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Date Posted: July 23, 2010


On Wednesday (July 21), the Astros beat the Cubs, 4-3, in 12 innings, but no thanks to Lance Berkman (0-6), Hunter Pence (0-5), and Carlos Lee (0-5) who went a combined 0-16 with five strikeouts and no walks.

It was a rough day for Berkman. His 0-6 with three strikeouts was the third time since 2006 that Berkman had an 0-for-6 game with multiple strikeouts. Over that five-season period the only other Astro who was 0-for-6 (or worse) in a game in which he struck out more than once was Michael Bourn on July 6, 2008.

For the season, Berkman, Pence, and Lee (aka the heart of the Astro lineup) are batting a collective .247 with 37 HRs and 136 RBIs.

Meanwhile, up north in Arlington, TX, the heart of the Texas Ranger lineup (Michael Young, Vladimir Guerrero, and Josh Hamilton) is hitting a collective .323 with 56 HRs and 203 RBIs. 

The Astros are paying a cumulative $37M to their trio compared to $22M for the Ranger trio. 

Believe it or not, I now get my local baseball fix by following the Rangers on Fox Sports.


I recently checked out the “Fire Josh Innes” page on Facebook and although it seems to have just a relatively small following, I found some interesting comments. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent:

Rich and Mark would never say such nonsense. It's just an attention getter."

"Keep posting these inept statements from Josh. I do not like to listen to his nonsense.”

“No one said anything about hate, we just prefer a classier, more intelligent on-air presence like Vandermeer, rather than the juvenile frat-boy mentality of Innes."

“As many of you are aware, Josh has gone on record MANY times as stating that all women, regardless of age, race, stature, education, income, etc., who have a back tattoo are “trash” who belong in “trailer parks”. Yet today (July 13), when faced with cute, blonde Maxim hottie, Trisha Gordon, and asked point blank by Lopez what he thought of her back tat, Josh conveniently lost the courage of his convictions.”

“I don't see any personal attacks on this page. Only a well-stated opinion, which everyone is entitled to. However, Innes chose to respond on the air with personal attacks, implying that the women on this page were unattractive. This coming from a guy who has practically begged for a date on-air! Nothing personal, Josh. We just don’t like your show and we want Gavin Spittle to know that we have a right to express that opinion.”


Pete Carroll said that he feels partly responsible for the sanctions that the NCAA put on USC. While I’m sure that his hands aren’t fully clean, consider that the sanctions came down after findings of improprieties/irregularities in football, men’s basketball, and one of the women’s sports at USC. Carroll had nothing to do with those other sports. 

The guy who ought to be taking grief for all this - and who should have lost his job weeks ago - is the AD, Mike Garrett. Well, Garrett finally vacated the position this past week and will be replaced next month by Pat Haden, a former USC QB during the 1970's who played in the World Football League and the NFL.

It is assumed that Garrett resigned under pressure, as he has already started the process to file for Social Security.

From the 6/13 Peanut Gallery under the caption, "USC FINALLY PAYS THE PRICE": "The good news for USC is that despite all the penalties from the NCAA, USC still gets to keep its 2004 national championship..... The bad news is for USC AD, Mike Garrett, who should either resign or get fired by the school because all this happened during his "watch" as AD. The 66 year-old Garrett has been AD since 1993."

I'm glad USC and Garrett did the right thing.


The University of North Carolina (UNC) football program is being investigated for irregularities, as it is under scrutiny by the NCAA. UNC acknowledged the investigation in a formal statement by its Athletic Director a couple of weeks ago. Since the NCAA has its own crew of Columbos, Sgt. Fridays, and other hot-shot detectives, no matter what the Tar Heels have done, don’t expect the NCAA’s investigation to be concluded until 2012.


Speaking of the NCAA, as mentioned here in a previous blog, it is looking into the possibility that it will ban all scholarship offers from member schools to any athlete prior to July 1 of the summer between the athlete’s junior and senior year in high school. That means we wouldn’t be hearing about scholarship offers to 11-year-olds. 

