Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Adam Clanton is a Rockets fraud?

Written by: Lamont

The Rockets are balling out of control.  They have won 50+ games in the month of March.  With a team like this, it's easy for fans to jump on the bandwagon. Hell, my foot is in the front door but not fully in but it's easy to love this team.

Over the last few months, I have heard people call 790's Bottom Line host Adam Clanton a fraud.  They call him a fraud because he was critical of the team before he became an employee of the Houston Rockets.  

Are you f&*^cking kidding me?  I've had my differences with Clanton and as easy as it is for me to hop on this foolishness, I will not because I  know the guy loves the Rockets.  Before Adam was a part of the Rockets, he was a Rocket guy.  Frankly, I use to think he was stupid for defending him.  I think it's weak sauce to go pull a fan's tweets or takes from years ago to prove they are not a fan.  I t would be different if Adam was not a fan but that dude bleeds Rocket Reds.

I have witnessed tons of media members in this town who joined a local professional team and changed their tune.  Breaking News, people are not going to crush their employer unless they are stupid.

Two names come to mind  who were not diehard fans and suddenly became fanboys.  Rich Lord and John Harris.  Rich flat out didn't care for the Texans at all but the minute he got the sideline gig, he was on his knees.  John was very objective but I never sensed he was ride or die for the Texans before he replaced Rich.  

Adam is an obnoxious Rockets fan who happens to get upset like 6 million of us when our team do dumb shit.

All of you can MISS ME with all of the chatter, I am not cosigning stupid.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Patrick Starr will be missed in Texans Free Agency

Written by: Lamont

Patrick Starr from The State of The Texans is temporarily out of commission. Get well Pat.  That said, I was having a conversation on Twitter with my man Pinche Daddy about the Texans and Free Agency.  Pinche tweeted the following

Our exchange caused a lengthy conversation between a few others. That's when it hit me, Patrick is going to be missed during Free agency and I hope like hell not the Draft and OTAs.

Patrick became my Texans Google.  Shit I could easily Google for myself, I would ask Pat.  In most cases, Pat's responses were quicker and more accurate than Google.  That said, Pat's niche quickly became the Texans Fact Checker.

Commonly on Twitter, misinformation is thrown around.  Upon identifying misinformation, Pat would correct you on the spot.  Hell there are plenty of times he corrected me.

The difference between Pat and most other local media members, he along with Jayson Braddock, will acknowledge fans and answer their questions.  I never really got the feeling that they thought they were about the peasants to answer routine question.

Currently, we are approaching Free Agency and a ton of misinformation will be lobbed around and there will be a void setting the record straight.

Get well Pat.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Kings of Sports Racebaiting

Written By: Lamont

According to Urban Dictionary, a racebaiter is one who seeks to divide and/or inflame a racial group against others, often for personal aggrandizement or for political advantage. The example they provided was Al Sharpton.

Although their definition is correct, it can be expanded.  Unlike traditional racebaiters who needed race for their livelihood, today’s racebaiters incorporate race pimping in their arsenal of tools.  In other words, if racism did not exist, people like Al Sharpton wouldn’t have a platform at all.  I highly doubt anyone would know him outside of New York.   Today’s race pimps could still thrive because they have talent.  Current racebaiters see racism as a resume enhancer.  They do not want to solve anything, they only want the attention and money via clicks and views.

A few of the modern racebaiters have discovered a niche in racism.  Pimp race from the opposite side.  If you are black, crush blacks and uplift whites.  If you are white, crush whites, and uplift blacks.

In a competitive industry like sports media, its no longer safe to solely rely on sports acumen, therefore these five race pimps have incorporated race into their schtick.


Nick Wright

Upon Nick's entry into Houston, I gave him a chance but I quickly noticed, the majority of his content was centered around race.  Nick is a white man from Kansas City.  In his eyes, whites can do no right and blacks are innocent victims.  He is quick to notate how awful other white ran establishments are but when questioned about his companies, he’s hush mouth.  He think he’s black.

Jason Whitlock

I blame Jason for Nick Wright.  Jason Is a black man also from Kansas City who argues in favor of whites and blacks are lame to him.  Jason is much older than Nick and I can only believe, Nick grew up on Jason and peeped how he pimped racism from an opposite angle.  Jason is viewed in the black community as a sellout because most of the garbage he spews is crushing blacks.  A lot of white people like Jason because he appears to have their backs in a climate that's not to popular to be a white man in racial discussions.

Shaun King

I am not sure if Shaun King is a sports personality but since the rise of Collin Kaepernick’s protest, he’s inserted himself in the sports arena.  Not only am sure if he’s a sports personality, I am not even sure what this cat’s race is.  He looks like a white boy who pulled a Rachel Dolezal but nevertheless he’s the worst.  Shaun will make a race issue out of a black and white jellybean.  He commonly hammers white people and point out how white people mistreat blacks.

Shannon Sharpe

I just see this moron on Twitter trying to make some of the most meaningless shit racial.  He is way out of his league when it comes to social policy but he tries.  It’s hard for me to take Shannon serious because I read his tweets with a lisp.  Shannon has a lisp and his delivery makes me laugh.  All jokes aside, Shannon is partnered with Skip Bayless (noted troll) and Shannon feels he has to be equally obnoxious as Skip therefor he’s transformed himself into a Race Pimp.

Josh Innes

You cannot listen to Josh Innes Show without hearing something about race.  It’s racial on his show daily and I am not the only one who notices.  I believe he seen how his former coworker pimped it and decided to give it a try.  Josh is a white guy and commonly attacks race from a white defense point of view.  He feels that whites are commonly targeted.  Josh is nothing more that the sports version of Michael Berry. 

Its all fraud, neither of the five guys care about racism, they just want buzz.   Granted, a few of these guys were racebaiting long before Donald Trump was elected but since he’s been elected, they have kicked in to hyper mode.   Donald Trump campaigned on policies aimed at Muslims and Illegal Immigrants so it was easy to label him a racist.  In other words, Trump’s Presidency is optimal for personalities to hug race topics from all angles.

I am not saying all of their takes are wrong but when you constantly hear it, their shit comes off ass annoying.  These types don’t want an end to racism, they are feasting off it.  I have the ability to read through bullshit and they are some of the worse who only add flames to fire.  Shit, I find myself disliking race pimps damn near as much as racists.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Josh Innes slams the Media for character assasinating Texans Owner Bob McNair

Written By: Lamont

Today was one of Josh Inne's finest takes.  Bob McNair is back in the news over the racist stuff.  I don't really want to focus on the racism issue because I feel Jerome Solomon just trolled Houston. 

However, I would like to focus on the Media tearing down people.  Josh said everything and more that I think about the current media climate.

Josh made it known that he liked Jerome but he disagreed with the article.  Josh was really angry how other news outlets picked up Jerome's column and totally fabricated it.

Check this out on Chirbit

Josh Innes obliterates the Media for trashing Bob McNair

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bill O'Brien donated a significant amount of money to Patrick Starr's Father

By Lamont:

This is a sensitive topic for me.  I consider Patrick Starr a friend and I don't want to speak out of turn.  A few week's ago, Patrick's fiance Clair notified me that Patrick's was in a bad car accident.  His father Emilio Colon passed away.

A Go Fund Me account was setup for Emilio.  There was a huge outpouring of support.  Initially the goal was $3,000, but currently they are at over $9,000 with the help of no other than Bill O'Brien.  Bill O'Brien made a significant contribution of $1,000.

Everyone's contribution counts but O'Brien's contribution made me remove the football fan shades and realize he's a human.  Big Ups Bill and Get well Patrick.