Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Written by: Lamont Mann

This has been one of the strangest weeks in football.  Let me begin by saying, in all of my years on planet Earth, I cannot recall when TCU was the only relevant team in Texas.  I am sure Mike in DA will put me on blast.  Dallas lost to the Titans.  The Longhorns are unranked.  Texas A&M had every opportunity to beat Arkansas but did not capitalize. Raiders beat the Chargers, South Carolina beat Alabama.  Detroit scored 40+ points.  My Texans did not perform.

I like to begin with the Raiders because something stood out in their game versus the Chargers.  Just a week earlier when the Texans were at the Oakland Coliseum, that place looked like a "ghost town".  I am not talking about in the "nosebleed" section, I am talking about the lower level.  There were empty seats in like whole sections of the lower bowl.  I assumed this was a direct correlation with the economy, after all, Rich did speak about talking with a local media person there which told him there was no such thing as "RUSH HOUR" in Oakland anymore. 
Fast forward a week after the Texans put the "Mule" on the Raiders, all of a sudden the Chargers comes a strolling in.  When I seen this game on NFL Red Zone, I was like "what the hell, humans".  The Raiders v Chargers game was packed and when I say pack I mean it had to be at least thirty thousand more than Houston.  Should I be surprise by this since they are interstate rivals in addition to being in the same division?  Yes, I was very surprise because I believe the Raiders are a team on the come and I would expect them to show up and show out.  If the Raiders' fans would have showed up in the Texas game, I wonder if the outcome would have been different.


There are certain things in life that don't suppose to happen:

  • Cats chasing Dogs
  • Dogs climbing trees
  • Fish swimming backwards
  • Houston local media asking local teams hard questions
  • South Carolina beating Alabama

The storyline going into the game was, McElroy has not lost a game since Middle School.  I don't want to beat my chest because i felt they were very beatable and for some strange reason I thought Florida would do it.  I was completely shocked to see "South Cacky Lacky" take down "Bama".  With that being said, I am fully expecting the Crimson Tide to not only lose one game but they may lose another. 

I am constantly listening to the local media talk down on Les Miles as a Lucky SOB, but he's sitting happy undefeated.  That's some luck i wish can fall upon the State of Texas.  I will take an undefeated lucky streak any day.  If I was Les Miles, I would have a play scheme designed called "the lucky sob".  Down by 19 points in the 4th quarter with 2 seconds to play, I would call a time out.  The guys would come to the sideline and I would tell them to run "the lucky sob".  Les Miles has scoreboard, how can people critisize him?


What can a brother say? How about, a different way of getting to 3 & 3 in 2010?  I hope they go out and beat the Chiefs but after the Giants loss, I am more confused about this team than I were when Bradford (Texans) cross the pylon and scored and some kind of way the opponent got 2 points.  The best way I can describe my thoughts in regards to the Texans is similar to smelling a "hot wet spray fart".  Your face is so stuck and crooked in one position that it hurts.  I will try to break down my feelings in the calmest of ways by various elements.

Let me begin by saying, I think Houston Media does a great job entertaining us fans but when it comes to out Big Three Teams, there jobs get shaky.  No one ask the hard questions.  Monday, during Kubiak's press conference, no one asked about the secondary issues.  It was explained that it could have been a situation of the secondary being the most obvious concern that someone else would have asked.  Hollywood 610 conducts a whole show with Kubiak and miraculously all you hear is positive information and "good weeks in practice".  No one in the media is calling out Frank Bush.  all I am hearing about Frank is, he only been DC 20 games.  Sure they will say they are coming on air and printing their concerns, but hell don't tell the fans, we don't play the damn game.  We you are in the owner's, GM, Coaches' and Player's face, ask them "what the eff happened".  I am so tired of the "media spin" when they finally do get the nerve to ask the team a question, they phrase the question by saying "alot of our fans want to know" be a man not a coward and tell them they shid stank. 
With all of that being said, I really fear for Matt Thomas, he is asking questions you shouldn't ask in Houston.  Matt simply wants to know "Who pulled the trigger on Dunta Robinson?"  Exactly who is the person that told Bob McNair, we want to allow a veteran to walk and go with youth.  Was this personal or business?  Rick or Gary?  I know Dunta is old news and a thing of the pass but I am more concerned with the person that thought a young secondary would be OK for what the Texans are trying to achieve.  Thanks Matt.

