Saturday, January 22, 2011


In 1985, they had "The Super Bowl Shuffle" and "Payt Is So Great" and the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl that season.

25 years later, we have "Hest Is The Best", by Bonnievisionhest. Will lightning strike twice for Chicago?

This song isn’t a tribute song for a QB, star runner/receiver, or the defense. It’s a song about a kickoff/punt returner. When your best tribute-worthy player returns kicks, that’s how you become a field-goal home underdog in a conference championship game.

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Earlis said...

Two cold weather teams playing outside
in the problem no home field 
advantage...yeah I said it..
27-17 Green Bay baby

Da Jets baby slap down the men
Of steel in the battle of iceberg gulch!

read my lips

20 - 17  

Down goes Rothlesberger
Down goes Rothlesberger

**ok these scores were computed by counting
the fleas on my neighbors cat!
.....this is for entertainment purposes
Only folks, don't try this at home.