Thursday, January 13, 2011



God, I have to say thanks to the HMW scout team and their tireless dedication and contributions to Houston Media Watch.Com.

Here's another shining example of HMW's dedication and contributions to bringing you "real talk" on what's in, and more importantly "what should be out" in the sports & entertainment scene in H-Town aka "Sip City".

Okay here's tha dealio. The 411 was shot to me that Rich Lord of Sports Radio 610 was taking a run @ some smack directed @ bloggers. So I peep'd tha (the) audio out that was sent out & decided upon listening to it to give ole drive time pimp Rich Lord a call on air to prove once and for all that he's the ultimate hypocrite.

Once and for all prove that he's snookering CBS out of a gang of loot in this "blogger's" opinion. My reasoning is, Rich Lord appears not to understand why he should know more about his job's many branches to @ least be able to provide fundamental explanations for callers (or bloggers) that are as green as he is generally speaking regarding sports. That's all, simple questions, no big dealio (unless you're Rich Lord?)

Raw Audio
Rich hammers a yahoo blogger
Rich admits not knowing football

HMW love folks! (By the way, I was enjoying the show.)


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Matt Simon said...

He needed to slam the "blogger". The article should have never been brought up by Josh in the first place. Before he even read the first paragraph, it was obvious that the author wasn't on top of his game.

I am a "blogger" I suppose, but I don't want crap like that piece labeled legit by someone like Josh Innes, looking for ammo to pick on Texans fans. Why don't they read a Stradley, Burge or Battle Red blog?

Honestly, I hope they read your blog every once in a while. I think it deserves conversation more than a Yahoo crap-job.

Matt Simon said...

Damn. I just went back to the audio, re-listened, and heard the obvious shots at callers and "non-experts" who think their opinion matters.

Well, well, well. That pretty much changed my opinion from my first comment. I read the blog mentioned, and I still think it is crap, (link) but Rich wasn't talking about the blog on Yahoo, he was talking about us.

I absolutely hated to hear him say, "...I mean, they are not the experts!" I didn't remember that part this morning.

Kettle, I would like to introduce you to pot. Wow Rich. Stay classy. If I were you, I would banish all of those idiot callers from contributing to your show. We need the "truth" from the "experts".

HMW said...

Good stuff Matt, Rich is a gift that keep giving. It amazes me how he consistantly say the wrong things. If you don't mind, what's your blog's name.

Thanks for the feedback bro
Lamont Mann