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Written by: Astro Mike Ganis aka Mike In DA

Date Posted: 5/27/2010

Two of Richard Justice’s most recent Houston Chronicle columns (“Releasing Matsui Should Only Be Start of Exodus” - May 21 - and “McLane Finally Accepts Good Old Days Are Over” – May 22 - brought some more comments from the Peanut Gallery.

As in the past, names have been withheld to protect the innocent: 

“I may be wrong, but I don't believe this is the first time that Mr Justice has written that McLane finally ‘gets it.’”

“I knew Justice would get around to flip-flopping big time on this team, but I didn't think it would happen this quickly. Three weeks ago he wrote a piece all-but begging Houstonians to pack the stadium to show their support for their up-and-coming team. Not even two weeks ago, he wrote a piece in which he basically said, ‘Houston, despite all evidence to the contrary, the Astros are a good team.’ He said, ‘I don't care what their record is--this is a good team!’ He chastised his readers for being "negative" when they failed to follow his oh so optimistic lead. But now, here we are just a few weeks later watching Richard reverse himself. Now it's time to "blow up the team".  Oh, and he also seems to be dumping on the prospects in the minors. For two years now, he's been telling us that help was coming in the way of some quality minor leaguers. Now, though, apparently Richard sees only two players of worth coming up to help the big league team. Well, way to backtrack, Richie! Nicely done! Way to abandon that "this is a good team" nonsense you were trying to push a few weeks ago. Welcome back to reality.”

“Exactly when were the "good old days"? 49 years, ONE World Series appearance (got swept), and now this. Good old days?”

“’It’s time to see the Astros for what they are. That is, they’re going to lose 100 games and be remembered as one of the worst teams in franchise history. Maybe the Astros can compete again in 2012. They might even be interesting in 2011.’ Richard, that's not what you predicted when we swept the Cards. Or pre-season. Keep us updated now that you're on a roll!!”

“Wow, can Justice get any more negative??!! I understand the rebuilding concept, and that actually doesn't sound like a bad plan/idea but lighten up Justice!! Geeez.”


“Richard should be the GM....looks like he has all the answers.”

“More dribble from the dribble-meister Justice. He is so predictable on his style of writing, he is much worse than the Astros. I think the chron should blow up this writing team with Justice, and just like Matsui, RJ should be given his walking papers. I can't believe when the chron made the cuts of the writers last year, this hack was retained. His pen name should be Flip-flop.

Flip - In April, Justice says the Astros will hit .500 by the end of the month.
Flop - In May, Justice says the Astros are an embarrassment
Flip - In June,
Flop - In July,
Flip - In August,
Flop - In September,
All we have to do is fill in the blanks. The question is never "if" Justice will flip flop, or "when" he will; the question is only "how" he will."

“Sorry, Ricky.. .you have no cred at all when it comes to your boy McLame. Tell us what it's like to be a sock puppet.”

“Great idea, Justice. Trade away the whole team. Maybe we could do a 25 player swap with the Pirates. Seriously, Pence, Keppinger, and Bourn ARE going to stay. Do you think the fans are going to bother showing up to watch a team with ZERO familiar faces. Come on! Oswalt, Berkman (that one stabs at my heart!), Lee; but not the young, good players. That's what you build a team around, you moron.”

“Richard, you should have asked McLane how he now feels about getting rid of Cooper since we have clear evidence that that was not the problem with the team.”

“Justice writes ‘Who knows when the Astros will be competitive . They can be light-years more interesting in 2011 and perhaps competitive by 2012.’ Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Justice was writing in his column about how the Astros were much better than their record and that we need to give the team some time. I have an idea, why don't we trade Justice along with whatever team we trade Oswalt to and get a baseball player and a real sports writer in return.”

“The team will never get better unless the owner is willing to start over by hiring the right person for the job of manager and not the race that Richard Justice wants. Get over the fact that Biggio nor Bagwell can't deliver as manager of this mess. RJ, please stop wishing for a feel good script to be made of this situation in Houston baseball. You really do need to stop kissing ass.”

“How much of this article is RJ's usual "wit" (not) and how much is really the Grocer? The time has come for RJ and McLane to say goodbye to Houston. Adios to the hack and the clueless owner, they deserve each other. Maybe, RJ can continue writing McLane's memoir's instead of publishing them in the Chronicle each month.”

