Saturday, June 16, 2018

Josh Innes pokes at ESPN 97.5 's On Air Scheduling

Written By:  Lamont

Friday, Josh Innes went on rant about their disgusting work environment.   Apparently, his coworker are leaving spit dip ups behind with spit juice.

During his segment long rant, he alluded to leaving 790 for ESPN 97.5 (jokingly).  He used this part of the rant to poke fun of ESPN's unorthodox On-Air Time Slots.

It was funny because ESPN's slotting is different than most are accustomed to but hell they are winning in ratings nearly across the board so they must be doing something right.

The audio below

Josh Innes on ESPN 97.5

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Caller wants to kick AJ Hoffman's Ass!

Written By: Lamont

Usual Suspect's fan White Magic, called the Blitz to get some steam off his chest with AJ Hoffman.  During the phone call, White Magic challenged AJ to a fight at Nick's place tomorrow.

The audio is below.

AJ vs White Magic

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

May Ratings Book by show

The Blitz (Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman) continues their winning streak.  They are not only winning these days but they are establishing a nice cushion.  From the looks of it, their only competition may come from shows on their team.

I was playing with them Fred and AJ yesterday in linking their ratings increase with the lack of Las Vegas trips.  Fred and AJ's second home is Vegas, they have not been since August and boom ratings.

Below is a chart compiled by show times.

A quick observation, most of the market is cellar dwelling below a 2.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Josh Innes flames Sports Radio 610's Program Director

Written by:  Lamont

This morning, Josh Innes revealed a comment from Sports Radio 610's Program Director.  Apparently, Ryan McCredden replied to a listener who didn't like 610's new line up.

I agree with Josh's assessment of Ryan McCredden.

Below is the audio

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Josh Innes blast Ryan McCredden

What I found interesting about this segment, clearly 610 and 790 are acknowledging the ratings across the board is crap but ESPN 97.5 are dancing rainbows for winning.

In other words, if you are winning ratings in this market, are you even winning? Winning with 3s and 2s is like the corn kernel on the turd. 

The market is depressed and celebrating winning books in this town is laughable.

What's up in local radio, what's hot in Houston!

Written by: Lamont

Periodically, I like to give a run down on the market as a whole.  Local sports radio is trending upwards.  For a while, radio has been bleak but it looks like things are getting better, in June of all months.

John Granato and Lance Zierlein w/ Del

Out of the gate, The Bench is the best sports show in Houston.  The water has met it's level and John and Lance have found their chemistry again.  It's a fun show.. Lance is still a Ball Hog, John still pimps the Dallas "hate" and Del is Florence from the Jeffersons.  The chemistry is off the charts, they have their disagreements in addition to doing their fanboy shit, I like it. What I like most about the show are the Del arguments between he and John.  Lance is Weezy, John is George and Del is Florence; they could literally brand this show The Jeffersons.

When there is relevant football or basketball to hit, you have Lance, with baseball you have Granato and with college you have Del and Lance.

Seth Payne, Mike Meltser and Paul Gallant

It has only been a week, but I am feeling this new version of Mad.   I like Paul and I am happy he got his shot.  The chemistry is not quite there as it feels like Paul is trying to to find his way into the conversation.  In other words, at times while I'm riding to work, I forget he's a part of the show because there are extended periods without hearing him. I fully expect the timing issues to be worked out but I like what I'm hearing.

Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman 

They are kicking ass in  the ratings.  It's the only "must listen" to show for me in the city.   I listen from start to finish for 3 hours and they hit a lot of topics and are not shy about leaving sports.  Hell, I think they purposely go away from sports.  For as much as their liberalism bleeds through the airwaves, I love listening to them.


Josh Innes Show

Although I like Josh Innes and Jim Mudd, the show is too SocioPolitical.   It's the sports version of Michael Berry and it's painfully obvious that they are pandering to the Right Wingers although they go out of that way to say they are not.  Jim Mudd has been reduced to a laugh track.  I do not believe Jilly brings anything to the show at all.  It's a Fan Show.   If something happens in town that everyone are afraid to say, I will listen to Josh because I know he will say it.

Fred Davis, Landry Locker and John Lopez

I have been listening to In the Loop, as stated in an article, ITL has a pulse again.  Surprisingly,  Lopez's giggles has been reduced.  They need to interact with social media instead of lip lusting with each other for 4 hours. 

Patrick Creighton

I like Patrick because he's mad opinionated and a bleeding liberal.  I love to mix it up with him on his overly passionate views on social issues and he's damn good with baseball.  His takes are not without references, if you come at him, he's locked and loaded w/ back up.