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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date: Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'll start this article by making a comment you rarely hear when referencing an interview with a hip hop artist, but I took great pleasure on the morning of Wednesday, March 31st, in listening to Madd Hatta and his KBXX 97.9 The Box, Madd Hatta Morning Show crew, interview hip hop's newest rage, Waka Flocka Flame aka Juaquin Malphurs.

Waka Flocka Flame, who shot up the charts (no pun intended) with his smoking club & street savvy single "O Let's Do It" released December 9, 2009, on the "So Icey Ent./Mizay Ent. label (Tha Brick Squad) and produced by L-Don Beatz. The single gets the two-thumbs up from the hip hop "slut" as I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard it. Ok..I was in the parking lot of the H.E.B. at Braeswood & Chimney Rock, about to get out my truck when I heard the single come across the airways. I closed the door and listened before getting out of my wip to overpay for chicken wings!

On Wednesday, the 24 year old Jamaica, NY born rapper was in Houston for the first time and was a very entertaining listen during morning drive. Waka Flocka Flame spoke of the So Icey Ent., record label that was founded by the Big Dogg aka Gucci Mane and his mother Debra Antney, who manages both Gucci Mane & Flocka; as confirmed by Flocka during his interview on Hatta's morning show Wednesday. Flocka said he's comfortable with his mother as his manager mainly due to the trust factor of not having to concern himself with rather or not he's getting broke off properly with his money. Money was the overwhelming theme of Flocka's interview, as he made it clear on numerous occasions during the interview, as "super sister" Nnete of the Madd Hatta Morning Show, noted asking Flocka "if there was anything else you loved other than money"? Of course Waka stuck with the C.R.E.A.M. theory of "Money Rules Everything Round Me".

Definitely, if you're growing weary of all the "Young Money/Drake" (pretty boy hip hop) media coverage and you're more of a "gutta" or "undaground" hip hop fan, well then Waka Flocka Flame is your man; no doubt about it. With so many supposed hip hop cuttz sounding more like R&B music than real hip hop, Waka is gutta with his delivery. Waka's use of street lingo in his music is grass-roots & true to the game.

Waka Flocka Flame is believable as an artist. When I say "believable" I'm referring to the realness of his on-air persona. No facial teardrop tattoos needed to qualify Flocka's street cred or relevance; all you have to do is peep his lyrical terminology coupled with listening to his detail perspective on the music industry and life in general. In an era of hip hop where "wannabes" constantly persist to exist in a realm of self glorification and branding of their own personal relevance to hip hop as, The King, The G.O.A.T., etc.,...Waka Flocka was the proverbial "breath of fresh air". I'm mean it was so, so gratifying to hear a rising star proclaim his disinterest in being labeled as a star or the GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME (by the way, Scarface for my taste & 2 Pac is Waka's, if you were wondering).

For me the most lasting comments from Waka were two comments he made.
One comment was Waka's reply when asked about his plan after rap. Waka was business savvy enough to acknowledge he has big plans to rule the game, but wisely stop short of sharing details. Waka pointed out that he wasn't about to divulge his future business plans to have someone already with deep pockets, run with his idea.

The second comment that benchmarked Waka's interview in my mind was when Hatta said to him that he (Waka) sounded like he was trying to concur something. Waka replied, "I'm trying to concur myself". Wow! For me that hit home cause I'm a hip hop junkie with over 10 years experience of industry knowledge having worked with numerous platinum selling artists. The demons of the industry challenge you not to lose your control of your soul, your dignity, and your spiritual existence. I've been there and done that; no doubt about it, and I know the young brother is tackling some heavy demons.

Waka Flocka Flame had no problem dispelling the theory many inspiring rap artists have in their belief that, any press is good press, alluding to his January 19th shooting incident in Atlanta when Waka was shot in the arm struggling with a robber at a car wash. Waka jokingly remarked that hip hop was "the life" getting the money, the girls, and getting shot.

Clearly Waka Flocka Flame is likely a force to be reckoned with-with his made for TV tall frame, dreads, and animated gestures in videos. Add to that, Waka's not overactimg in videos showing a willingness to actually exhibit a smiling face up against raw street lyrics. The late 2 Pac was known to show upbeat emotions in videos that were videos with serious themes. That worked out pretty well for 2 Pac Shakur's career.

OK Waka brah, all we need from you is to as Drake says in his new single, "I'm Doin Me". Do you brah and save us the disappointment of hearing you were fatally wounded or you'll be going away for a Fed bid. Try not to commit sexual assault or getting into beef with Gucci a year from now. In other words Flocka my man, be an original cause rappers falling off is as tired as the same wips & the same dancers in every rap video.


• Waka was born July/1986 and is a Gemini & likes to drive really, really fast.

• Waka thinks of himself as a "Mental Monster" meaning he has a game plan.

• Waka loves reading books and is currently reading "Emotional Intelligence".

• Waka believes that hip hop music does effect young fans minds, but only those with "weak" minds.

• Waka says Diddy & Rick Ross were both more than willing to get on the remix when Big Dogg Gucci contacted them.

• Waka's definition of "haters" is "free promotions". Lol..I love it!!

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Jack Ruby da Prophet said...

I personally dont really like him...but of course i dont like many new rappers out...but i do like how at least he is business minded and that is good to see not only from a rapper but any African American young male. But i will admit even though he may not have deep lyrical content he does kno how to make a lets dooo it... lmao

HMW said...

This is Lamont and personally all of these new rappers are hooks and showing chest hair. I like straight flowing, I am not a female I don't need a hook to get me hype and this is not the stance of HMW just me. Give me some straight FIYAHHHHH

Sha said...

Good read Lesbo. Not a big fan of many of todays rappers but I can say that this cat has his head in the right direction. he knows what he's in it for. I respect the fact that he and soldier boy both state nthat they dont claim to be the best emcee. That takes the only feul that these bitter rappers have. Im an emcee to the core but most of these cats are mad cuz they aint selling records and these young less lyrically skilled dudes are. All I want from the game is balance. All partying and BS is overkill. All preaching is boring. On the occasion that I go to clubs, these songs like Waka and Gucci's hit hard. Thats what they were made for. Kats like me just have to find my way. Check out David Sha. Drop me a line. Pecae