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Written By: Lamont Mann



There is nothing like a media "cat fight". Lance Z vs "B Dub". This was better than Bill O'Reilly barbecuing Wolf Blitzer and the whole team from MSNBC.

Tuesday Lance Zierlein was in studio with Richard Justice. Lance believed that Barry Warner's question to Gary Kubiak during the press conference was "Grand Standing". Lance went on to explain, he have no issue with Barry or any other media professional being aggressive in their own forum but the press conference is not the place for it. He felt that Barry's question was disrespectful and "over the top". In addition to Lance not feeling Barry's question, I did learn, Lance and Matt Thomas intern for Barry Warner.


I was listening to Lance rip Barry's question as if it was the most horrendous thing he'd ever witnessed. Lance was doing what Lance do with his impersonation of the replies he would have given Barry if he was Kubiak and yes it was hilarious. After the laughter wore off, I had to call Lance and let him know I disagreed. I told Lance, if he thought Barry's question was over the top then he's correct, Houston is a "soft market". I then followed the question up by asking, isn't it a little hypocritical that the man (Richard Justice) in studio with you was fierce towards Cecil Cooper (although I couldn't validate if this was the case in Press Conferences). All of a sudden Richard Justice tried to David Anderson me with the screaming and telling me what I can do. Once Richard raised his voice at me, I had to let him know I'm not his kid and he can kill all of that loud talk. All in all, it was a good call and Lance was cool the way he handled it, after all, the call was simply me pointing out Barry's question/statement to Kubes was baby food. As far as Richard, he cool to, but that screaming shid is for the birds lol and this is coming from a SCREAMER.

Barry Warner

Barry caught wind of people knocking his question to Gary therefore Barry set the record straight. A little detail Lance forgot to tell his audience, during the Texans Fan Feedback, a listener summoned Barry to ask a hard question, something different. Apparently the question asked was a question straight from a listener. The majority of the show was Barry defending his stance although he did throw a Jab. Barry said he believe 7 of their 14 listeners actually heard the show in the morning. Of course Barry had to let us know if we were on the East Coast, his question would have been mundane.


I said what I had to say to Lance himself. I hate the same routine ass questions at Kubiak's press conferences. I did not have a problem with Barry's question at all nor did I have a problem with the delivery. I really do hate the acknowledgement of our media saying Houston is soft and then get mad at Kubiak and the Texans for being soft.  As stated on Lance's show, if anything, I had a problem with Barry all in Kubiak's ass for 5 years and when it becomes likely for Kubiak to be fired (or at least that was the prevailing thought then), Barry hits him with a hard question. Now that's weak in my opinion. Here's another thing, are the press conferences for a social media gathering or to disseminate information to the public. If the Press Conferences are to disseminate information to the public, the public want some damn meat.

Richard Justice, I know in our back and forth, I said I would go seek out audio of you at Cecil Cooper's press conference, but the truth is, the Astros suck to me. I am just going to give you the win but I do remember your name always in the mix when it came to the people that despised Cecil. What forum was it in, I really don't know but between Bobby Z and Mike in DA, I am sure if you have said something bad about Cecil in an open forum, they would let me know. YOU WON

Barry was using his show as a platform and justifiably so he should but don't get it twisted. It is not like everyone had Barry's back or anything, it's simply saying Barry was not wrong for his question. Some may argue that it's unprofessional to ask a Head Coach a question from a fan. Personally, as a fan I wish he could have asked a question for me.


Lamont Mann
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Earlis said...

Justice hated Cecil with passion and the feeling was most likely mutual...the thing with Justice is he has a thin skin and a phat ego... he did good job with Yates when very few took the time to get the real story and I have to respect him for that...As to Cooper Justice was on the team of sports journalist hell bent on running Cecil out of town.. Of course some of that is Coop's fault he is not a charming personality and very hard headed..hmmm we could be he looks more like Ralph.
Maybe I misunderstood you Craig, my impression is
Justice said he had no problem with Cecil and everybody knows they could not stand each other and that's ok but if Richard will not own up to that I find that disappointing..

michael said...

That's twice you've put that picture up of "NOT Barry Warner" with the thumbs up. That dude has hair. You need to sharpen your google image skills.

I like your blog, but I'm just a stickler for details. Keep up the good work