.  I am not sure where it came from but just about every show in Houston is running with it.  Complete honesty, the origins of where these narratives originate are more interesting than the narrative itself.

My theories:

After the Texans play, Sports Radio 610 is the main station running post game programming.   Everyone is listening to them.  Something is said on the post game show, competitors grab an interesting take, remix it and regurgitate it to their audience.

Press-box chatter.  All of these guys from different stations and publications are in the press-box together.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not hate each other,  they mingle.

It's all Bullshit

I believe what's really happening in Houston, outside of 2011 maybe 2012, Texans never had any real expectations of post-season success.   Not many in Houston believed in Hoyer and Oisweler's chances in the playoffs.  Media members are gauging the market by calls and social media based upon 2011 when 2011 was the first damn year the Texans even made it to the playoffs. Of course we were more visibly jacked in 2011.

I see people at my job draped in Texan's and Astro's gear every casual Friday, I see Texans Flags and Decals on cars in my area, and I see Texans flags draped outside of people homes.

Of course, I had to conduct a complete unscientific twitter poll

Here is the trick, if Houston Fans were going OVER THE TOP excited about the Texans, what do you think the media narrative would be?  Texans fans are unrealistic if they think this this team is for real. It's all BS!