Unlike some, I am not a liar, I was in total favor of Dunta Robinson leaving.  The dude did nothing for me in terms of football and one game that stood out; a couple years ago with the Texans down by 4 scores to the Titans, Rosenfels with the help of Andre Davis came roaring back.  To make a long story short, Collins threw a pass that went right through Dunta's hands, Boranis won the game.  After that play, I never really cared for Dunta but I do realize he was a veteran and at the time they released him I thought there was a plan in place for more veteran leadership.  Well, after they lowered the boom on Dunta, they also got rid of Reeves.  Eff what the radio hosts are saying, go back and look at Reeves play last year and you tell me he is not better than what we currently have.  I am upset because we totally depleted our secondary.  It is almost like this team don't really care about secondary play.  I can't blame Kareem Jackson, McCain, Pollard, Wilson, Nolan because this team simply don't care about that facet of the game. 

Think about the inception of this team, Glenn, Robinson, Quinn,  that's literally all we have in 9 years.  This was an uncapped year.  Let me come another way, can you picture Kubiak going with a rookie QB, rookie RB, rookie LT, and 2 year C?  Hell NO, so why do it to one of the most important pieces of the defense? 


I have been eaves dropping on the Chargers out there @ KIOZ San Diego 105.3 FM (Flagship Station).  Amazingly, I hear Charger fans complaining like the Texans about personnel moves during the off season.  Texan fans are mad about going young in the secondary whereas Charger fans are mad about going  young in their back field.  I am sure this would have gotten alot more national run if the Chargers didn't have a descent offense.  I am still confused in the Charger's thinking and I am not talking about youth but why would you let LT go?  Sure the dude had 2 subpar years by his standards but you knew he was hurt and now look at him, he's running like Jesse Owens.  At least in Houston's case, management can say Dunta wanted to leave but LT literally cried BECAUSE he was leaving.  It's becoming the norm for host to say every game is the "biggest" game but I am very interested to see how the Texans will match up with the Chargers.  Duntaless Texans vs Ladainianless Chargers.

In the movie Hancock, there were two immortal humans that were bound to each other for eternity.  They felt each other's pains an afflictions.  It is my belief that Schaub and Vick mirrors Will Smith and Charlize Theron. 
Think about it, two years while Vick was on lockdown Schaub gets hurt, Vick returns to the league last year and Schaub has a phenominal year, Vick gets hurt and Schaub suddenly regress.  There's something there.  In all seriousness I understand Schaub has a running game therefore his passing is not going to be as impressive as the prior year but it makes you wonder if the Texans foreseen this beautiful problem before they reworked Andre's contract.  What can I say about Schaub?  Schaub is the same guy that charged up Texan fans for leaving in the midst of an ass whoopen in 2009 at home versus the Colts.  Getcho own stuff together Schaub before you call the fans out.  I am not the smartest man but I am sure Andre Johnson didn't suddenly grown hands in the place of his feet where you were throwing the ball in the Giants game.  Another thing Schaub, you are 6'5, you are not Drew Brees so explain how alot of your passes are batted down?

As pissed off as I am about the lost, I think the Texans are experiencing a case of imaginary "SWAGGER".  They have a running and passing game, and they never feel completely out of the game.  To be perfectly honest, I was still thinking in the 4th quarter they had a chance.  I drank the coolaid and it was bitter, the Texans are playing on the fans because they know we will come and support but dark days are ahead if they don't get this colossal eff up right.  In all of this I still can't help but wonder if Sage Rosenfels was a factor in the game planning for the Giants?

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Thomas said...

You're telling me you don't enjoy Kubiak's press conference where John McClain is basically running it and lobbing a bunch of softballs to Kubiak?

I was also in favor on getting rid of Dunta but I assumed they would have signed another veteran to the secondary. My favorite memory of Dunta was last year against the Colts when he lays out Addai after a 5 yard gain. So of course he starts jumping up and down celebrating because the refs would assuredly end the game after a hit like that in the 3rd quarter. Manning quickly snaps the ball and throws to a wide open Reggie Wayne, while the Dunta is still celebrating and thinking of another clever line to write on his cleats.

HMW said...

Yo Thomas on that particular play, you are forgetting the best part of the whole sequence of events. So lets do this over

I think Peyton hit Addai for a short screen like you said, Dunta Robinson is beating his chest like You said, and yes Manning hit wayne down the field for like a 40 yard whopper like you said but what made it even MORE funny was

Peyton mannings press conference where he basically says, he seen Dunta acting like a fool and they love to exploit things like that.

that presser stuck with me for a long time.

On John McClain, he needs to figure out what he want to be, a blogger, columinst, beat writer because the boundaries of his job are so undefined. lol it would be to easy for me to launch into the General because I think he's actually sitting on Kubiak's lap as they are conducting the presser



Anonymous said...

Jacque Reeves,Im glad the Texans got rid of that guy,It seems to me,he was never going improve while he was here with the Texans,That guy would frustrate the hell of me when the ball was thrown his way,and never the turn around to at least knock the ball away or something,thats something you learn in Pop Warner football or junior high.I would have Dunta over Jacque Reeves any day.