“Richard Justice wants Biggio, Bagwell or someone that is other than minority to be the manager of the Astros. In my opinion, Richard Justice thinks like the majority of the people that he has influenced that minorities are incompetent. Richard has had a hand in the demise of several minorites within the Astro organization. Just to name a few, Tommy McCraw, Julio Lugo, Carl Everett, Jose Cruz, Rudy Jaramillo, JR Richard, and Cecil Cooper. He tried to get the third base coach (Dave Clark) fired also, through bad press. Maybe once the team is sold, guys like this " racist " will not be allowed in locker rooms. Many of his actions and negative columns about certain players or personnel employed by the Astros, have greatly assisted in the teams' huge downfall.”

“Will the real Richard Justice stand up? Does he perhaps really work for BP and is so used to giving false statements and predictions of the oil spill that it overflows into his sports writing? Maybe he is a Wall Street broker that predicts the opposite direction of the stock market roller coaster? Why is it that he feels the need to give such concrete statements and predictions that are in conflict with reality? Is there a real world Richard Justice? A lot of question marks in this post!”

“Justice, Justice, know you're one of a kind. You write columns at the spur of the happening momemts and then decide to either cheer for the team or trash them. Make up your mind. Please quit writing stories that my third grader could write better than you. Again your column is blah, blah, blah, blah! I just can't wait for your next column to come out. I'm sure it will be the same BS as all your others.”

“I remember at least two columns in the last 6 weeks, in which I thought RJ had a man-crush on Brad Mills. Phrases like "Keep the faith," "I haven't lost hope" and "Mills has won over the clubhouse" were in those columns. Now it's "Even the most dramatic rebuilding program won't be as bad as watching this club." Is he finally seeing what the rest of us have been seeing or is he just bipolar?”

“Well, we now know where Uncle Drayton stands, as he gave the approval to have his publicist write this timely article.”

“I agree with RJ, it's time for a complete shake-up. RJ should either be given his outright release or sent down to Austin. We need to find some aging writers in the free agent market with a year or two left in their computers. I suggest Woody Paige in Denver and Bill Plaschke in LA. We need to search the minors for some upcomng talent. As for Solomon and McClain, who knows? We may need to eat their contracts. It's a shame the Chronicle got itself in this situation, but we need to work our way out of it. Keep subscribing and reading the ads. If we make the changes now, we could be competitive as early as 2012.”

“What Richard, you’re no longer excited about this team? The pre-season hadn't started and we all knew this team was going to suck. I'm hoping that Uncle Drayton cut you off from the free buffets and that’s why you've finally started writing the truth and not that you are just that incompetent of a sports writer.”

“Looks like Drayton's marketing machine (JUSTICE) is starting to see the light (what else is new? it happens every year at this time).”

"Justice has more career flip-flops than the USA gymnastic team. Well, we know how he feels today, I wonder what tomorrow brings? "

“Richard, You're onto something. Remember when the Texans were trying to decide on their No. 1 pick? He was the lead driver on the Reggie Bush Bandwagon. A few days before the Rose Bowl, he wrote, "Bush instantly will become the face of a franchise that desperately needs one." The day after the Rose Bowl, he wrote about Vince Young: "He's the guy they can build around. He could become the face of the franchise, the leader on the field and off." This was a player who two weeks earlier, according to Justice, was "not ready for the NFL." Truth is, you can't believe a word he writes. He'll write whatever's convenient.”

“I've got another headline: Releasing Richard Justice would be start of Exodus (for the Chron).”

“Richard - your readers have been writing this column for two years now. Thanks for finally joining us in what we call 'reality'. How does it feel?”

“Well, welcome to the "off the bandwagon" fans, Richard! What took you so long? Most of us have advocated what you've written in this column for weeks now. But I guess better late that never. Now just don't go jumping back on the bandwagon if the Stros win 2 of 3 against the Reds next home stand, okay?”

“Richard I know you're smarter than this--the Astros WILL NOT lose 100 games this season--bank on it. Were you here for the early 1990's and the mid 1970's? Those were the worst teams we've ever had and they still could only manage 97 losses. No matter how bad the Astros are, they have never lost 100 games and will not lose that many this season.

“While the Astros are cleaning house, the Chronicle should do the same, the sports department at the Chronicle is a joke, the worst thing that ever happened to Houston was losing the Post.”

(To be continued.)

Astro Mike Ganis aka Mike In DA

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The chronicle is just another rag now.. I still get it but
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