Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Written By: Lamont Mann


In recent history, the Detroit Lions were notorious for drafting the "wrong" receiver.  We are not talking about one or two bad selections, we are talking about four or five.  It would be one thing if the receivers were busting at 3rd, 4th, or 5th round but typically these receivers were high 1st round picks.  Everyone both nationally and locally questioned the logic of the Detroit Lions.  Why would you continue to pour money into a commodity that's yielding no results?  Actually, the Lions were the "butt of jokes".  Needless to say, finally after a decade the Lions may have struck gold with Calvin Johnson.


The consensus in Houston of replacing Gary Kubiak is pretty unanimous with the exception of John McClain, Marc Vandermeer & Barry Warner (Kubiak's Caddies).  We all believe Kubiak should be replaced but we are not all in sync with who that replacement should be.

In the Texans history, they have hired a good defensive and offensive coordinator as a head coach, both were utter failures.  After the Baltimore Ravens debacle, I am surprised that some in our local media are still romanticising names of coordinators.  They are not ignoring head coaches but when I hear them mention another coordinator, I want to puke. 

Tuesday, Matt Jackson said "My top 4 in no particular order: Ron Rivera DC of San Diego, Jim Harbaugh Stanford HC, Rob Ryan Cleveland DC, Leslie Frazier Minnesota's interim coach".  Wednesday, Lance Zeirlien said Greg Williams New Orleans Defensive Coordinator.  There is no doubt of the names mentioned, all of them will go on to be good coaches but I don't want to try the experiment in Houston.  If memory serves me correct Gary Kubiak's stock was pretty in the NFL when the Texans hired him and yes I was fully onboard for it but not this time.

Of course the failure of Kubiak and Capers is shaping my disdain for the "coordinator experiment" but another part of the equation is, I don't trust this organization.  This organization have done so many ass backward things, I simply want a proven person to come in and get this train back on track.  I want that head coach and General Manager who is going to run this organization like a real organization.  I don't want anymore "on the job" training.  Anything short of replacing Kubiak with a proven headcoach will be a dissapointment for me.  There's also a part of me that believe Kubiak should stay put if this organization is not going to get a proven coach.  I don't trust this organization to wipe it's own ass at this point.

All in all, I believe our Local Media would do an awesome job in Detroit.  If it was left to our local media, Detroit would use the next 50 1st round picks on Wide Receivers, eventually they will get it right.


Lamont Mann
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