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"Here's something Texan fans just don't want to hear, but the Dallas Cowboys were the better team out there today".

ND Kalu
(Sports Radio 610)

Written By: Craig Shelton
Date Posted: 09/27/2010

Wow Mr. Football Analyst Guy, do I really need to listen to you say how the NFL now has Texans rookie CB Kareem Jackson's play on film? Woooooow Mr. Football Analyst Guy, that's what they do in the NFL you know? They have coaches that compile film on the parking attendants Mr. Football Analyst Guy, and even the ticket scalpers in the parking lot at the Papasito's across the S. Loop. (Whispering) Mr. Football Analyst Guy that's what they do man, its really a trend that's been going on in the league now FOR FREAKIN' DECADES YOU BUFFOONS, GOD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ALREADY!


Okay folks, how about the genius observation from Mr. Football Analyst Guy that, "Roy Williams blew up Kareem Jackson today! WOW! Roy Williams? GOD, how can you let Roy Williams blow you up?" Ahhhhh.. Last I checked Mr. Football Analyst Guy turned "Scout" Guy, Roy Williams is an immensely talented veteran NFL receiver with an elite level skill set. He's freakin' inconsistent as hell and is a classic underachiever, but Roy Williams has the physical tools to beat any corner in the league, on any play he chooses. Let's not get carried away folks...

Listen folks, Kareem Jackson may never be a great NFL player or prove to be an elite level starting NFL cornerback. On the other hand, the fact teams have the ability to focus so much on any one area of the Texans defense, speaks to a larger issue of a lack of production in other areas consistently (pass rush?)

Guys listen, I know you want to disregard the comments from me and the HMW writers as "some bloggers trash" or "callers turned bloggers running their traps" or whatever you talk out the side of your neck with? The deal is guys, speaking for myself, Lamont, and Richard Walker alone, (all HMW writers) we've played more football than all of you soccer moms posing as regular guys combined. I would imagine that, with the exception of ND Kalu, Marcus Coleman, Carl Dukes, Vince Rachal & John Harris most of you have never been hit in the mouth for three hours, which inherently means, you've never hit anyone in the mouth for three hours on a football field either. So by that model, we're as qualified as you characters are to talk football and "blog" our asses off about it!

Lol..Guys just refrain from taking the mic after the game and repeatedly stating the obvious over and over with information we've all observed for ourselves during the game. I understand the need to set the tables when you lead your shows and also returning from breaks or what not. We all understand some of that requires laying out the repetitive information, we get that. The problem here guys is, the next time one of you guys go beyond doing an entire segment on why a freakin' safety dropped an interception as opposed to providing some true learnings that allow callers and listeners to walk away feeling they learned something from you guys, will be the first time.

Damned good job ND Kalu on what you have brought to the Houston airwaves over the past months. We're counting on you ND for "real talk" this season on what we fans witness on the gridiron from the Texans in this very important season to us. 


Craig Shelton: ok texans fan here's tha dealio...i said i would keep kubiak as my profile pic til the texans lose, and we lost today as i'm sure ur all 2 aware of, so now i'll keep dallas cowboy images as my profile pic til the texans win again.
remember folks that we're 2-1 tied f/1st in the division & not 0-3 when u start calln sports talk shows gum bumbin...
James Davis:  lezbo what's up with coach kub over thinking this game and the last one and the first half of the first game? I mean its simple RUN the ball! all i have been hearing since he got here we want run the ball and when we can he gets pass happy. we will not win with this coach until he gets some NUTS!

Steve Wynn: Burn the shirt lezbo! LOL

Craig Shelton: ‎@james...fair point...this is clearly a coach that puts a premium on the run setting up the pass, so u would think it would be a natural progression 2 stay w/the run if ur having sucess or if that's all that's really working 4 u. all that said i believe that offensive balance is the true obective & last season the running game didn't hold up it's part of the deal. when it comes 2 "winning" u go with whats working no matter, was the running game good enough 2 carry the texans past dallas today, if kubiak had saty'd w/the run more, guess we'll never know?

Craig Shelton: ‎ way shirt lives just as my texans live 2 fight another day man...cowboys did they're thing 2 day, i'll give u kattz yo props! congratz!! we'll c tho who has the better year come week 17 pimp?

Allen Toms:
HAHAHA Nicely said ^ All I gotta say is this team come next week will come up to the game at oakland with a different mentallity,.. I think this loss was necessary.. A loss like this is what makes the good teams great teams.. Trust me Come brian Cushing this defense will be playin beast mode.. Remember this comment come a month from now..

Stephen Medlock: They will beat the Raiders next week,I kind of figured they would lose to Dallas,The Texans have issues in the secondary.

Hmw Shelton: ‎@stephen..4 sho they're n an ideal setting f/a 3-1 start.
Stephen Medlock: I heard a lot of smack talking by Texans fans this week,calling the Cowboys cowgirls and etc, How that for workout for them today?

Hmw Shelton: ‎@stephen...not 2 well obviously, that's football n the nfl the key 4 us is the maintain an 11-5 pace & w/a win next week (3-1?) we stay ahead of that pace...real talk...

AKuffo Newmann: That's messed up, man. lol But its all good. I think they'll respond next week w/ a W. and you can get back to reppin' for Houston.

Hmw Shelton: ‎ real talk on that & i hope like hell they take care of biz & i can change my profile pic 2 a texans theme next week.

Steve Puente: You know what gets me is why start a rookie in the CB position ? they always target him and he always gets burned .... I don't care that he was coached by Saban and was NFL ready before the draft he still needs to grow we need a vet that can be way more effective in that spot...

Hmw Shelton: ‎@stevepuente it could still happen, but i dont 4 c a change if he's not blowing coverages, but instead just getn beat due 2 bad ball skills and technique issues. his recovery skillz r suspect as well, but he's likely 2 remain as a starter, at least 4 now anyway.

signed: 1st rnd picks play...

Steve Puente: I know , and all the teams that we will be playing down the road will continue to exploit that...

Hmw Shelton: ‎@steve...that's more on the pass rush than the 2ndary 2 me cos when we rush the passer, we win..when we don't...we lose...yeah?

Steve Puente: yeah, and really for the last 2 games there has been little to none on pass rush .... and it looks like coach has yet to change that...

Hmw Shelton @stevepuente...they have 2 wrk that out & the 2ndary will look a lot diff....

Dez Bryant



Craig Shelton
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Taylor said...

Are you just now realizing 610 is a joke? N.D. is good but guess what, he will be equally bad once basketball and baseball begin. Here is the deal, no matter how bad they are, they still have the money (Texans & Rockets) therefore they will continue to suck but yet make more money. If HMW can force change at 610, I will walk up to City Hall lip lock with our Lesbian Mayor.


Earlis said...

Bump da dum chit..ain nothin wrong with a
lesbian mayor...
Sounds too much like:
"yall nigras need to go back to Africa"

Speaking of football the great great
George Blanda has passed away ..
The man was very special actually played
for the Houston Oiler's for seven years and
won back to back AFL Championships here in alwayz amazes me when folk act as if
those championships don't count..puleez