Saturday, August 25, 2018

Patrick Creighton the Night's Watch

Written by: LM

If you think local programming ends at 7p, you better ask somebody.  Patrick Creighton (Late Hits) is the Night's Watch from Game of Thrones.  Patrick is embracing his new assignment and make no bones about it.

Currently, neither Sports Radio 610 or Sports Talk 790 have consistent live local programming.  As a listener, I am not conditioned to listen to re-aired shows.  On the radio, it has to be Live and consistent, I'm a creature by habit.  I can only listen to re-aired shows if it's a podcast.

Patrick understands the unique position he's in and brands his show as the only consistent live show during his time slot.

Outside of Patrick being the only consistent night show, the show is decent.  I like it.  He plays the hits but will go with whatever topic you bring if he's interested.  At a time when the baseball is relevant in Houston again, he's like a damn encyclopedia for all of those delicious MLB acronyms.

Me: Pat, what's this OBGYN stat

Patrick:  Lamont that's On Base Game Yearly No Nos

In other words, the dude can talk some baseball.  I believe its because he's originally from a pure baseball town (NYC) where baseball is damn near if not bigger than football.

One of the only things I can see being a problem for Patrick, politically and socially he leans left.  He's in the State of Texas.  I think he has the chance to do what Nick Wright refused.  If push your political agenda, beliefs you cannot simply tell the State of Texas "my word is final".  I like Patrick because although we may disagree, we engage and go back and forth.  I believe if you are going to incorporate social and political issues in sports which is nearly impossible these days, you best damn sure be ready to hear feedback

The Blitz is doing what some have forgotten

Written by: LM

For the seventh consecutive book, AJ Hoffman and Fred Faour ( The Blitz) has won.  I asked myself, "what are they doing different".  I flirted with Sports Map.  It appeared the Blitz numbers began to take off during the time Sports Map came online.  Then I began to wonder if it was the new line up.  I quickly dismissed the new line up because it didn't effect their show outside of having a local lead-in show with Usual Suspects.

Over the last few months, it hit me.  The Blitz are doing Sports Talk radio.  They are actually incorporating the audience (good or bad).  Over the last few years, a several shows have negated one of the most important of talk radio, the audience.

Just about anyway you can interact with the Blitz, they utilize the platform.  AJ is mainly Twitter, whereas Fred is Twitter, Web Cam, Text, DM, and Phones.  Over the past two years or so, they've went away from Facebook as a show tool.

It would only make sense if you are in the business of entertaining an audience in Talk format to interact with them.  That said, several shows in Houston have went away from that model.  Some hosts rather talk to each other for extended periods of time.

The Blitz is not the only interactive show.  Shows like

  • Usual Suspects - Phones, Twitter
  • In The Loop - Phones
  • Late Hits - Phones, Twitter
  • Josh Innes Show - Phones, Burner
  • Sean Salisbury - Phones  

and a few more are all interactive but the Blitz is currently the most interactive.

The irony, if you were to listen to their show, Fred and AJ  are the last two humans on earth you would expect to be sociable with randoms.  They are grouchy AF but somehow they pull it off.  Fred has low expectations for mankind and AJ don't want you look his direction.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Patrick Creighton: 610 does not want the Astros or Rockets to win because it hurts their ratings

Written by: LM

Patrick Creighton is a former Sports Radio 610 personality.  He's from Brooklyn New York and known for being loud.  His niche is baseball and he can discuss it among the best.  Currently, you can catch Patrick on ESPN 97.5 at 7pm Late Hits.

Friday evening, Patrick laid into 610 Programming.  He was not going after the individual personalities but management.  Upon the news of Texans and Sports Radio 610 new 10 year contract, Patrick pulled the curtain back on how programming decisions are made.

It's pretty much as expected, 610's talent is instructed to focus on the Texans at all times of the year.  It's only interesting to hear a former employee confirm it.  I think the biggest shocker is when Patrick said, they do not want the Astros or Rockets to do well because it will hurt them in the ratings. Straight KO.

If Patrick had done this before the Super Bowl, I would have called it petty however a jab was lobbed at Patrick during Josh Innes and Seth Payne's Super Bowl snafu.  Landry Locker (Mad Radio's Producer) called Josh a poor man's Patrick Creighton.  I am from the school of thought, once you bring my name up, you have my attention

Below is the audio

Lance Zierlein Interviews Last Chance U's Jason Brown

Typically, I hate interviews but I was jacked to hear this interview because I love Last Chance U.  I believe Lance and Raheel were fair and asked some good questions.  

During the interview, Jason revealed he didn't watch the full series. It was at this point, Lance's direction change which I thought was cool.   It does not matter if Lance believed him or not, it was a guest and he had to be taken at his word.

Jason a "fuck it or leave it" type of guy.  

Below is the audio