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WHEN INTERVIEWS GO WRONG (Adam Wexler vs Jamie Kennedy)

Written By: Lamont Mann
Date Posted: 05-16-2010 

In my lifetime I have heard several weird interviews. While watching channel 11 (KHOU) in 1999 Marlene Mclinton walks off from KHOU on air. The other has to be Alonzo Morning's interview with Jim Rome. Alonzo only wanted to talk about his charity not understanding the whole concept of "give and take" being you tell the fans about some insider basketball stuff and in return Rome plugs your charity. Again in the city of Houston there was the legendary skirmish between Adam Wexler and Lesbian Craig on air in which I truly feel "black balled" him from radio. C'mon Craig you can't be arguing with the Wexler on air. I evaluated this fight from start to finish, ok more like I was the agitator that yelled "if you love yo moma put yo hand on the hog dog stand".  If you can make it to part 10 of this interview, you will not be let down.

I am not sure where the "uproar" happened but Wexler was clearly upset and annoyed by this "C" Level comedian. I think the more revealing part of this whole ordeal is Matt Jackson imitating Neville Chamberlain. This dude who I will reference as "Scream Dude" was clearly high or sleepy. I have been in positions in my life when the mornings just didn't agree with me and I would simply lay it back down. I try not to let my bad attitude interfere with others but Jamie tried to work this interview but he couldn't before the inevitable occured.

As Matt and Adam were beginning the interview, Jamie must have dropped an FCC non friendly word as all of them were laughing. Wexler didn't seem all that moved as he invited Jamie to do something else that will revoke our FCC license. As a radio slut, I could tell this dude was extremely irritated.

Jamie sounds apathetic towards Lebron but has a fierce venom toward A'rod. This has to be some of that Philly venom. Jamie is trying to school Wex on how long it took Jordan to win therefore Wex reached into his arsenal and did what Wex does, NUMBERS baby. This Jamie dude wanted to SCREAM.

Matt is such the diplomat trying to remain chippy but Jamie was already pissed. Jamie is preaching to Matt about knowing athletes. TO is an Animal and Jeff Garcia is an Animal. The one good part about this segment, he sounds coherrent. OMG Wex asked Scream Dude about his top 3 and bottom 3 movies. Why don't Wex just tell the dude "your biggest movie was you playing a nerd that gets murdered".

Jamie is naming his movies and I quickly begin to realize, this dude only played in like two movies I even heard of. I am not sure what is going on but Wex has made this guy mad. Jamie wants to know why  performance enhancement drugs is a big story.

Wex is antagonizing Jamie with more Terrel Owens and Garcia talk and now they are talking about Joe Philly. Matt and Jamie think its weird TO is still looking for work.

He is going in on Angelina Jolie and it almost sound like show material. He is asking if everything he says is going to get him in trouble. Jamie is calling out the awkward pauses.

Jamie is talking about golf as Matt giggles. Matt, Wex is your boy and you should have been slapping Scream Boy not giggling. Wex is your man 50 grand.

Matt ask Jamie who would he like to open for him.

It's getting hot in here. Jamie Kennedy is progressively going low as he notates again how weird this interview is. He clearly does not want to talk to Wex.

Awkward interview with Sinbad. Wex tells Jamie, you could be goofing with us.

The F Bomb!

If you would like to hear the intervie in its entirety, please visit 790 KBME.

This was classic radio.  I am not sure if I could have lasted the whole interview with Jamie's attitude.  If I was Wex, this interview would have lasted two minutes and his handlers would have been packing him out of studio with no teeth.  He continues to harp on how this was his 5th interview but in all fairness he said he was upset because Wex rolled his eyes at him when he mentioned TO and Garcia.  Wex is known to be a little arrogant or at least that's the way he is perceived. 

Jamie appeared to be annoyed by the FCC rules and the fact Wex kept saying "you are trying to make us lose our license".  Radio guys your FCC License is a bit irritating to callers and guests when you continually say it.  I have heard the FCC argument alot and I would like to know exactly what stations have actually lost their license because of a banned word.  If CBS is still functioning as a profitable organization after I witness a Janet Jackson boob then I doubt a slip of the tongue would render a lost of license.

 I did not put SR610's Roy Jones and Hopkins Super Bowl interview in the list of famous interviews because it appeared staged however this was to white males about to get it on.

I told the HMW staff about this and the way I heard Matt being the diplomat trying to smooth out the interview and this person equated Matt's behavior to "THAT FRIEND".  THAT FRIEND is the guy when you are getting jumped on by alot of dudes and he is so scared, he does not run nor does he help.  He just stands there in horror.  I know broadcast radio is professional and guys will not be throwing blows but I did want to add something to THAT FRIEND.  THAT FRIEND is also the guy after it is all over, he comes back and tells the story as if he was in the battle himself.  In all fairness, Matt didn't just totally allow Jamie to destroy Wex but is was definately more he could have done.

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