The real question here is: "How can it be enforced?”. Under this proposed legislation, coaches and schools wouldn’t be able to tell a kid he has a scholarship before the kid's senior year, but that opens the doors to creating even more behind-the-scenes communication, which will bring in school boosters and “street agents”. If that rule is ever passed, I see a lot of problems and consequences coming out of it.

I read some comments from West Virginia hoops coach, Bob Huggins, on this topic. Huggins says that only a few schools have offered scholarships to 7th and 8th grade kids and this rule would apply to everyone. He said that no one should be offering scholarships to kids that young, but making rules to limit a couple of schools is not a fruitful endeavor for the NCAA. Stay tuned to see if this one becomes an NCAA rule.


The sports talk host flubs keep coming non-stop, but the top flub of Thursday that I heard, came from the "Mighty" Gwynn on Sports Talk 790.

"Mighty" was comparing the salaries of former Notre Dame football coach, Charlie Weis to MLB managers' salaries. From his "research", he determined that only LA Dodger manager, Joe Torre, made more than Weis' salary.

He then said that Weis made more money than 27 out of 28 MLB managers. Last time I looked, there are 30 MLB teams, not 28.


It's a shame that the John and Lance Morning Show (KGOW 1560, 6 am -10 am daily), once the Cadillac of Houston sports-talk show for a decade, has gotten lost in the myriad of local sports talk shows when it moved up the dial. It deserves better and local sports talk listeners deserve better, but it doesn't look like J&L will ever be moving back. KGOW will be celebrating its third anniversary on Friday, August 20. I checked the KGOW website, but no big event has been planned yet. It's almost like the show has gone to the elephant burial ground.


According to the Associated Press, the 2010 season ticket sales for the Buffalo Bills are down over ten percent this year. After selling 55,000 season tickets for the last couple of years, this year’s season’s ticket sales projection may be less than 50,000, which means the Bills are looking at possible blackouts for several of its home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The annual home game that will be played in Toronto will be televised locally no matter what the ticket situation is.

This is not good news for this small market team and that means it is not good news for NFL fans because that is one of the issues that needs to be resolved in the upcoming CBA negotiations. The fact that Buffalo has not been in the playoffs since Bill Clinton was president is not helping ticket sales any.


Last week, owner Chris Cohan sold the Golden State Warriors to Peter Guber of Mandalay Entertainment and his partner Joe Lacob for a record $450 million.

Cohan has “financial problems” according to various news reports and one of them supposedly is that the IRS says he owes them $160M in unpaid taxes – with penalties and interest – based on his sale of a cable TV company in 1998. Cohan bought the Warriors in 1995 for $120M. Hopefully, he will remember to include this capital gain of $330M on his 2010 tax return. The interest and penalties sure do add up.


The Los Angeles Dodgers ownership picture is getting more and more confusing. Frank and Jamie McCourt are in one of those big Hollywood divorce cases. Frank says he owns the team, while Jamie claims she is a co-owner. Reports predict the lawyer fees in this divorce case will end up in the $15-$20M category.

According to an LA Times report, the judge in the case suggested they sell the team to resolve their problems, as both sides claim that they are low on funds and that the expenses are piling up. Frank uses the argument to try to reduce the huge monthly check he has to write to Jamie until all this is resolved; Jamie uses it to say she needs more money from Frank.

The trial that could determine ownership of the team is scheduled to begin August 30. The eventual decision could center around a 2004 marital agreement that Mr. McCourt says awards him the club, Dodger Stadium, and surrounding land, and gives Mrs. McCourt rights to the couple's seven residences, including six homes and one condominium.

Even though things are still in the preliminary stage, the couple already owe their lawyers a combined total of more than almost $2M.


I often hear classless commemts on local sports shows calling various guys "douchebags". So I went to the Internet to try to find the best definition or example of a douchebag. Luckily, it wasn't a picture of me.

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