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Written by: Lamont Mann



I have to set this up the way it actually went down.  When I heard about this Train Horn blowing to get FANS in, the first thing I thought about was Bud Adams.  Why in the hell Bud Adams did not allow tailgating.  At the time of Bud's reign in Houston I was a kid and I could careless but now that I been to school and got a little edjumacation, I realized that tailgaters are not providing any extra money to McNair's or Adam's bank account.  LOL.  There are so many factors in play here. 
When I heard about the HORN, I told Craig Sheldon, I am worried because they are looking at this in terms of "OPPORTUNITY COST".  Without going into my economic classes during the college years, lets just say it's the money you stand to lose by not capitalizing.

There are so many things at play here but the central issue is MONEY.  No way would I call Barry Warner from 610 AM and speak of this because he would go "Hollywood" and say I am a conspiracy theorist (meanwhile I hear this very same person tell stories about the old days of things that happen that if a caller like myself would have brought up in the 80s, he would have said the same thing).






As stated earlier when I hear about the Train Horn, I new something was up.  They are trying to get people in the damn stadium.  Do you think they really want you there to cheer on the Texans or do they want you there standing in a damn concession line looking at the bull run down Fannin through Hermann Park and the Medical Center while knocking over Peyton, VY, Garad.  The Train Horn was the "warning shot" that policies were about to change.  LMAO, the Train Horn itself was not the clue but the decibel of the Horn, you can't even hear the Horn ova all of the Tailgating music.  It was only a show.  In all fairness I heard the Horn at the Colts game but for that thing to be effective, the City Ordinance it would have had to pass would be at the perils of elected officials.  Bottom line, people should have been thinking something was about to change when you heard the HORN.

I am going out on a limb but I would like to think that most who reads this BLOW realize that 610AM is in bed financially with the Texans therefore don't be surprise when you the likes of Marc Vandermeer and Barry Warner (Wade Phillips best pal) spinning this.  You will everything from this has nothing to do with football itself, Demeco Ryans don't care about this,  what does this have to do with the Red zone problem, other stadiums do this, be happy that Bud Adams is not here because you couldn't tailgate at all.  Say this is what they do, you gots to see through the BS and albeit they and I mean ALL media don't even set foot in the tailgating because they are cowards. 
Just tonight I heard Barry say he don't participate in tailgating because he has a job to do.   I can't put this on all of them because Josh Innes and Ben Nance volunteers to visit tailgaters in addition to Laura Reynolds.  Picture that, 610 sending their "estrogen crew" out to mingle with the PEASANTS.  All in all, 610AM will spend but I am more surprise Don Jamie Roots didn't drop this on a Friday (going into the weekend).

I was laying in bed watching "The Hills Have Thighs" when suddenly I noticed it was 10PM.  They showed the coverage on the Pearland Little League team being expelled from season play in addition to the person that killed the pregnant woman in "Mo City" when suddenly they showed the weather. 
Much to my surprise and liking, we have another COLD FRONT on the way, but then Gene Norman or some other news person said the Texans.  Anything dealing with the Texans, I want to hear.  After the commercial the Shermin Chow (I think) lead into the Texas v Dallas Fight at the Stadium in the parking lot.  CLICK BELOW, HMW WAS ON THIS PIECE FO REALLY

OH YES their is video.  I mean if you are from Htown, this is like typical Carringtons, Maica Maica, City Streets, Boomerang type of activity.  My first thought was like WOW, I thought KILT was a CBS affiliate, why would they show this?  Basically, there were like multiple dudes playing "Fight Night" with guys that were not black.  Once I seen this footage I was like "Ummmmm two guys done popped for PEDs and parking lot BRAWLS, OH YEA ITS FINNA GO DOWN". 
Mayne y'all know McNair don't play that mess, I mean sure he can go to New York and Speak in defense for  Brian Cushing being pregnant while not even going to bat for Duane Brown but PARKING LOT BRAWLS? 
Man yall got BOB bent fo reals.  Bob don't play that.  He can deal with pregnant Caucasian men but he don't deal with city rivalry scuffles in the parking lot.  I feel that boy on that though.

When you sum up this new policy, it all comes down to Money.  McNair can make money off of this while still saving face.  The Texans sold additional parking passes for the Cowboy Game, they received a profit from it.  You must understand, this is not your "weekly Texans" tailgaters causing this problem, this was a high profile game with a whole lot of liquor and a city approximately 220 miles away with 5 championships.  If you ask me, the Texans created this fiasco by selling the extra parking passes.  This was only justification for making more money on people who wants to see the Texans.  I can't knock him for that because if I see money to be made, I am going to make it.


You have to have some synapses firing through the brain to understand the section.  There are less than 10 cities in America that have suffered a lost of an NFL Franchise.  If you never been through this you can't comprehend.  Texans are playing with HOUSE MONEY.  The Texans can do whatever in the hell they want to do around this town because we all have that inherent fear of no football in HTOWN.  You agree or disagree but that's the real deal.  Just like this situation, most will bitch and complain but ultimately the Texans know this shid will blow over and YOU WILL PAY for the tailgater's ticket.  We lost the Oilers and we simply don't want to deal with that again and the Texans know it.  Think about it like this, 8 years and you never seen a fight or large crowd on the Reliant Premises?  Move on to the 9th year, winning season (9-7).  Ok something is popping now.  Out of the gate with the hardest schedule, 2-0 record while beating the BIG BULLY on the block,  multiple national media outlets regarding HTOWN as a respectable team.  OK I am not the smartest man but in my novice mind that = PRODUCT. 

The Texans have a product now, the "commons" are tuning in and more importantly women are tuning in.  Bob McNair has a hot commodity and he's about to maximize it.  Hell I could read this without a formal education this is BUSINESS.  I will go as far to say, now that Bob has a product worth purchasing not only will the tailgater's prices escalate but ALL TEXANS' merchandise rise, dude just broke off Andre Johnson a whole Lotta loot, tha fawk up out of here.

After the news drop, I quickly consulted with HMW to discuss it, moments later I received multiple calls.  I have multiple friends that are tailgaters as most of them expressed the same sentiment.  They have just got their party "off the ground" and they have been supporting the Texans from day one from

  • 4-15

  • 5-11

  • 7-9

  • 2-14

  • 6-10

  • 8-8

  • 8-8

  • 9-7
and this is how they do us?  Does it matter? NO, because the Texans have a product worth buying now.  I have no bone in this whatsoever because it makes complete sense to me but I am more shock people are surprised. 



Lamont Mann
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Carl said...

I was listening to Marc after he had on Jamie Roots. Marc is an idiot. I cannot stand this loser. In my opinion he would be happy if they totally did away with minorities at Reliant. Dude is a loser

Earlis said...

I think I missed your point...Are you saying people
of color get drunk tailgating? I think that would a very
diverse group actually..who ever you are if you get drunk
and clown up in there I don't have a problem with that if your drunk azz get delt with... Not sure what you are saying but I would venture to say as to the new policy concerning tailgating has nothing to do with far as Mr Mcnair's hiring policies he is to be commended...if sportstalk Houston showed half the insight in regard to hiring men and woman of color as well women of caucasian ancestry as on air talent this market would
be much better place..

HMW said...

Earlis my point is, there is money to be made and this snafu conveniently fail into the Texans lap. I don't think theme of my article implied a racial undertone towards one particular group and if it did my bad

Lamont Mann